How to Get on the Beatport Top 100 (PDF)


Specifically created for DJs, it helps musicians create their sounds and find connections with people with matching tastes and vibes in the industry. To ensure your sounds aren’t hidden by tons of content posted on the site, follow this guide’s tips and suggestions.

Expand your brand’s network — enter the Top 100 Charts on the Beatport platform

Pushing your rating in the Beatport Top 100 chart has never been simpler and more data-driven.


This guide is designed in such a way as to preserve its informative value, regardless of your expertise level. Its structure is well-thought-out and easy to follow. Besides, you can always return to its content. Download the file and store it on your device — A+ for simple accessibility.


You can start making influential choices with predictable results immediately — that’s what this guide from Artist Push is all about. Although it includes stages like market research and competitor analysis, you will speed them up by sticking to the tactics described in the tutorial.

Boosted Confidence

This learning format allows for ongoing education from a reliable source and practical achievements. When you know exactly what steps to take, it puts you at ease, letting you focus on the content quality. In addition, such well-thought-out and time-tested practices lead to more confidence in decision-making, improving your project’s efficiency.

Up-to-Date Information

The genuine benefit of this guide is that it includes data you won’t find anywhere else. Its practical tips are the result of the multiyear expertise of Artist Push professionals and real musicians who’ve successfully implemented those strategies and ensured high rankings on the Beatport Top 100.

Is Placing an Order for the Artist Push Guide Worth It?

For those looking for a step-by-step guide on how to join other DJs in the Beatport Top 100 Chart, the instructions from the Artist Push will make a difference. They are detailed, valid, and customizable for any plan.

This guide's information is equivalent to what you can expect from premium consultations that cost hundreds of dollars. Its streamlined structure will make your learning curve native. Contact our team in case of any inquiries or concerns.