Streaming platforms are changing promotion

Streaming platforms are changing promotion

Develop your entire spectrum of work living into yourself and strengthening the weakest issues are always the most challenging points in any process. The sad truth is that there are so many incredible, talented artists and musicians than we'll ever know about because of an unwillingness to grow beyond the borders with weak strategies and poor funding.

Artist push advises musicians focus their effort into getting fans into a follow-up fun page process where you can actually build a relationship with followers.

Artist Push offers musicians all the tools and algorithms you need to release your album. We have all needed services and functions respond to your music marketing needs.

Guide to walk you through promoting music online process

A lot of big tech brand has its own streaming music service now, from Apple to Microsoft. There are also yet a bunch of bandle music streaming services, such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, and Amazone. 

Amazon encourages a new audience for online streaming. In spite of a very affordable price, statistics conclude that people change streaming services at most every 2 years. Amazon holds the biggest market share of “CD buyers” with the competitive pricing, and the possibility to save already purchased albums to streamable playlists. Amazon Music might be a game changer and the likely conversion of more streaming users for a long-term fragmentation of the streaming industry.

Itunes is one of the largest network of online music stores, streaming, video, and mobile providers in the industry. Great place to sell, stream and license your music.

Artist Push’s professionals are aware of bare marketing basics and in-depth promotions practice. We know how to reach reputable music industry monsters and desirable chart position.

All the advantages to representing your music from commercial to niche, from cloud to streaming from Artist Push Gurus' here.

Our longterm relationships with coordinators will help you increase the Beatport position and buy Beatport sales.


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