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Apple Music - one of the best streaming services. We can add your tracks on popular Apple Music Playlists for 24/7 streaming by users all over the world. Growth your fanbase and make money getting paid streaming royalties. Apple Music - one of the most profitable streaming platforms. Apple pays 0.2 cents for each song streamed. This is between $12 and $15 per 1,000 streams, whereas Spotify pays around $7 per 1,000 streams, and YouTube pays around $1. 

Get the best play and follower stats on your Apple 


We’re made of stardust after all


So, you wanna be a rap superstar?*

To live large. A big house.

And maybe, while you’re there, five cars? 🚗

Or do you simply wanna smash it with your music career, no matter your genre?


Well, heck, you’re IN CHARGE baby!

Every decade had its game changer. The 80’s had the Walkman, the 90’s had La Macarena (lol), the 00’s had iTunes


Now we’ve got Apple Music, and it’s about to become your playground.

Putty in your hands.

Six strings under Jimi Hendix’s fingertips.


You get the point.


The magnificent present called The Age of Streaming™ (we’ve copyrighted it, so don’t even think about stealing it), is a game of numbers. A game of stats. A Game of Thrones, the thrones being Top 10 playlists, genre charts, top results in Apple Music search or Spotify Song Radio.

In this game 👑 you win by

  • Boosting stats on your Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud accounts. This you can do by buying real, legit plays from promo pros like yours truly
  • Reaching as many new listeners and fans, as organically as humanly/algorithmically possible, by tweaking the platform’s special features – for Apple Music, Global Charts
  • Getting featured in top playlists, especially on Apple Music, where playlist curators often make or break emerging artists. You do this with both a professional playlist submission service like ours, or by boosting your stats
  • Combining compound, social, blog, direct contact, and other traditional music marketing with paid streaming promo

As you see, the key to success in music streaming is to hack the heck out of Apple Music and others by maxing out your stats and combining this success smartly with your overall music marketing strategy.


You’re here to learn that. Read on for the ABCs (and ZXY’s, too) of Apple Music promotion!

* Cypress Hill fun fact: we actually have a promo service called Hip Hop Star, where we manage rap superstardom monthly. Go figure.

Our Apple Music promotion: a quick rundown

Here’s a flying TL;DR for the newcomers among you. Those of you

  • choosing the best music promotion service
  • learning about the best paid music marketing
  • or comparing paid promotion packages for your band, album, solo artist or that lovely indie label of yours carrying a name weirder than CD Projekt Red (joking, nobody beats those guys).

To learn all about our Apple Music promo services in a split second, read on for the nitty-gritty. Or scroll back up to get right down to business.


Our Apple promo services

Alright then. Have you stumbled on the yummy promotion packages above, seen a truckload of products, and squeezed your eyes like Futurama’s Fry going “not sure if music promoting or just mind confusing?”

No worries, it’s not that complicated.

In fact, we simply offer two types of Apple Music marketing packages, but packed up in as many variants as you can think of, in order for you to fine-tune your music promotion:

  1. You can buy Apple Music plays, from crazy active, real profiles all around the world
  2. And you can get featured in premium, hot, killer, top genre Apple Music Playlists (e.g. . You know, those that people actually listen to, so you get an explosion of new organic streams and followers obsessed with your bass drops, chord progressions or glass-shattering coloratura soprano voice.

If you’ve been browsing music promo services around ArtistPush lately (if not, start here), you may have seen that we offer so many of those bad boys for nearly every music marketing channel out there (and sometimes we combine different channels, too). 

In that case, you’ll be wondering why we got only two types of Apple Music promo packs in here.


Two ways for legit Apple Music promotion

We only offer two broad streaming promo services because there are only two ways to deliver legit Apple Music promotion.

You can get real people to stream your music.

And you can darn right get those playlist curators to push music on their selections.


... and that’s it.


But other thingies we have like Spotify followers, Soundcloud Reposts or even YouTube custom comments? Forget those. Apple Music is as walled off as an iPhone bolted shut with TS1 Pentalobe screws (see the pattern?), so any other kind of legit promotion directly on the platform cannot be done.


Nossir, no can do. Plays and playlists, that’s it. 

Oh boy! Oh my! I hear you say.

How do I, then, boost my music visibility (listenability? streamability? followability?) on Apple music?!

You do it with us. Right here, right now. 

Because when you do right that, which can be done, you’re already ahead of the pack. And indeed, our incredibly efficient mix of plays and playlist placement will

  • shove a rocket launchpad up your… album tour bus…
  • hit 3, 2, 1, thunderbirds are GO!
  • launch your… bus… at Mach 3 ahead of all those sad musicians and industry folks whose ghosts still haunt the radio age, when music promotion was all about calling an editor or two and hoping for the best.

(Full disclosure: we actually help artists get onto radio stations, too. Just had to contrast past and present, ya know? #makeRadioGreatAgain).

That’s because, believe it or not, despite the popularity of Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and other streaming services, many artists and even professional marketers totally miss the point when it comes to the benefits of paid streaming promo.


Streaming promotion. What are they missing?

You probably remember the first time you heard Carl Cox performing live, or Felix da Housecat 🐈 jumping from the rooftops to the top of the Radio charts.

Well the point is, those guys would kill to be in your shoes and be able to get streaming plays, massive followers and showers of likes while sitting on the couch.

The problem is, most modern DJs, artists, bands and co. would, too, because they are oblivious to how does paid music promotion work. They think:

  • Buying plays, likes and followers is impossible to do right
  • Apple Music playlists are near-impossible to get onto if you don’t have personal contacts
  • Music marketing is all about concerts, radio, fancy labels, albums and the like

But then comes someone who knows better, and leaves those old-fashioned promo folks in the dust. 


It’s a bit like books. Many writers spill tears and vodka on their Smith Coronas hoping to hear back from a publisher. While others hit Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and smash it with overnight success.


The lesson here? Stop living in the past!


Apple Music and streaming promotion in general are the darn future of music. So adopt the mindset to crack it with modern music promotion that boosts music on playlists, plays, and gets you followers glued to their iPhones.

Quit thinking big releases, bigshot label contracts, houses-five-cars, and understand music marketing is not a sprint, but a marathon. To win at the music Game of Thrones and smash Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer or even YouTube, all you need to do is learn the rules of promotion and push the right buttons.


To learn the rules of the game, read on or check individual product descriptions ☝


Buy Apple Plays. Why, oh my?

When your Grandpa was a DJ back in the 60’s, there were only a few venues for music discovery.


But now, that music ocean is so big that your DJ set is stuck 20.000 leagues under the sea where only James Cameron might hear it, and that super ugly Fangtooth fish (don’t Google it) which never saw a ray of sunlight.

How, then, can you rise above the depths of this ocean on a sunny island of music visibility?

Well… by following the tide and rowing strong.

The tide nowadays is streaming, a game of numbers run by Apple Music’s algorithms. Those algos want to see a high play count in order to push you up in music discovery and in front of thousands and thousands of listeners.

When you buy Apple Music plays, you show Apple a spike in popularity and build long-term discoverability for your music, whether it’s EDM tracks, remixes, songs or albums.


Of course, provided the plays you buy are legit and real, like the plays you see listed up there at the top ☝

Benefits of paid Apple Music plays

In other words, the advantages of buying Apple Music plays reverb throughout your entire music career. With this simple “hack”, you get all the goodies of a complete Apple Music promotion:

  • Short bursts (spikes) of plays make your music immediately discoverable, which also increases your chance of getting featured in top playlists
  • Play count greatly improves your standing in Apple Music Global Charts, leading to organic discovery by random users, and an avalanche of more plays
  • Discoverability via paid Apple Music plays makes it easier to get onto listeners’ Friends Mixes, which further improves your future stats

See the pattern?

When you buy Apple Plays (real, active ones), you get access to the best advantages of Apple Music organic promotion. To reiterate:

  • New organic listeners
  • Acceptance in top Apple Music playlist
  • Ranking in Global Charts and Friends Lists

And the end result of a paid plays music promotion is, as you may have guessed, is a tide of Apple Music royalties, which increases your marketing budget and lets you set in motion a perpetual virtuous circle of awesomeness.


(Note: you may not want to rinse-and-repeat here. It’s best to combine paid plays promotion with good ol’ social media promotion, music industry email contacts and similar, so you tackle your Apple Music promotion success from all angles).


Real Apple plays: retention rate

We keep mentioning real plays, but what does that mean?


Well, first off, it means “real” – real accounts from all over the world, with active streaming statistics, with whom we have a deal. They stream away, you get the plays, and everyone wins.


But the most important indicator of an actually real play is the so-called retention rate, the percentage of your song or track that gets streamed on the platform.


High retention Apple Music plays means that listeners streaming your song listen to the whole thing, instead of just hitting play for a few seconds and callin’ it a day (yeah, bustin’ those rhymes here).


That’s how you show Apple Music that the play is real and that it can be used to improve your music visibility. With low retention, instead, the platform realizes something fishy is going on, and lowers your play stats. Sometimes, this even results in an outright ban, which has happened to some of our clients after they bought plays from some random bogus provider.


So remember this: with us, you ALWAYS get top retention rates for all paid plays. This means the guys we pay or lead to stream music actually listen to your song beginning to end, which gives you the best results in Apple Music promotion.


Apple + Spotify playlist submission

Nice stuff, right? Who’d have known that buying Apple Music plays could have such a great effect on virtually every aspect of organic Apple Music promotion. (By the way, this is true for all other services, such as Spotify, YouTube or Soundcloud).


But we got another service to focus on the most important aspect of organic promotion: submitting your music to Apple Music playlist that make a difference.

A good playlist appeals to new real listeners all over the Earth (except the Flat-Earthers), and by getting on the right playlists for your genre, you’ll launch your music right where it counts 🎯

In fact, while on this page you’ll find Apple Music specific playlists, we even have a separate category for playlist submission, where you can learn the ins & outs of music playlist marketing, and select a wide number of specialized promotion goodies.

But let’s get right into how the best Apple Music playlist submission works.


Why pay to get on Apple playlists?


Most DJs, artists and bands – especially emergent – realize the importance of playlists for music promotion. But they think that you need a big following and music popularity traction to get featured on the best Apple Music and Spotify playlists. 

And they tend to be right, as playlist curators tend to be fickle, exclusive and play hard to get. They rarely answer the millions of promo emails they get, and they have their own agendas when promoting their playlists.

So, unless your song or track is already a hit, getting hyped-up right now (for which buying plays often helps, by the way), or totally in line with the playlist’s genre and editorial policy, you’re left there hanging.


“Nobody said it was easy,

No one ever said it would be this hard,

Oh take me back to the start!”


Yes Chris Martin, you are absolutely right... if this was the year 2002. Duh!

(BTW, that was the year of iTunes celebrating its 1stbirthday).

So, how do you push your song to the best Apple Music playlists?


You guessed it: with a professional promo service. 

  • One that’s respected, well-connected and well-oiled (we’ve been at it for many years now)
  • One that has direct contact with playlist curators, labels, radio stations and other music industry pundits
  • A service that can get your any song onto the right playlist, and knows which those playlists are

The last part is important: we continually monitor Apple Music playlists and curators to find the hottest and most efficient for music promotion right now. So no sitting on our laurels: we painstakingly select the best Apple Music for our clients’ promotion goals, and we do it right.


So, whether you do jazz, funk, techno or traditional Aboriginal Didgeridoo music, we got the playlist that works best for your goals. 

Again, no need to bother you with the details here. Just check product descriptions above to find the perfect genres and playlist followership numbers (updated regularly). 


And to learn all about our Apple Music playlist submission service and why playlist marketing is the next best thing after the tetra-pak, check out our article and category about playlist submission.

Time to Apple some Music!

Oh well then. Shall we get that ball rolling, or WHAT?


Among streaming platforms, Apple Music stands high, proud and tall. As quirkily locked down as the rest of Apple’s ecosystem, this massive, 50-million-song platform is hard to crack for many music promotion pros. But not us!


With ArtistPush, you can get the top quality, best real Apple Music plays in the industry, to boost your visibility across the Age of Streaming™ and gain an avalanche of organic plays, super-fans, recognition – and ultimately, royalties.

And you can jump right onto the top playlists right now for your genre, listener profile, and music promotion objectives. 


So head up there already. Browse our Apple Music promotion packages and lose yourself in a world of tiny teeny fame-boosting packages made for the modern musician, DJ or label. 


The one who, unlike all the dinosaurs out there, actually does know better.

Onward and upward! 🚀