5k REAL Spotify Plays + Organic Listeners


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  • Saves: 2% from the total amount of streams
  • Followers: 0.5% from the total amount of streams
  • Listeners ratio: 1:3 - 1:6
  • Delivery time: 5 days

❗️This promotional package is intended for a single track exclusively.

Many artists struggle to attract new audiences to their Spotify. Friends and family help, sure, but we all want to grab the attention of a stranger and for them to share and sing our song from the rooftops. How do we do this, and what’s the best way for us to get noticed and gain some true credibility? We take this challenge head-on, and grab the bull by the horns. With this product, we can build this bridge from your music to the ears of a new fan with relative ease.

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