Streaming Raves: How Coronavirus impacts on music industry

Streaming Raves: How Coronavirus impacts on music industry

Millions of people staying home during the coronavirus pandemic in China and around the world. They are tuning into Cloud raves streaming platforms like Douyin, China's version of TikTok and driving cloud raves.  Probably you have never heard of it until today. Well, in the light of Covid-19, there has been a lot of novel stuff coming out for the past 40 days. I will not be surprised. 

The Virus Affected the Entertainment Industry

As the situation unfolds, a lot of streaming companies are setting themselves in line to benefit from this boom of the explosion of streaming numbers due to the coronavirus. Night-clubbers in China are going on 'cloud raves' on TikTok because quarantine, self-isolations and staying at home mean no real, physical parties can hold and thus, an opportunity presents itself; nightclubs in China live streaming DJ sets, while audiences from home tune into these online rave channels, comment, and dance to the music giving it the illusion of attending a real concert. There has been a prevalence of these cloud raves as DJs and clubs have been live streaming on Kuaishou, another popular Chinese video platform. Even, some other DJs prerecord their shows and subsequently upload them on these cloud channels as live streams later. According to Vice, the Beijing rave club SIR TEEN reported more than 2.3 million tunings on the 10th of February, with more than a hundred thousand in its first 30 minutes of airing. 

With more people at home looking for options to entertain themselves, streamers see an opportunity to insert themselves in people’s media diets. Peacock, HBO Max, and Quibi are making introductions into these online cloud markets. Another streaming company that is jumping into this market is Discord

Discord uses both the features of services like Skype and TeamSpeak with the text chat aspects of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and various IMS. It works great with browsers like Chrome and Firefox and also as a free as a mobile app. Discord has made quite a reputation for itself among the online gaming community as a credible alternative to other Voice Chat Services like TeamSpeak and Mumble. Though, they all offer Voice over IP (VoIP) communications services which can be used in lieu of the gaming in build voice communication tools. Most of these inbuilt gaming communication tools are very underwhelming and thus, not suitable for group or clan gameplay. 

As it stands at the moment, the coronavirus is impeding the growth of the entertainment industry. Theaters and public places are closed up in Italy, Spain, Germany, France as well as China, as a matter of fact, Disneyland in Shanghai and Hong Kong are currently on lockdown due to the coronavirus. The impact on the entertainment industry as a result of this would be staggering as analysts have already forecasted that the worldwide film industry will be an approximately $5 billion loss. This is expected as the largest audiences that Hollywood boosts are in China, especially the locked down cities of Shanghai, Honk Kong and there is a contractual agreement between Hollywood and the Chinese about the profit-sharing formula which splits in a 70-30 ratio. With the Chinese pocketing the larger ratio. 

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However, there is always a silver lining and that is if people cannot go out then, they are indoors all day. Is there a limit to what a man can achieve with stable electricity and fast internet? At the swipe of a finger over a screen, internet subscribers will skyrocket in numbers. This will include; people who have to work from home, caregivers for infants and the aged, group yoga classes, movie streamers and of course, the rave of the moment, Cloud city raves. 

People — particularly in regions harder hit by COVID-19 — are already using Discord to keep in touch and stay on track with their everyday lives, from attending classes remotely to working from home. According to their Medium post; they wanted to help so they are temporarily lifting the limit of their Go Live service from 10 to 50 people at the same time in order to make room for the increased demands of their services at this peak period of online streaming for school teachers conducting classes, group meetings, co-workers collaboration, etc. And helpfully! It is free!!

Video content for many people as a way to ward off boredom while remaining indoors. Meanwhile, rappers can hype using Coronavirus in their songs. 

How to get on Rap Cavier.

How Did Different Platforms Launch Rave Streaming 

Why go expose yourself out there for some bottom-tier club experience when you can go rave streaming as much you want within the comfort of your home, literally? You don’t know how? Well, now you will. 

A rave is an organized dance party at a nightclub, an outdoor fiesta, party house, or other private property or public spaces, typically featuring performances by DJs and VJs, playing a seamless flow of dance music. “Rave” might also be used to describe any genre of music and entertainment. At its broadest definition, "rave" can be used to describe many forms of music, not limited to just rave music- which is why fusion genres exist, even within rave music itself. DJs at rave events play electronic dance music on vinyl, CDs and digital audio from a wide range of. 

Occasionally live musicians have been known to perform at raves, in addition to other types of performance artists. The music is increased with a huge, powerful sound reinforcement system, typically with large subwoofers to produce a deep bass sound.

Get your music out there, ready for the world to discover

Rave is all about bringing people together around the media they love. Whether it’s binging Netflix together or listening to music with friends, experiences are better when shared. Text or chat by voice while enjoying content from YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit, and other online channels. Coming together for an international movie night, or combining phones to create an instant speaker system! This was what rave looked like before the outbreak of the coronavirus. Though, most cinemas, concerts, and nightclubs have shuttered their doors, fun, in the age of the internet cannot be so easily shattered. The shows must go on(line). For example, Berling based streaming platform Unitedwestream aimed to save club culture during the quarantine. 

As the virus outbreak invariably keeps everyone indoors, everything fun seems to have ascended to the clouds — the online cloud, that is. For Chinese ravers who can no longer go to clubs and parties, ‘cloud’ events are the next best option. Now that is the reality of raving presently. You want to get on a rave, you go rave streaming from the clouds. There is an added advantage, for physical clubbing, the real fun doesn’t kick in squarely until its night time, but streaming the rave indoors with everybody doing so at the same time, while people are recording and simultaneously uploading their dancing makes it even more ravishing than night-clubbing. 

Tiktok replaced real-life for teenagers. many different flash mobs are born there. Corona challenge on TikTok #ghencovychallenge


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Musicians and Music Lovers Spend Quarantine Online Whenever Possible Productive

And because we are in Quarantine doesn’t rob us of our capacity to be online. We should be in quarantine online as far as Broadway and London’s West End are concerned. 

Musicians ask streaming services to rise payments to cover lost concert revenue. Bandcamp relaxes charges in light of Covid-19 but there is growing pressure on streaming services to compensate artists more fairly.

Analysts for Quartz found that Spotify streaming figures seemed to have fallen during the pandemic. In Italy, the Top 200 most-streamed songs domestically averaged 18.3m total streams per day in February 2019. Since the national lockdown was announced on 9 March, that figure has not topped 14.4m. Quartz found a 23% drop in the Top 200 streams on 17 March compared to 3 March. It reported similar findings in the US, UK, France, and Spain.

As of the 18th of March, 2020, the total number of cases of this virus stands at 216,822 and counting while the number of people that have died totals 8,908. In the United States alone, in less than 60 days there have been more than 8,019 cases with daily newly discovered cases rocketing as high as 1,600 per day in the last two weeks. Furthermore alarming is that the congressional physician, Dr. Brian Monahan, said he foresees 70 million to 150 million individuals in the U.S. to get COVID-19 by the time all of this ends.

Jimmy Kimmel is streaming nightly monologues from home, Willie Nelson and John Legend are playing music online, and Broadway stars like Idina Menzel are singing and chatting from their homes.

Movie theaters, theatres on Broadway and London`s West End, and concert venues may have shuttered their doors because of the pandemic, but for our prime actors, comedians and musicians; the show must go on.

The previous Monday night, Colbert opened his CBS show at his backyard, standing by his barbecue grill. The following night, he streamed his session live from his bathroom; and crazily enough, sitting in clouds of bubbles while in his suit and tie. Lmao.

In Britain, another cyber-cinema reported it will begin live-streamed readings of all of William Shakespeare`s plays on Thursday. Its directors had claimed, "Shakespeare wrote `King Lear` in quarantine during the Black plague- if he carried on, we can too".

Go viral on TikTok

ABC`s Kimmel, in his "quarantine minilogue," joked that being isolated at home with his family was proving a learning experience "I learned I have two young children. 

In fact, updates coming in from China report that e-commerce players Taobao and Alibaba collaborated with music companies to organize a “No-meeting concert” where popular singers live-streamed their jam sessions. The event held on Valentine’s Day attracted 4 million online viewers and raised 570,000 RMB ($81,500) for medical personnel battling the coronavirus at the frontline. However, millions of people tuning into online channels for entertainment and alternative arrangements to complete their tasks amidst the national state of quarantine, the Chinese internet is cracking under pressure. Internet servers of various kinds — video sharing sites, e-learning websites, video conferencing apps, and online games — have all had their staggering tolls and still trying to maintain and upgrade to accommodate the rising traffic. It is clearly no child’s play catering to the demand of humanity’s biggest online community.


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    Valuable information for music promotion for the quarantine time.
    Guys, who are willing to cooperate for new music reach me here
    We are going to make this time productive. Stay Safe!

    Valuable information for music promotion for the quarantine time.
    Guys, who are willing to cooperate for new music reach me here
    We are going to make this time productive. Stay Safe!

  • Ibrahim Roooiu

    Oh crap! This shit has affected all of us. Let’s make it all together as it possible productive

    Oh crap! This shit has affected all of us. Let’s make it all together as it possible productive

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