Free Streams to Hi-Res: Tidal Music Trends for 2022/2023
Free Streams to Hi-Res: Tidal Music Trends for 2022/2023

Free Streams to Hi-Res: Tidal Music Trends for 2022/2023

We now live in an era of numerous technological changes that have started to affect different parts of our lives. These advancements in technology have also hit the music streaming industry and taken it to new heights. The increased occurrence of new technology, the popularity of the internet, and the increase in mobile users have led to better music trends over time. Current streaming tactics show that music streaming is at an all-time high. 

Every year, there are new trends that propel the music industry. In this article, we will be taking a look at music streaming concerning the fans, industry, and artists. By doing this, it is possible to embrace the changing culture about how people around the world listen to music and identify how streaming music is changing the industry. 

In recent times, there has been a shift from owning physical media and downloading music. We are now in the era of increased subscriptions to streaming platforms by millions of users in different corners of the world. People are no longer concerned about owning exclusive rights to the songs of their favorite artists and would gladly stream music in exchange for a subscription payment.

Revolution Future for Streaming Services

The future is bright for music streaming and any related services such as Tidal. According to the music streaming industry analysis, the number of streamers around the world is sure to increase. Also, Elon Musk and his team of experts are working on something revolutionary. They plan to adopt the use of a brain chip for streaming purposes. Yes, this chip is capable of playing music from inside the user's head. The whole world waits in anticipation for this "mind-blowing" technology. There is still more neural link news to come on this brain chip on August 28. 

The initial plan was to use the chip to support people who suffered from neurological disorders such as depression, OCD, and anxiety. But Elon Musk finally revealed that this chip will allow people to listen to music. There have been successful trials on mice and apes, and human trials could begin within a year. Upon its release, this brain chip will change how people get access to their favorite music and playlist. 

Best genre streaming playlists

Asides this fascinating brain chip, there are also numerous expected music trends that you should anticipate. The previous trends are responsible for taking the music industry to its new heights and the results are immense. However, the rapid rise will soon fade out in developed markets such as the US and UK. As we take a look at a new year and a new decade, what can we hope to expect from the music streaming industry or how can record labels and streaming platforms innovate to maintain the revenue surge?

Emphasis on Personalisation

Music streamers expect personalized services when making use of their favorite platforms. The demand for personalized services is set to grow as we get into a new decade. Industry leaders such as Spotify and Apple Music have adopted the personalized approach but are yet to fully realize the potential of personalized in the music streaming industry. People want to listen to only their favorite music all the time and this is possible when platforms introduce custom streaming services to suit each user. 

The creation of personalized playlists and other services are not far out of reach. With advancements in technology, data-driven playlists are getting smarter with their music choices. There have been predictions that personalization will soon raise the bar for streaming platforms. Numerous platforms are looking into the application of social discovery and sophisticated technology innovations to create a custom and enjoyable experience for each user. 

The Use of 5G for Streaming

5G is presently the rave of the moment in the world of data connectivity. Many people are excited as the technology will be adopted fully in the US by 2020. 5G has been touted to be capable of delivering data about 10 times more than 4G. This news indicates a new world of possibilities and 5G will certainly change the world of music streaming.  

During the year, Amazon released a new Music HD service. This service would eliminate losses in music countries and be available in the UK, US, Germany, and Japan. This release was a big move and we can certainly expect more of it on other platforms when the use of 5G becomes popular. 

Also, the live streaming of music videos and concerts will get better as 5G offers more speed and lower latency. Innovative technology such as VR and AR will be able to reach wider audiences while delivering data-rich content simultaneously. As more technological innovations unveil, there is certainly going to be a set of unexpected changes to the music streaming industry. 

Music and Artist Promotion on Streaming Platforms

Labels and streaming platforms are looking for new ways to offer more services to artists. Artists are interested in a platform that offers essential information about the perception of their fans. An example of this platform is the “Universal Music Artists” analytics app. This app provides all UMG artists as well as their managers with valuable information to record better music. The product will collate information about each artist from streaming platforms including social media engagement from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Through this app, artists get to enjoy much more than regular platforms and enjoy the deep insight into the taste of their listeners.  

Climbing Spotify charts and Discover Weekly

Spotify was the first streaming platform to provide artists with insight into the taste of listeners. However, Apple Music and UMG have also followed suit and become involved in providing artists with essential analytics. This is a trend that will surely spread to other streaming platforms over the course of the next year.  

Problems Facing The Music Streaming Industry 

There is no doubt that music streaming has become increasingly popular in different corners of the world. However, these services are not without their fair share of criticisms. There are experts who have continuously highlighted the negative effect of music streaming services. It's important that every user and potential user of any audio platform understand the challenges they may face. So, what are the problems to note about streaming services?

When you listen to music on a streaming platform, your listening habits and choices are constantly noted. These choices are translated into the data and input into algorithms that run the digital music world. This is how the streaming industry leaders build vast metadata to provide improved services for users. Additional data is also gotten from external sources including cataloging services such as Billboard and TiVo.  

Despite all of the data collected from different sources, there is still a significant data gap on these platforms. This data gap has been shown to influence present-day music culture, affected what is considered to be an acceptable genre, and cause poor relationships with record labels. 

The main problem is caused by the inability of various subgenres of accepted music styles. This has led to the occurrence of what many people refer to as the fallout genre. Most of the activities of a streaming platform are controlled by algorithms. However, the algorithms are only as good as people who set them up. Many streaming platforms do not have experts who understand how subgenres are created and this makes it difficult to create algorithms that define all music categories. If they are able to achieve this, they will save artists and listeners from a lot of trouble. 

It may seem like nothing when a streaming platform fails to properly categorize their music properly but it could actually result in a big cultural problem. The fallout genre could affect people who identify with the missing subculture and subgenre. They will constantly feel out of place. There is also an issue of the economic imbalance that poor categorization will cause between cultural and socioeconomic subgroups. We live in an era where representation matters in everything and users can go on ignoring omitted subgenres. 

Mistakes are bound to happen and sometimes these omissions are permissible. Algorithms can't cover everything but when the same mistake continues to happen repeatedly, it indicates a data gap. This data gap will prevent the platforms from earning from these minority subgenres and some major categories alike. A notable example of this categorization problem includes the inability to categorize new talent Lik Nas X, the omission of the New Mexico music genre, and the different approaches taken by Kanye West to the Christian music genre. 

Treating data generated from users properly can lead to a better understanding of consumer preferences. Streaming platforms will have a clearer view of how and why users listen to their favorite music choices. There is certainly a better way to provide improved services for people without trying to fit all types of music into ill-fitting categories.  

How Streaming is Taking Leading Positions in the Music industry

The music data gap isn't the only problem with audio streaming services. There is also a high level of discontent in artists. Many artists do not feel that streaming platforms compensate them adequately for their efforts. Artists and executives of record labels were happy when they were informed that streaming numbers now make up album numbers. However, they couldn't hide their displeasure at the guidelines and benchmarks that were put into place following the favorable announcement. 

According to the new rules, it takes more time for a user's stream to count as part of the album sales. To record a sale on a 15-song album, a user would have to stream it 100 times. It would be a better option for the person to walk down to the store and purchase the album. You may argue that artists benefit from millions of streams worldwide but it can be disappointing when you remember that every stream just doesn't count. Artists get frustrated when they have to think about the number of streams to be accumulated to reach their desired album sales figures. 

Another problem that artists have with streaming services is the payout for each stream. Streams are easily accessible and this has reduced the value of each audio stream. Individual music streams are worth less than a penny. Things even get worse as each streaming platform pays the artist using different systems. 

Artists must protect themselves and get the best pay for their efforts. Any artist can maximize his/her payout and grow their fandom with impressive promotional services. If you want professional promo services at its best, work with Artist Push. At Artist Push, the needs and desires of every artist are clearly understood. You will be working with a team of people committed to your progress and enjoy deserved payouts. 

What are the Main Advantages of the Tidal Streaming service? 

If you take a look at the popular streaming platforms that we have today such as Google Play Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Pandora, it becomes clear that they all share so many things in common. These platforms share similarities in music and quality. All you have to do is just play your favorite music whichever platform is preferred. 

Tidal is a completely different streaming service. Tidal remains one of the best streaming promotion platforms because of its unique business structure which offers more control to the artist. It also boasts better quality audio when compared to many other popular service providers. 

Tidal offers a catalog of about 60 million songs (including exclusives). There is also a long list of podcasts, music videos, live concert shows, and custom playlists for you to choose from. This unique platform is accessible from a range of devices including smartphones, smart speakers, computers, tablets, and so on. You can rise your streams stat buying Tidal plays. Tidal has many of the features found on popular platforms but stands out due to two main elements.  

The first main element is that Tidal is owned by several A-list musicians. This element makes it different from other platforms owned by businessmen. The owners of Tidal understand what artists demand from a streaming platform and readily provide it. Notables on the list of Tidal Owners include Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Daft Punk, Clifford T.I Harris, Calvin Harris, Jack White, Arcade Fire (Win Butler and Regine Chassagne), Coldplay and several other artists. As of 2015, Jay-Z was the majority owner of the music streaming platform. According to Tidal management, their business structure allows them to provide artists with exclusive music and event coverage as a part of a tidal promotion and allows them to pay their artists well. 

The second element that makes Tidal music standout is that a more expensive "Hi-Fi" option which makes the entire catalog lossless, offers users CD-quality audio, and also offers an exclusive list of hi-res music referred to as Tidal Masters. The platform will also keep you entertained with tidal playlist promotion. There was a time this feature was only available to US subscribers via Tidal or Quobuz. However, Amazon music has also started to provide CD-quality audio and a limited hi-res audio space. 

Get More Amazon Music Plays

Music Streaming Wars: Amazon Music vs Tidal

Unknown to many people, there is a music streaming war that is shaping the music industry. During the launch of the Tidal platform and Tidal promotion services, a unique hi-res tier was developed. Not long after, other streaming platforms began to nurse the idea of their own exclusive high-resolution tier. Amazon music has since managed to create its high-fidelity tier. Due to this, the Amazon audio streaming platform seems to have dealt a big blow to Tidal in the music streaming wars. 

However, Tidal has still managed to maintain a strong presence in the digital music industry due to its Tidal Masters which offers exclusive music of popular artists. A notable example of tidal's exclusivity was the release of Beyonce's Lemonade strictly on the platform for 3 years before sharing the rights with others. 

Tidal Subscription: Free and Paid Plans, Special Offers

The Tidal streaming platform is divided into two tiers with a varying cost: Premium and HiFi. The price of both tiers depends on the discounts that you qualify for. Tidal doesn't offer a free subscription package, but there is a 30-day free trial for new subscribers. There is also a special streaming promotion offer that lets users pay only $4 for 6 months for both Premium and HiFi. 

The Tidal Premium plan offers users unlimited ad-free access on multiple devices and access to exclusive live Tidal promotion events. Users are also allowed to create playlists, import existing playlists, and download songs and videos for offline access. The HiFi plan gives you all the features of the premium plan including lossless CD-quality on all tracks and access to the exclusive Tidal Masters. The HiFi plan also gives access to some limited Sony 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos Music tracks. 

An individual tidal plan will only let you stream music from one device at a time. However, it is possible to connect up to 5 devices in offline mode. Family plans allow subscribers to stream with up to six user accounts. 

Tidal Music and Amazon Music now compete for the title of the streaming platform with the highest quality. Music lovers who intend with state-of-the-art stereo systems who intend to listen to high-quality music opt for Tidal especially its unique Tidal Masters releases.


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    Well, Tidal is a very specific platform, to be honest. It took me a long time to begun to understand it. Spotify is more easy and predictable for me. Thank you for this cool article. It really is helpful and has plenty of useful advice. I wish I found you earlier.

    Well, Tidal is a very specific platform, to be honest. It took me a long time to begun to understand it. Spotify is more easy and predictable for me. Thank you for this cool article. It really is helpful and has plenty of useful advice. I wish I found you earlier.

  • Ann

    I absolutely agree with the main advantages of the Tidal streaming service you wrote about… The best main is that Tidal is owned by several A-list musicians.

    I absolutely agree with the main advantages of the Tidal streaming service you wrote about… The best main is that Tidal is owned by several A-list musicians.

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    Well, music streaming trends are changing so fast. I always want to keep up with them. Thank you so much for sharing this info. Now I got answers to all of my questions.

    Well, music streaming trends are changing so fast. I always want to keep up with them. Thank you so much for sharing this info. Now I got answers to all of my questions.

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    I wish to join the hop pop artist , I want to sell my music

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    Now thinking more about rising my Tidal account

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