Media Communications are an essential thing at Clubhouse!

Media Communications are an essential thing at Clubhouse!

Clubhouse is an invite-only social media app that is suddenly being seen everywhere. It is an audio-only platform that launched in March 2020. Last year it was a small community, and it felt like a real-world club membership that mainly comprised venture capitalists. However, after receiving a huge investment, the worth of the platform overgrew. 

The discussions on this platform are totally based on audio-chat. The app users can listen to debates, interviews, conversations, and other exciting audios from celebrities and various people. However, you must note that it is an invite-only app; you can't just go and download it and start using it. To access it, you must have an invitation by an existing user of the Clubhouse app. 

The users of this app can select the rooms based on their interests and then participate in the live conversations. However, not everyone can speak; only the room moderators decide who can take the mike. There are numerous rooms with a plethora of participants that are involved in live discussions. Imagine having a space for yourself where you'll present your music and your brand?! ClubHouse gives you a fair chance and much more significant than any other platform available.


But why is it so popular lately?

Clubhouse app's popularity is soaring this year; there have been millions of downloads. Most of the success of this app is because of the A-listed celebrity co-signs such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Elon Musk, who has appeared on this app. Thus, this is an exciting thing for fans as they access famous celebrities and public figures. According to many users, this platform is more intimate than other social media platforms where they interact with their idols. 

A critical feature of this platform is that the content on the app is non-recordable; this means that if you couldn't listen to the audio, it is gone forever. The popularity of this platform is also associated with the venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz. 

Talking about its competitors, some platforms like Twitter have come up with features that support audio-only. It came to the public that Facebook is working on a competitor, but we don't know who it is. Get closer and closer to viral social media potential for your music or electronic music project.

Other major platforms like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Tencent Holdings Ltd are currently testing the audio-only features for their apps. 

How ClubHouse Makes Money And How You Can Get In/It?

According to Clubhouse, its business plan doesn't have a base in advertising; it doesn't share its data or content with brokers or advertisers because of its data privacy policy. Currently, it has millions of users and numerous investors, but it is yet to generate revenue and become profitable. The company is about to test tipping, subscriptions, clubhouse magazine discounts, and ticket sales so that people are willing to pay to get access to the Clubhouse content. 

To get into the Clubhouse app, you'll need to contact someone who's already on the app. If you are not one of those millions who have got the invite, you can consider the secondary market. Clubhouse isn't available for the public yet, and the company is planning everything gradually to ensure safety. A recent interview revealed that the platform is currently working on 'Android functionality.'

Music Industry News and Huge Clubhouse's Impact on it

Clubhouse has become a marketplace for those who want to promote their music and brand. If you're in for endless jam sessions, a late-night hang, and musical theatre at home, this is the right platform for you! 

According to Silicon Valley, Clubhouse is the newest social media hit using the world's oldest social medium: voice! The pop-up Lion King musical is one of the biggest hits of this app, and despite being streamed twice without Disney's permission, the giant studio didn't complain about it. Since then, voices singing in harmony have become a new trend in this app. 


The company says that they are planning on something much bigger; global jam sessions in which around 34 countries will participate. 

Live streaming full choir and orchestra at a distance with artists performing separately at their homes is a near to impossible real-time task because of latency. Last year Rolling Stones performed on 'You can't always get what you want, with all the band members performing separately at their homes. 

New technology can lower the latency to 20 milliseconds, and even below, this delay is so slight that it goes undetectable. Jon Street, the songwriter, and producer of the Stereotypes and winner of two Grammy awards says that he thinks musicals on Clubhouse will become a thing for live-streaming. The Stereotypes have experience regarding song recording through the Zoom app that has latency and transmission issues that cause issues. 

Digital breakout for members-only

Apart from creating music and promoting your brand, Clubhouse is a members-only private platform where you can gossip about anything, including the latest music and hot trends. Olivier Chastan, the head of Iconic Artists Group says that you get a sort of freedom that isn't there on a video call; because you don't have to show your face and consider your body language. 

The good thing about Clubhouse is that the submitted comments on Clubhouse won't return to bother you because they disappear, unlike other social media platforms. Clubhouse is always open for discussions on any topic at any time of night or day. Most of the room topics are polite and engaging unless the room topics turn to something controversial. You can get the latest news in the music industry and keep yourself updated on various music-related topics. 

Clubhouse doesn't have any subscription fees, and in spite of no means of monetization, it has been said to value at $1 billion in the latest round of funding. For now, the company is focusing on getting more eyeballs rather than making money. In the near future, the platform expects to hear from the music industry's giants, and when this happens, everyone will be running for revenue share and royalties on Clubhouse.


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