Beatport Daily Push


We're excited to bring you a practical solution for maintaining your place in the ever-changing Beatport top 100 charts – the Beatport Daily Push service.

Introducing Beatport Daily Push, your ultimate choice for promoting both new releases and tracks that have yet to hit the charts. Here's how it operates: We harness our specialized marketing tools to divert additional traffic from Beatport users to your song, resulting in increased sales.

However, there's a crucial point to remember. Beatport only accounts for sales within the last 7 days, replacing older purchases. So, if your track is already performing well in the charts, the optimal approach is to schedule a daily push each day.

Nonetheless, it's vital to grasp that as your track ascends higher in the charts, it encounters fiercer competition and traffic. While our package isn't a magical solution, it can provide your release with an extra boost. We can't assure a specific top position, such as top one or top ten.

If you notice your track's chart position declining, our package can help slow down this decline.

Here are key takeaways:

  • We guarantee a position increase for tracks that have already undergone promotion and have been in the top charts for 1-3 days.
  • We do not guarantee top chart placement for tracks that haven't reached the top before using our service. For guaranteed top placements, we offer alternative packages.
  • Often, the most effective strategy is to schedule a daily push within 7 days after your track enters the top charts.

In summary, Beatport Daily Push is a valuable tool to enhance your music's visibility, but its success depends on various factors, including your track's current performance. We are here to support you in maximizing your music promotion endeavors.