How to make money on your music on TikTok


Monetize your TikTok with our promo guide! You can make a serious impact and earn considerable revenue by releasing and promoting your music on TikTok. 

The uber-famous teen-focused platform has over one billion active monthly users. Yes, that is one billion your eyes are not deceiving you. The platform has the power to catapult you and your music to superstardom. 

Tiktok has created many viral hits such as Lil Nas X ‘Old Town Road’ and ‘Blinding lights’ by The Weeknd. The platform has the power to take unknown artists and propel them to number one in any country.

As you know, views mean money. If that has whetted your appetite, and you are wondering how to monetize the platform, then here is some information to help you leverage it to earn more money. 

With our guide, you get the full package: from basic knowledge such as how to add music to TikTok to killer tips with infographics from professionals in the music industry.