About us

In a nutshell, we are you! Behind the curtain of Artist Push stands real musicians and marketers who have been in the same position most artists find themselves in. Eight years ago, after years of ups and downs in the music industry, three young women came together in the creative space to form Artist Push with the sole aim of helping push their own music and creations, as well as others who struggle to get their hard work into the ears of people across the globe. We are in the corner of artists and musicians, and want to help fight with you until the final bell rings!





Artists was published on Billboard Hot 100 songs


Artists was published on Billboard Hot 100 songs


Artists was pushed on iTunes top 100 charts


Artists was pushed on Top 100 Beatport charts

All of these achievements have been realized through our proven promotional strategies. Each and every door in the music world is heavy and hard to open but we’re here to kick those doors down. 

With over 20K clients we’ve been successful in working with them to achieve their goals. Not everyone's goal is the top spot of a chart, some musicians just want and need a helping hand to kick start their career and push their content to amass more listeners. But, the top spots are achievable and with our ever-improving and industry-adapting marketing strategy, we have become more proficient in obtaining our, and most importantly YOUR goals!


As a service made up of professional musicians and marketers, we pride ourselves on aligning our goals with yours. Our personal experiences in the music industry have given us the knowledge and drive to help others become successful with their ambitions. We have a 20-strong team here at Artist Push guided by our 4 female leaders. 

Yana Palmer
CEO, founder

Zoe Montana
creative director

Sara Paul
head of communications department

Lana Martin
head of order processing department