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We specialize heavily in streaming service Tidal playlist placement and plays. We have professional playlist push services that combine both, with a rich collection of playlist genres, number of playlists, and listeners. Most importantly, we guarantee playlist streams, so you’ll be sure to get pushed up in the Tidal charts and get royalties, too. Climb to fame one piece at a time!


Are you an artist who wants to take your music to the next level? Then, you need to get in on the Tidal Promotion. Tidal offers something unique when compared to other streaming services. There are special streaming promotion packages that will suit different types of music and cover everything you need to get your music out there. This tidal promotion will let you buy followers, plays and monthly listeners from real and active users in different parts of the world. This will be your chance to leverage on tidal music to take you to the top of rankings. Your music will feature on major playlists and you'll get all-round coverage. Have a great time promoting!


During the last year, Tidal managed to gain a lot of deserved popularity for its stellar services. This music streaming platform went against the trend and grew as other platforms peaked out. The whole world became captivated by a "Tidal" wave and people began to love the platform. Tidal offered something different with its the playlist-ish format and an extensive variety of music. Users also get access to an exclusive list of hi-res audio. This unique platform shows how music a song is loved and appreciated by listeners. That's why you have to do your best to get enough plays to promote your music on Tidal. How can you get the plays you need without wasting too much money or time? Keep reading and you'll get the answer to your question. Stay till the end, it's definitely worth your time!


Tidal is giving artists a unique opportunity to become popular on the streaming platform. Your music will be promoted to people who love to listen to playlists and a variety of tracks. Think about the amount of exposure which this platform can give to you. Due to the plays which the promotion gives you, your audio is going to be promoted to millions of people who listen to the music of your genre. To get the desired result, you need to secure the services of a promotional company which offers impressive services and will help you draw attention from all the needed areas. The next thing for you to do is to identify a trustworthy company that will help you get quality plays on Tidal but will also monitor your progress and give decent feedback.


Many promotion agencies use bots to handle their service. The worst thing that could handle a social media profile is a bot. Ding ding! This promotional service should come from real people who are familiar with how the streaming platform works. It is only then that they will be able to benefit you with their practical experience. Our company offers exactly what you are looking for. We handle our promotions with real people who use Tidal and they will get you all the plays you need.


Keep in mind that the best type of PR is the one where you get to pay for quality services to promote your profile. To enjoy our impressive services, you need to check our listings on the website. Are you ready? We have revealed to you everything that you need to purchase a decent number of plays to promote your audios. This will definitely propel you to reach your desired heights. Plays will get you all the attention you need.


Main features that make Tidal App different from other streaming platforms

One of the benefits of the advanced technology of the 21st century is streaming platforms. There are a variety of streaming platforms now such as Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, Amazon Music, and so on. The problem with many of these streaming platforms is that they feature the same music in quality and quantity. You can simply describe them as platforms where users select the music of their choice and enjoy the melodious tunes.


Looking for something different? Say no more. Tidal offers something unique to listeners and artists alike. This streaming platform has been designed to offer a lot of control to the artists. It also provides more hi-res audio than other popular names in the industry. This unique platform was designed for music lovers and artists who want to promote their music.


Tidal is a music streaming platform that has a total of about 60 million songs, with plenty of exclusive. The platform also features numerous music videos, podcasts, special playlists and live recordings. Tidal music is accessible from a variety of devices including tablets, smartphones, computers, smart speakers and so on. Tidal has managed to gain a lot of fame because of it's two main features.


Voilà! The first main feature of the platform is its ownership. The business structure of Tidal is such that it is owned by a-list musicians. These musicians include Coldplay, Daft Punk, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Arcade Fire, Jack White, Deadmau5, Clifford “T.I.” Harris and so on. In fact, top rapper Jay Z used to be one of its owners. Due to this business structure, Tidal is able to provide its artists with exclusive hi-res music and events and also provide them with better monetary compensation for their efforts. The company even claims to pay the highest rates of royalties when compared with any other streaming platform and equal rates are paid to each artist regardless of their record labels.


The second important feature of Tidal music is that it provides great quality music. Asides its Premium base subscription where you get to stream music at 320 Kbps, this impressive also an exclusive list of hi-res audio referred to as Tidal Masters. Some other streaming platforms such as Amazon Music and Quobuz have developed their hi-res streaming service but it still remains a unique feature for Tidal. Tidal and Amazon Music are now engaged in a cold war to be referred to as the streaming platform with the highest quality audio. But there can only be one winner; Tidal!


How much does Tidal pay per stream in 2020?

The royalty payment of different streaming platform has always generated a lot of debate. There is no direct answer concerning royalties paid to artists. However, we can examine how many streaming royalties on popular platforms like Amazon Music, Spotify and so on. We will also take a look at a variety of factors that affect royalty payment.


Streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer and so don't have a fixed "pay-per-stream rate when it comes to paying artists. Oops! There are a variety of factors that determine how much an artist is worth in royalties. These main factors are:

✔️The listener's country and location.

✔️The subscription of the listener; whether paid or free.

✔️The artist's royalty rate.

✔️The relative pricing and currency of different regions.


These factors can complicate things when you are trying to determine how an artist will earn from streaming royalties. It's almost impossible to calculate your potential earnings from a particular number of streams. The artists would have to account for all the factors listed above. That's some tough work!


According to a recent study which gathered data from real-life musicians and third party, we now have a rough idea of the estimated royalties paid to USA artists from the popular streaming platform. When calculating your royalties, do not expect a fixed figure in mind because streaming payouts can be unpredictable. But it is actually a great idea to use these figures to determine how much your streams are actually worth.


It is obvious that certain platforms pay better than others. However, some of the platforms with lesser pay/stream may have more users and wider coverage. This means that a stream could worth more in terms of the coverage provided, exposure and effect on your profile. Let's take a look at some of the estimated " pay-per-stream" of popular streaming platforms.


Napster remains the king of royalty payout with $0.019/stream but they rank fairly low when we consider the number of streamers using the platform. Tidal isn't far much behind with $0.01284/stream. Tidal is renowned for its commitment to look out for the well-being of its artist, hence the high royalty payout. Industry leaders, Apple and Google Play Music, have a high number of registered streamers and pay a similar rate to their artists. This has made them a preferred promotional platform for artists over the years. Deezer is far behind and offers a royalty payout of $0.0064/stream. Spotify and Amazon Music have both experienced drops in their payout value; $0.00437 and $0.00402 respectively. Pandora has continued to struggle to pay a handsome fee to its artists and now offers a mere $0.00103/stream. Well, Youtube has never taken a liking to artists and this is obvious in its unbelievable royalty rate of $0.00069.


Now, you know exactly how much your favourite celebrities earn for their music streams. Just kidding! There's still more.


These numbers are a great way to give artists an idea of expected earnings from the popups streaming platforms. Music streaming royalties may differ in the US and other regions of the world. As an artist, you are advised to avoid looking at streaming platforms solely for money-making purposes. Using these platforms is also to help each artist improve their profile and gain more popularity in the music industry.


From the figures listed above, two things are obvious. The first is that Tidal streaming is one of the highest paying streaming platforms. Their business structure is designed for them to better appreciate the efforts of artists on their platform. The second thing worth noting is that every artist needs a large number of streams to earn big from them. This means that a mere 1000 streams are not going to be enough to earn you something worthwhile. If you want to take full advantage of the impressive payout rate of streaming services like tidal while improving your profile at the same time, you need to hire a professional promotional company like us. There are many individual artists out there like you who are producing great streaming numbers and making a good living through these platforms. All they require is just a simple push towards greatness. When you release music on Tidal and hire promotional services, you get exposure like never before and get even closer to success. This type of exposure is a stepping stone to further success.


Enjoy promotional services on Tidal Plays and Tidal Video Plays

We offer to you buy much-needed tidal plays at reasonable prices. We know just how important it is for you to buy Tidal streams and move your profile forward. Due to this, we have designed our service to deliver only quality work and within a short time frame. Avoid promo companies that promise to help you buy Tidal streams cheap as they are often ineffective and waste valuable resources. There are some "bad eggs" that offer poor services.


Tidal is more than just a simple subscription-based platform. It is a lossless streaming platform that allows you to enjoy your favourite music in hi-res audio. There is also a section of the platform that lets you stream Tidal video. The streaming service also pays a high percentage of royalties to featured music artists and songwriters. This way, everyone gets adequate compensation for the effort they have put into quality music production.


When you publish your music on Tidal, you will be exposed to a wide audience and a large number of listeners that will boost your popularity. It is relatively easy to upload your music and artwork on the platform. They support your artistic efforts and want to make sure that everything goes well without a hitch.


The Tidal streaming platform is designed based on a unique and impressive algorithm. The system (algorithm) will handle your music such that it is visible to more listeners and can gain more streams over time. To enjoy Tidal services to the fullest, you need a high number of plays. Through this number of plays, your music will become more visible to users of the platform. In a steady manner, your influence will start to grow.


As an artist, you can make use of this service to earn more money while also getting access to great music, videos, podcasts with the best audio quality money can buy. You can buy Tidal streams for your music and get them immediately. Now, all you need to do is add these streams to your account and observe the boost in popularity.


Tidal Playlists Placement That Will Take You To The Top Of Your Game

Every artist needs effective streaming promotion services for their music. Get yourself into the premium playlists and watch your number of streams increase. We help artists get included in the hottest playlists on the streaming platform and gain more listeners. We consider the certain genre and our services are based on the relevant playlist to give the artist and record label more traction.


How to get your music on Tidal playlist

Perhaps, you've been wondering what you need to do to feature on best Tidal playlists. Say no more! Promote your music to millions of listeners by featuring on Tidal curated playlists. We make sure that you don't have to worry about how to get on tidal playlists and everything is handled for you with expertise. There are guaranteed streams with each promo pack presented to you. Let's take a look at how this promo can help you out.


Imagine a scenario where your next-super fan is doing some chores while plugged into Tidal. She wants to listen to some of the popular music-making waves and navigates to the "Now Playing" playlist. She has no time to select songs but knows about the quality tunes that feature on this curated playlist. So, she goes ahead and starts listening to the playlist and discovers your audio. Your new fan falls in love with your music with a heartbeat and decides to hit the favourite button. That's the power of a playlist placement.


Perhaps, there's a little voice in your head asking why you need playlist placement. Here's the thing!


Playlists make music promotion way easier. Buying plays, streams, followers and social promotion all play their part in promoting your audio to a larger audience. However, playlist placement is the most organic and encompassing promotional method you can think of. It's a way for you to get your music out there for the whole world to discover. During recent times, playlists are similar to a gateway to the music universe.


By getting access to the best playlists such as "Top 40", you instantly gain access to the loyal followers and listeners of the platform. You will be introduced to fans who trust their judgement and are ready to stream all tracks they come across. This initial boost of trust will get you all the organic followership that you need. It will also boost your rankings on Tidal at a steady pace and promotes your music to different corners of the world.


These are some of the benefits of featuring in playlist placement:


Get your song exposed to organic listeners

Find your loyal fans who will accidentally discover your music.

Earn Tidal royalties in the short-term and long-term.

Boost your play stats on Tidal.

You will get featured on other playlists without having to do anything.


What great benefits these are. However, they are only accessible when you have the best hands selecting the best playlist to include you and promote your audio.


Ask yourself. What's the secret to appearing on " High 5"? Well, a fancy accent or good looks won't get you there. What you need is a direct connection to playlist curators and the knowledge of the best mix of playlists to make your audio the next big thing on the internet. It's really difficult to get across to playlist curators by yourself. They usually get tons of emails and playlist feature requests. So, mailing them would give you a chance in a million to get your music featured on any playlist.


Also, you may be familiar with hundreds of playlists, but how can you be certain of the exact ones to feature your music? There is no chance for guessing here because if you feature on a wrong playlist, it would be a total waste of time and resources. To get it right, you would need to spend long hours searching through Tidal. As an artist, you probably need time to focus on other things like DJ-ing or practising scales.


When working with us, you don't have to worry about anything. We've got you covered. We know the secrets to promote music and getting you featured on the right playlists. You will benefit from our long years of experience and can hands-off the promotion process. The way we work is by letting you choose the plan of your choice, and finalise other terms about the playlist placement. We want to help you get on the right playlist and get promoted to the right audience. Yes, you can do this yourself but hiring a professional promo company will get you better results. Which is definitely why we are here.