Hip-hop promotion & marketing MONTHLY package for  Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap artists. All necessary staff for music promotion in one place! Catch it!

Large Social + SoundCloud + Spotify organic growth:

  • Top 10 position in Premium HIP-HOP, RAP, RNB Spotify Playlist with 10k Followers (around 3,000-5,000 streams per promo period)

  • 50k Spotify plays 

  •  Organic SoundCloud Push 1 DAY 

    • 300-500 real plays
    • 10-60 real reposts
    • 10-80 likes
    • 1-10 relevant comments
    • New real followers: 1-2% the number of reposts
  • 10k Youtube views

  • 10k Instagram Followers 

  • 10% OFF for iTunes promotion orders

*Don't forget to send us links to your profiles. 

**Monthly gradual promotion or instant push (of your choice).

Delivery time (instant growth): 3-5 days.