Spotify Pro Mix: 30k plays + 3k saves + 3k followers


In this game 👑 you win by

  • Boosting stats on your Spotify account. You will get a promo set: 30k plays + 3k saves + 3k followers. This you can do by buying real, legit plays from promo pros like yours truly
  • Reaching as many new listeners and fans, as organically as humanly/algorithmically possible, by tweaking the platform’s special features.
  • Well, first off, it means “real” – real accounts from all over the world, with active streaming statistics, with whom we have a deal. They stream away, you get the plays, and everyone wins. But the most important indicator of an actually real play is the so-called retention rate, the percentage of your song or track that gets streamed on the platform.

As you see, the key to success in music streaming is to hack the heck out of Spotify by maxing out your stats and combining this success smartly with your overall music marketing strategy.

❗️This pomo pack for one track only

Delivery: 25-40 days.