New strategies and tips for Spotify and Apple Music promotion
New strategies and tips for Spotify and Apple Music promotion

New strategies and tips for Spotify and Apple Music promotion

Digital music marketing is essential in the modern world. Following all the latest marketing tools is the only way to stay ahead with all the content and potential fans both constantly online.

Getting found on music streaming platforms as Spotify or Apple Music is the valuable way for an artist to grow his presence. Spotify alone has more than 2,500 playlists created by its 150 curators and Apple Music declared having expert human curators instead of machine algorithms. Playlists placement is now a critical part of an artist’s release strategy. When a track is added to a popular playlist, most probably listeners will add it to their personal playlists too. If the content is good - the viral element on the cards - that spreads to playlists on other networks as well. Even more, top playlists are now tracked by traditional radio stations to an extent which songs are popular enough to add to their own programming.

Spotify Playlists can be divided into two main types. The first category frequently has a small number of followers or don't have them at all - usually conducted to high-grade plays generation, fixed by Spotify. This way, the artist gets streamings for track and royalty from Spotify. Furthermore, track with the huge streaming number most probably going to be noticed by new potential fans, organic plays imposed by the crowd mentality will rise much higher neither single plays without any promotion.

The second category - playlists with huge followers amount, divided by genres.  Tracks from these playlists will get 100% organic streams and may be noticed and added by Spotify playlist curators to their playlists, much time increasing amount of followers.

The Top Level of Apple Music is also giving high advantages for artist promotion. Frequently, promo groups make playlist placement, focusing on generating streams. Promotion campaign most likely bring positive income from streaming revenue, when an artist has his audience on streaming services.

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