Best Electronic Music Festivals in Europe 2018
Best Electronic Music Festivals in Europe 2018

Best Electronic Music Festivals in Europe 2018

If you are tired of hysteria around top festivals but still long for exciting musicians in the most unusual spots offering an alternative to uniform line-ups, here are ten of our favorites. 

Positive Education Festival, France

During six years of productive work, Positive Education Festival team managed a high number of events, including two festivals and have built a fairly strong music community around the project. This year the festival will take place in Paris. The two-day program includes 28 acts that could be tagged as kraut-rock, which the organizations focused on this year. If you are a fan of cold wave, synth wave, and EBM scenes, you definitely need to visit the Positive Education Festival. 





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UVA Festival, Spain

UVA is a tiny boutique festival which gathers 500 people annually in the Spanish province of Malaga in the charming winery "Descalzos Viejos" in Ronda. For two days, the 15th-century monastery of UNESCO heritage turns into an art-space thanks to Moody Collective and Morning Fever labels people, hosted festival. 

Here are take a place of the event is the interaction of music, architecture and visual art. Here you will hear a unique line up from jazz to afrobeat, funk, hip-hop, disco, house, and some electronic bits.

UVA Festival


Anaklia EchoWaves, Georgya

EchoWaves powered by Exit is a brand new music festival located at the stunning seaside resort of Anaklia, Georgia. The magnificent place with day and night parties and stunning natural landscape, sunsets and sunrises. It's a perfect place where you can create a new joyful experience, powered by 150 artists from around the globe, including some big names of the music industry.








Anaklia EchoWaves

Brave Factory, Ukraine

For two days the Soviet metro building factory becomes a field for music and art. Six Brave Factory stages with the best music systems and gorgeous decorations open gates for well-known world artist and festival guests. Kiev undergrown community attracts more and more attention with excellent music taste and genuine lifestyle.

The defensive line up includes Detroit legends Dj Stingray and Dj Bone, American rapper Mikky Blanco, the bold artist with experimental music Yves Tumor and world best underground clubs residents, including  DVS1, Anna Haleta, Jane Fitz and Nicolas Lutz from Berghain.


Brave Factory Festival


Meakusma, Belgium

Annual music Festival Meakusma standing as a meeting point for the leading giants of the music industry for a past three years in a small Belgium town.

 As part of the festival, a former member of Cabaret Voltaire and Hafler Trio Chris Watson recorded music at the High Fens natural reserve. Lena Willikens presented her curatorial project - a stage with Japanese musicians, while the concert venue and publishing house Les Ateliers Claus built a space of ten thousand recycled plastic bottles.



SEMF - Stuttgart Electronic Music Festival, Germany

Heading into its second decade, Stuttgart Electronic Music Festival has become an unmissable night for any serious techno fans. While the majority of festivals choose the summer, SEMF takes place in mid-December during the lead up to Christmas when everyone is in a festive mood. This can at least partially explain the festival's electric atmosphere and its DJs penchant for going above and beyond during their sets.

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