1,000 Spotify Targeted Plays


1,000 Spotify Targeted Plays

Are you tired of calm in your music career? Choose the easiest way to push your tracks. Get 1k Spotify real targeted plays for your track. Additional plays will attract more new listeners and fans. Streaming promotion has become an important part of the development of each artist.

Delivery: 2 days. 

Available countries: 

USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Finland, and Canada.

By now, most music artists have realized that plays are going to translate into more plays. But you need to start somewhere, you need to build traction.

Wondering How to Get More Plays on Spotify?

Now, when it comes to promoting your music, streaming promotion has become a serious consideration for a lot of artists and it’s generated a lot of audiences for a lot of musicians. It’s all linked to the algorithms and how the app chooses to play what music for who.

Getting the plays isn’t the whole story. It’s important, of course, but what’s also important is its targeting of it.

Your music will spread by buying Spotify plays

Think about it. If you can expand the reach of your music, you can expand the vastness of your audience.  Have you ever heard a song you really loved? What did you do after you found that song? I’m willing to bet that you showed that song to someone else. And if that person loved that song? I bet they showed it to someone else. This is how audiences naturally blossom.

So, if you’ve determined that you are going to purchase real Spotify plays, it might be from the best promo company.

This is what I mean. All of these people think it’s as simple as buying some streams and that’s that. Success will come from there. You need to think a bit further than that.

Planting seeds - buy targeted Spotify plays

If you have a good product, good music that is, and you know it is something that can blossom if the right people hear it…well, consider the scenario described above. Through targeted Spotify plays, you’re going to be creating a scenario where many little seeds are being planted all over the world. Each of these can grow simultaneously.

Before you know it, you can have the opportunity for exponential growth. Maybe the people hearing your music in Japan are really enjoying it and showing friends. And the same thing is happening in Sweden and the UK. Now, you take a look at your numbers and everything is growing simultaneously from a global audience!

Buy Spotify plays safely

If you’re worried about getting banned from Spotify, don’t be. Our techniques and strategies are 100% compliant with Spotify’s standards so there is nothing to worry about. Many companies are careless and lead their customers into issues, the good ones are far more thorough.

Our services drive sales and boost your brand

Once you place your order, plays are delivered gradually so depending on how big the order is, it could take anywhere between 1 and 30 days. Throughout that duration you’ll be getting steady increases in your numbers; it’s not a bulk type of deal.

Other info needed to run your Spotify account

If you want the plays to go to only one song, that’s no problem. If you want the plays split between many songs, that’s fine too!

Privacy is a top priority, so the source of the plays will remain confidential.

If you’re ready to get started with your marketing strategy, all you’ll need to do is enter your Artist name and the songs you wish to have boosted. Once you’ve entered that, our system will display your albums and songs for you to select. From there, you’ll see how many plays will be delivered for which songs.

The music business is changing. The one principle that remains constant is attention. How will you get attention? These algorithms are going to determine that. 

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