Difference between Tidal & other streaming platforms

Difference between Tidal & other streaming platforms

Users often have to choose between sound quality and convenience while listening to music through platforms. But sometimes it is possible to get apparent sound beside service satisfaction with Tidal, for example. The platform is wildly regarded because of superior sound quality and early birds tickets to concerts, sport and music events.

Tidal started as a promotional video featured by Jay Z and his team praising the service as the future of streaming music thanks to its sound quality and friendly for musicianspayouts.

In two years, Tidal has transformed into a pleasing music platform that contains exclusive albums and videos, quality editorial, access to concert and sports tickets, and great sound. Tidal claims to pay the highest percentage of royalties to artists and songwriters in the music streaming market, however, it's rumored about late or missing payments. Nonetheless the platform worth to upload and promote your music on it.

Provided content quality depends on a paid plan: 320Kbps AAC+ music (Tidal Premium) or non-compressed 1411Kbps FLAC audio (Tidal HiFi) - the quality is much higher than standard MP3 or audio stream. Tidal's top-level plan is double the cost of Slacker RadioFree at iTunes Store's corresponding Slacker Premium plan. Also, Tidal's feature called Masters that available only to HiFi subscribers, offer studio-quality, high-resolution audio streams of certain musical compositions of the Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) audio codec.

Tidal has great original articles, interviews and selected playlists. Articles highlight music and celebrities news along with industry insights and occasions. Exclusive video content consists of music videos, outtakes, sneak peeks, and backstage concert content.

The playlist section interface resembled other streaming services, playlists are sorted by moods, genres and events. Special sections reveal new albums, individual tracks and video content. Moreover, Tidal has constant agreements with Sony, Universal, and Warner, and many independent labels.

The weak side is that Tidal lack lyrics and doesn't have any of Slacker Radio's fancy features.

The service worth his money for quality oriented users. The principal effects: a wide variety of music, top length articles, curated playlists, exclusive albums and video, quality audio mainly via the Masters feature and early concert tickets. Tidal is a streaming service that definitely worth to try.
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