Free Spotify Streams to Increase the Follower Count

Free Spotify Streams to Increase the Follower Count

For average musicians who position music creation as a hobby, the number of streams is just a rate same as likes and shares. Still, if you take it seriously and want to achieve something in this industry, the streams are essential for your progress. The music industry grows rapidly, increasing the number of artists, genres, songs, and, of course, listeners. In 2024, Spotify already has 574 million active users. Moreover, the number of those who subscribe to Spotify Premium is rising. At the end of 2023, there were nearly 226 million users who purchased premium subscriptions. Currently, there are nearly 100 million songs on the platform, with more than 11 million musicians.

As you can see, the competitiveness level is high, and no one wants to step back. Creators are searching for new promotion methods. There are plenty of options to push your songs to the top spots with paid promotion and advertising, but what about free methods? What can you do to get streams on Spotify? These answers remain unanswered, but we are about to change that.

Before Getting Started: Analyze Your Spotify Activity

Before getting started, you must be able to evaluate your streams and understand your current standings. Join Spotify for Artists and get access to multiple tools, including Spotify promotion instruments.

  • Playlist pitching gives you a mechanism to share key context about the tracks that will be released soon.
  • Discovery mode allows you to promote songs via personalized playlists for free.
  • Showcase presents another free tool for promotion. Use it to share your music any time to get more streams and increase monthly listeners on Spotify.
  • Marquee centralizes your new releases and creates a recommendation to attract more listeners. 
Analyze Your Spotify Activity

Use Showcase to promote your music at the right time

Another feature of joining Spotify for Artists is profile verification. When you do it, your profile gets a blue tick, which means you are the owner of this account. Verified artists can send their releases to the Spotify editorial team or playlist curators. 

Spotify for Artists also presents several tools that allow you to connect with your audience. This is a very important part because the better connection you have, the higher the credibility will be.


How it works


Create short, vertical videos where you can send messages to fans, share your working process, show your daily life, etc.


Add visuals to your music to have a better presentation.

Countdown pages

An option for fans to pre-save the upcoming songs, watch clips, purchase merch, and so on.

Artist profile edit

Edit your profile description, add profile images, announce future tours, promote your merch, etc.

The main drawback of working with Spotify artists is the amount of time you spend there. For example, when you work on your countdown pages, you spend lots of time and money building hype around your content. Still, the result is worth it because more than 80% of pre-saves were streamed within the first week of releases. 

Once you analyze your stats, understand how the platform works, and find out how your fans listen to your songs, you can get started. Proper analysis will help you prepare a high-quality strategy and get real Spotify plays. We've got expert tips on how to start your podcast on Spotify.

Create Your Own Playlists

One of the most common music promotion tactics for platforms like Spotify is creating personal playlists. These playlists are created by individuals based on their personal music tastes and preferences. When you create a playlist yourself, you rely on the taste and preferences of your audience and create playlists based on specific factors (genres, mood, time of the day, etc). Pin playlists to your homepage so everyone who enters your profile immediately sees the mix. That’s how you increase Spotify views without additional resources. Remember that when you create playlists yourself you do self-promotion of your music, so consider creating and organizing playlists to match the preferences of your audience. Also always remember that having a presence on different platforms gives you advantages, read our Spotify vs SoundCloud article.

Create Your Own Spotify Playlists

How to create a playlist on Spotify

You can include songs of artists or bands that inspire you as an option. Still, you have to put your music first because the goal is to stay authentic and promote your product. If you want to see your content in combination with the songs of other musicians, collaborate with them. Create songs together, share combined playlists, and promote each other to increase visibility and present yourself to a bigger audience.

In the video below, the author explains how to create collaborative playlists and share them.

Be Active on Social Media to Get More Streams on Spotify

Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms become crucial when it comes to music promotion. Since they give you plenty of options to create and share content, consider using them to make your music visible. Announce the upcoming tracks and record videos with the existing traks. Leave links to your Spotify profile, as people will come and check what else you have. You should do it regularly to keep getting higher engagement and increase the number of streams.

Be Active on Social Media to Get More Streams on Spotify

Get more useful tips to promote your content on Spotify and increase the stream count.

The more people will come to listen to your music from social media, the better. You need to have a strong engagement because it’s the main instrument for triggering the Spotify algorithm. The more people are engaged with your music streaming, the more chances you have to stay on top and attract new Spotify followers.

Take Advantage of Spotify Promoting Tools

Before looking for effective promotion tools on the side, see what you can do inside Spotify. This platform offers a wide range of options to promote your music. Spotify advertising works effectively not only for independent musicians but for bands and brands as well. Set the goals you want to achieve (for example, get a specific number of plays per month) and create ads for promotion. Use images, upload videos, and rely on various tools from Spotify Advertising.

Spotify Promoting Tools

You also have access to comprehensive guides about how to distribute your audio across the platforms effectively. You will understand how the pricing is created, how to select your promotion campaign and get access to free online webinars to extend your knowledge.

Share Your Spotify Code and a Follow Button

How often do you see a QR code leading to specific services, pages, etc? Now, you can have one for your Spotify account. Share it on social media, on your YouTube channel, and even on music-related forums to boost your streaming. Also, share a Spotify follow button on all webpages you are presented at. It may seem unimportant, but it will bring you more followers and streams. People will see a nicely-looking button, click on it, and proceed to your Spotify profile. 

Avoid Getting Fake Streams

The more streams you get, the better for the algorithm. Still, it won’t work with fake streams. This type of engagement is created with bots, which is a very bad signal for your future career. Once you start purchasing fake plays or getting fake followers to get these plays, there’s a high possibility of getting your account banned. 

 If you decide to add paid promotion to your plan, you should search for a reliable service that brings organic engagement only. Artist Push is one such service. Your account will be curated by experienced specialists who effectively trigger the algorithm and get you more streams on Spotify. To get a massive push for your tracks, a Star Mix will be a good choice. You receive 100k plays, 10k saves, and 5k followers. Why should you take a mix instead of a plays package? Spotify's algorithm reacts to all types of engagement, including new follows and saves. It means your songs will be recommended for a larger audience, which is also a way to get more streams. By selecting a complex promotion package, you save a solid amount of money because a separate purchase of each option will cost much more.

A combination of paid services and paid promotion is a great power-up for your music. When you optimize your profile, receive verification marks, and add a high-quality promotion, you will blow the whole platform and see your songs in various charts, including daily and weekly playlists!


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  • Casper Jonathan

    I found this article really insightful! As an indie musician, I found the detailed breakdown of Spotify for Artists tools particularly useful. I had no idea about the Showcase and Marquee features. I’m definitely going to start using them to boost my streams.

    I found this article really insightful! As an indie musician, I found the detailed breakdown of Spotify for Artists tools particularly useful. I had no idea about the Showcase and Marquee features. I’m definitely going to start using them to boost my streams.

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