Spotify Chart Ranking Plays


Get ready for the music industry's game-changer – Spotify Chart Plays!

Imagine this: Your Spotify track effortlessly climbs the charts in your Local Spotify 50 Playlist, discovering the perfect way to attract new fans and increase your content’s visibility across markets.

Please note that we offer a minimum stream count of 10k for your campaign. This threshold has proven to be the most effective in achieving significant results and increasing your chances of securing a position on the Spotify chart.

Spotify Chart Plays: Your Path to Stardom

Here's how it works, super simple:

  1. Go to and log in with your Spotify account. Pick your region and check out the "daily/track" charts. See how many plays are happening so you know how much to get.
  2. To order, drop your track link in the order form. Just make sure it looks like this: "
  3. Tell us your preferred country (like Germany, UK, France, etc.). Don't worry; if you don't say, we'll send plays from the USA.
  4. When you're checking out, put in the quantity you figured out earlier, and that's it! We'll kick off your order within 24-72 hours.

Pro Tips for Ranking Chart Game

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Be smart about it – don't order way more plays than your fans are already giving you. It could cause issues like your song or account getting taken down.
  • This service doesn't work with playlist links.
  • Spotify updates the play count every 36/72 hours. So, give it a couple of days after ordering to see the magic happen.

Unlock Efficient Growth in Spotify Charts

Thanks to Artist Push promotion, your Spotify artist ranking will increase in no time:

  • Long-term engagement — pick the right plan to get started and see how your ever-increasing online presence on Spotify draws more attention to your profile. It has never been simpler to overcome the boundaries of natural growth without violating the organic rule.
  • Advanced retention rate — utilize the hidden powers of Spotify for diverse exposure and impressive song retention levels.

Artist Push helps rising stars on this music streaming platform showcase their power and content quality in numbers. Elevate your attraction as an artist in the eyes of divergent audiences in Canada, the UK, the USA, and other markets. Now is the right moment to join our family and get the most out of tailored digital marketing experiences with minimal effort for ranking Spotify at your end.

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