Spotify Marketing Strategy: 8 Tips in 2024
Spotify Marketing Strategy: 8 Tips in 2024

Spotify Marketing Strategy: 8 Tips in 2024

Since Spotify became one of the most impactful music platforms in the world, along with SoundCloud and Apple Music, musicians have started using it to promote their songs. This is basically an Apple-based platform where people can introduce themselves to the world, create playlists, cooperate with other musicians, and analyze their performances for a better experience. Since its foundation in 2006, Spotify has reached tremendous milestones.

Spotify statistics for 2024

At the end of 2023, Spotify had more than 100 million songs, which is not an absolute record (for example, SoundCloud has more than 250 million tracks with only 40 million artists). Still, the platform grows and the numbers grow, too. Around 1,800,000 tracks are uploaded on Spotify every month, and the number of active listeners keeps growing as well.

This trend shows the real value of Spotify for both listeners and musicians. The first looks for their target audience and shares their music, and the second just listens to music, follows their favorite artists, creates personalized playlists, etc.

Spotify Premium growth

Still, if we consider Spotify a platform for professional growth, we should have a plan to grow effectively. Constant growth requires not just tracking posting but also sharing and promoting. You need to show the real value of your content and reach as many active listeners as possible. To do that, you need a consistent plan or, in other words, a marketing strategy. 

Why Do You Need a Marketing Strategy?

Spotify is a freemium platform that offers users a free audio streaming option with the ability to extend their capabilities with Spotify Premium. As was said before, the number of premium subscribers grows, which means that the current practice is appreciated by the users.

Spotify Premium offers

Spotify Premium offers various options for single users, families, couples, and students. The subscription can be canceled at any time.

How does that correlate with Spotify's marketing strategy? When you promote your your Spotify music, you offer your subscribers to listen to your tracks for free. If they enjoy it, they stay on the platform to explore it and look for more tracks that match their interests. And, if they want to enhance their experience (for example, upload tracks for offline listening, have unlimited skips, select an order for listening, etc.), they can upgrade their profiles to Spotify Premium. So, effective 

A good marketing strategy makes a strategic impact on your content. With constant promotion, regular updates, and mentions of your music in your social media posts, you enhance visibility and make your music heard by more users. You won't get level with top artists getting superb engagement in days, but you will see constant growth. Also, when you build a marketing strategy on Spotify, you build connections with your audience, find new contacts, and update the list of people you know. Let's dive in and discover more about marketing tactics and approaches that could be used for effective promotion.

Building Your Marketing Strategy: Know Your Target Audience

The first step in your digital marketing promotion strategy is understanding your audience. When you have a portrait of your potential listeners, it's much easier to find a way to attract them and make them listen to your music. With access to Spotify for Artists, you can get detailed information about listeners based on different indicators (age, listening behavior, average listening time, etc.). A detailed analysis allows you to reach listeners that matter to you and help you reach your goals. By targeting the right people, you increase the audience growth, which directly impacts the overall engagement. You will see how your numbers grow, showing the real impact of effective marketing.

Target Audience Analysis




Various age groups

Listening Behavior

Background, commuting, etc.

Average Listening Time


Analyze Listening Behaviors

It's essential to know not only who listens to your songs but also how they do it. Some use music as a background for work or hobbies, others prefer to listen to music on their way to work, and so on. Listeners use different devices to engage with Spotify, which also impacts the overall experience. These factors matter when we talk about contextual advertising. Once you understand the context, catch the moment and deliver a perfectly timed promotion. Promoting energetic playlists during the workout session is a good example of contextual advertising. If your audience listens to music when chilling, doing sports, walking or running, or during any other activity, this is a good chance to share your playlists or singles. By making contextual advertising a part of your marketing strategy on Spotify, you make an advantageous move and allow users to have a better listening experience.

Once you understand your audience's listening behavior, preferences, and other nuances, you can start acting by creating a posting schedule.

Timing for Promotion: Know When to Post


Peak Activity Times


8 AM, 12 PM, 7 PM


9 AM, 1 PM, 6 PM


10 AM, 2 PM, 8 PM


11 AM, 3 PM, 9 PM


7 AM, 12 PM, 5 PM


8 AM, 4 PM, 10 PM


9 AM, 5 PM, 11 PM

Implementing a top marketing strategy is impossible without good posting schedule. Just like music posting, social media promotion requires good timing when your ads and posts will be visible to the majority of your followers. How to achieve that:

  • Know when your followers are the most active
  • Analyze their activity during the week
  • Analyze overall activity according to users in your location, your age group, etc.

Good posting timing allows you to unlock the full potential of social media platforms and achieve maximum reach. Also, depending on the platforms you use for promotion (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube), you may cover several time slots to make your marketing strategy more effective. From this point, we move to the next part: content creation.

Paid Promotion - Essential Part of the Music Marketing Strategy



Organic Engagement

Focus on natural interaction without bots

Reliable Promotion Services

Engage services with good track records

Platform Tools

Utilize Spotify Advertising to create ads

Let's not forget about paid promotion. People often underestimate this option for different reasons (high price, low credibility, etc.). You need to choose carefully because Spotify promotion based on bots and fake accounts will be ineffective and may lead to account suspension. Moreover, the Spotify algorithm now detects and removes listens made with fake profiles. If you want to boost your songs with promotion, consider looking for reliable music promotion services. Specialists rely on organic engagement and see the first results in a few days. Of course, if you decide to purchase large promotion packages, the delivery time will expand. 

Create Engaging Content for Effective Marketing Strategies

Engaging content is fundamental for effective promotion. Simply sharing your link in every post is not enough because users won't react to it. You need a personalized marketing strategy that considers your individual style. For example, if your content is created in the same color range, use it to your advantage when launching a marketing strategy. 

The service is adaptable to different platforms. For example, when you make a screenshot of the song you listen to on Spotify, you don't need to edit it. Just select an option to share it via Instagram Stories, add a link to the song or the album this song belongs to, and add a call to action. When sharing your Spotify music via Instagram reels, your goal is to create an engaging video with the song in the background (the same tactics work with TikTok).

Use filters, add proper hashtags, and write descriptions that show what your video is about. You don't need to film yourself. You can create edits with characters from anime or TV series. If you want to stand out, think about creating your own character. It will be a big advantage for your marketing campaign and music streaming overall. Now, when adding new songs to Spotify, you can use a picture of your character as a cover of your song.

Moreover, Spotify launched a tool called Spotify Advertising. This is a brand-new tool for marketers and musicians who want to use the full power of social media to promote their content. When using the ad, set goals (for example, increasing engagement on the platform) and create ads using available tools. The platform provides detailed guidelines to help you learn the basics and decide what types of ads you want to create. Later, you can implement these materials into promotion and change your approach to marketing. Some say that simplicity and marketing can't exist together, but this is the counter-argument against this statement.

Consistency Is the Key

Your Spotify marketing strategy in social media will be effective only if you are consistent about posting. You can open any case study and see that successful promotion is possible only when you post your content regularly. Connect your marketing strategy with your regular posting schedule on Spotify. When a new track is coming, use Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms to share your tracks on this music streaming service.

Connection With Audience - An Important Part of the Plan

Unlike a marketing agency, you release your strategy only for yourself. You don't need to emphatically post content without showing any emotions or distancing yourself from the fans. On the opposite, connection with the audience should be an important part of your marketing strategy of Spotify. Since you can't communicate directly on the platform, you should use other platforms to do it. So, when people engage with your fans through the social media. Run challenges to make them respond, or ask users to give feedback about your songs. It's extremely important at the starting point of your career because the quicker you improve, the better artist you'll become. Spotify users pay attention to the quality of the songs, and if you consider the feedback and make changes, it will definitely be an advantage.

Build Your Own Marketing Strategy and Start Growing on Spotify

Each musician has their own path in creating and sharing their songs. In this industry, marketing is as important as anywhere else. So, whether you use Spotify for podcasts or music, you should use all the available resources to maximize engagement. Don't rely only on paid promotion. Use social media to maximize promotion, communicate with other musicians, and launch collaborations because it's the best way to make your Spotify content visible. 

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What are the key points of Spotify's marketing strategy?

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  • Kam Harris

    This article is a goldmine for independent artists like me. Understanding my audience’s listening behavior and knowing the best times to post can really help my tracks get noticed. Thanks for the detailed breakdown!

    This article is a goldmine for independent artists like me. Understanding my audience’s listening behavior and knowing the best times to post can really help my tracks get noticed. Thanks for the detailed breakdown!

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