1 Spotify Playlist Push


Push your track on one playlist on Spotify. This service is going to allow your music to show up on Spotify’s premium playlists. Chances are, if you are an artist streaming your music on Spotify, you might be wondering how to get your hands on some royalties.

Delivery time: 2-4 days. 

The most popular Spotify playlists: Pop, Dance, Rock, R&B.

This special package gives you 1,000-2,000 streams per promotion period.

*This playlist doesn't contain any followers. The placement in this playlist gives you the generation of high-conversion plays, which Spotify fixed and, as a result, you will also receive royalties. If you need playlists with followers, you can order the placement in Spotify Techno Playlist with 10k likes or Hip-Hop Spotify Playlist "Springboard" with 30k likes.

*Please, note! Since providing this service bears considerable costs for us, if your song is 6:00 minutes or longer you'll have to order it twice.

Think about it from your perspective. You select a playlist on a hunt for new music to add to your playlists. This way you can access it whenever you want, replay it over and over again.

There is something about finding a new song hidden in a playlist that makes it more special. It makes it seem as though you made an important discovery. You might even want to go show everyone the great song you just found!

This is just one of the reasons that playlists can be so effective in generating royalties.


There are different types of services when it comes to boosting your Spotify presence. A lot of these services involve getting you new, unique listens or followers. What this service provides is not listeners. At least not directly. This is going to provide you with placement in that particular playlist selected.

Once placed on that playlist, listens will generate high-conversion royalty-paid plays. These are the type of plays that are much more effective in terms of generating royalties.

With that being said, it requires a considerable cost for placement on these playlists. Songs over 6 minutes will require two purchases of the service for this reason.

How Much Does Spotify Pay?

Well, it’s hard to explain exactly how they pay. A lot of these streaming services are far from fully transparent when it comes to exactly how they pay artists.

However, there is a range when it comes to how much money a single play will generate in royalties. When your song shows up in one of these playlists, the royalties being paid are going to be on the higher side.

Other types of playlists available will have higher listener counts. However, these are not high-conversion royalty playlists. What you are banking on in that scenario is quantity.

Build Fans

Any artist streaming their music or content on Spotify is just looking for one thing at the end of the day: fans.

With your music on these playlists, you are putting yourself in a good position to build upon your fan base! Playlists are so often where people go when they are looking for something new. This is where your music is going to make a big difference.

If a listener has a particular artist in mind, so they go to play that artist’s music, they probably aren’t actively seeking new music. They might even be bored or immediately skip anything unrelated to the particular artist they selected.

But if someone selects the playlist where you just had your song placed…all they want is to find their new favorite artist. This way you are at least setting yourself up to potentially be that artist.

Royalties are well and good. What’s far more valuable than royalties are loyal fans. Those are the people who will buy albums and go to shows. Playlists are a good way to put yourself in a position where your new fans can find you.

How Does It Work?

The ultimate decision-making is going to be in your hands. There’s a long list of playlist categories that you’ll be able to choose from. You can select the playlist category that you feel is going to be the best fit for your song.

The promotional period can be anywhere from 1 month to 3 months and streams are guaranteed.

There are so many artists with so many songs across so many streaming platforms. If you are an artist looking for an audience, you’ll want to use any strategy you can to get the attention your art deserves.