Hip-Hop Music Star


Hip-hop promotion & marketing MONTHLY package for Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rap artists. All necessary staff for music promotion in one place! Catch it!

Large Social + SoundCloud + Spotify organic growth:

  1. Spotify Pro Mix: 30k plays + 3k saves + 3k followers
  2. Instagram Starter: 1k Followers + 1k Likes + 50 Comments
  3. Hip-Hop music blog placement 
  4. Discount 10% OFF for iTunes promotion
  5. Organic SoundCloud Push 1 DAY
  • 300-500 real plays
  • 10-60 real reposts
  • 10-80 likes
  • 1-10 relevant comments
  • New real followers: 1-2% the number of reposts

PLEASE NOTE: Hip-Hop Music Star pack is specifically designed to promote your music across multiple social media and music platforms. With this pack, you can promote one Spotify track, one SoundCloud track, and one Instagram post. To get started, please provide us with the correct track & post links you would like to promote.

Additionally, we kindly request you to send us the artist bio, a high-resolution cover image, and the track or video link for the blog post. These elements will help us create an effective promotional campaign for you. 

Delivery time (instant growth): 3-7 days.