Best Streaming Services Comparison: Deezer, Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon (PDF)


Gaining global reach is a challenging task without promoting your content on popular streaming platforms in the industry. Still, it is crucial to personalize your strategy for maximum benefits. Here you will take the most out of the best streaming services analysis and decide on the system that satisfies your career-related goals without reducing your potential for growth and development.

What Indicators We Rely on for Maximum Competitor Analysis Benefits

Our team does its best to ensure musicians can pick up the right services for solo or cross-platform promotion. It will be as simple as ABC to make well-informed decisions about what tools are worth your time and effort at your current development stage and further evolution as an artist or a music label.

Here are some of the parameters we take into account in our guide to define the best streaming service for your needs:

  • the transparency and fairness of presented deals;

  • profitability prospects and the availability of additional revenue streams with considerations about their ease of implementation in mind;

  • growth potential;

  • support for artists in the target music genre;

  • how user-friendly the system is for new and seasoned members of the community;

  • crucial indicators and their numeric ranges to reach a certain degree of popularity on the platform (listener retention, average listening time, audience reach, and so on).

Why Do Artists Require Professional Streaming Service Analytics?

This detailed comparison includes such popular solutions for DIY promotion as:

  • Spotify;
  • Apple Music;
  • Amazon Music;
  • Deezer;
  • Tidal.

Employ the results of our research to improve your career trajectory and for other reasons:

  • locating additional sources of monetization that won’t disrupt the preferred workflow;
  • defining platforms that have more beginner-friendly conditions for the variety and quality of engaging content presented;
  • benefiting from royalties transparency;
  • identifying systems based on their overall ease of use and content posting, as well as fair discovery algorithms.

In our other guides, you will find tips and instructions on how to take the most out of platforms like TikTok and YouTube to increase the productivity of your marketing campaign. Consider consulting with the Artist Push customer support team to locate the right tutorial for your needs.