How to Get on Top 100 Spotify Charts (PDF)


This guide will enable you to study the process we have built to push your music into the Top 100 Spotify Charts regardless of whether you are a solo act or a band. We set no limitations on what we can help you achieve and no matter what genre you are in; Rock, Hip-Hop, Acoustic, Dance and many more, we want to help!

In relation to this guide, we at Artist Push provide an alternative and additional service, ‘Placing in Spotify Top Charts’. If this service is more applicable to you, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team and we can help you take the first steps to get your music into the Spotify charts. We have all the tips and tricks, and are awaiting your call!

If you have a DIY attitude and want to become the number one artist on Spotify all on your own, this guide will assist you along the way by giving you step-by-step instructions on how to get your music into the Spotify charts. These are tried and tested methods produced by musicians who have been through this very scenario themselves. Passing this knowledge on to up-and-coming musicians will create an understanding of the Spotify algorithm and how to use it to their advantage. We’re here to help you get better results and to boost streams and downloads. 

This document is loaded with information crafted to help you get onto the Spotify charts! Do you get it? We want you to succeed, and to do so we will teach you how to register your tracks to be eligible for the Spotify charts. It’s not a case of simply uploading your music to the platform. We’ll assist you in improving your social media links and ‘About’ pages on Spotify as well as how to propel your song onto playlists created all over the world to give you the best chance of becoming a number-one artist.  

The market is always changing. Spotify keeps up with all the latest trends flowing through the social media verse and with Spotify stories recently bursting onto the scene, we too need to keep up and jump on the bandwagon. 

There are many more tried and tested methods we have curated over the past few years and we’ve placed them snuggly in this little “How To” document.