Effective streaming promotion services for your music. Order the placement in Premium playlists and get free streams for your tracks 24/7. We help artists to get access to popular streaming platforms playlists and expand their audience. 

We consider specific genres and divide service into relevant playlists for gaining more traction for artists and labels. 




Smile, you’re famous! Reach millions of new fans and get your tunes out there by joining the best genre playlists Spotify and Apple Music. The goodies down here let you combine platforms and choose genres, placement time in months, number of listeners, and more. Playlists OCD-updated for relevance and popularity.

Guaranteed streams 24/7 with each promo pack. Full details in product descriptions. Scroll down to read all about playlist promo.

Play that list baby!

Picture this scene.

Your next super-fan is cooking a rather healthy veggie dinner. Or something.


“Hmm, what should I listen to?” she mutters, still oblivious to the grand new single you just released onto the streamingosphere (yes, that’s a word now).

No time to select individual songs, and hell knows Spotify’s Song Radio can be unreliable and pesky.

Oh well, let’s just hit this playlist. Something nice will come up for sure.

And something does come up. Your song. It’s so good that she even ventures into pushing the “favorite” button, even at the risk of staining the shiny iPhone screen with organic tomato puree.

There you have it. A Fan is Born. 

Why you need playlist placement, anyway?

Some say playlist placement is the bread and butter of music promotion.

We say, hell yeah captain! 


Followers, plays, social promotion, and compound music promo all serve a purpose. But playlist placement is the most organic, all-encompassing method of them all. It’s how you get your music out there, ready for the world to discover!
These days, playlists are the gate to the music universe, whether on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or Soundcloud. Their superpower? In the algorithmic mayhem that’s music streaming and promotion, playlists stay refreshingly human.


Boost your play stats in Spotify and Apple Music


By getting those human playlist curators to feature your song, you instantly gain access to their loyal followers, who trust their judgement and stream away in full confidence and head-to-toe pajamas. It’s like having a foot in the door, to use the old traveling salesman term: your fans trust playlists, and are more receptive to your tunes. This initial boost of trust gets organic followers and builds your ranking on Apple Music and Spotify at a crazy pace, and promotes your music across the board.


That’s the gist of it. More specifically, some of the bombshell benefits of playlist placement are:

  • Push your song to organic new listeners
  • Find your true (veggie-cooking) music superfans and help ‘em stick
  • Rake in Spotify and Apple Music royalties now and long-term
  • Boost your play stats in Spotify and Apple Music
  • Get you featured on other playlists without lifting a finger (most curators ride the hype train in first class)

That’s all pretty dandy, amirite? One stone, a lot of singing birds!

But there’s a tricky part here. These benefits have real value only when you select the right playlists (the best ones in your genre, ideally) and leverage your playlist promotion to the fullest. This can be excruciatingly hard to do if you don’t have access to those human curators curating away in the bowels of Spotify and Apple Music.

Which, oh my, is why we’re here.

Reaching the right playlists & curators

You may wonder what’s the secret to get onto the dopest Spotify and Apple Music playlists, and to do the most out of that legit music promo tactic, while you’re at it. 

Weeell, the things you need are playlist curator connections, and to know the actual best MIX of playlists that can get the job done.

While you can do all this on your own, relying on a professional, specialized music promotion service for your playlist placement can help you get ridiculously better results. Here’s a couple of key why’s:

Playlist curators tend to be quite busy, and also swarmed with emails and playlist feature requests by everyone and their dog trying to go take the music promotion shortcut. So, if you don’t know them beforehand (or can’t get a strong intro), cold-emailing will rarely work, and the chance they pick your new song will be next to nil. For that reason, an established relationship with playlist curators is paramount.

Also also, you probably have a million playlists that you like and respect, but how can you be sure they’re the best ones to push your music promotion objectives forward? For that, you’d need to spend as much time following Spotify and Apple Music playlists as you spend composing, DJ-ing or practicing scales (always practice, practice, PRACTICE!).

Since you likely don’t, we do it for you.

We choose the best playlists right now, across a multitude of genres, and push your tracks onto them with guaranteed streams and exposure.

So, in a TL;DR fashion, the secrets to promoting music on streaming platform playlists is to have all the prep work already done for you beforehand. Like having the melody and knowing the chord progression before you start composing, kinda sorta.

That being the tricky trick of playlist promotion, we’ve put together a very special approach to music marketing, where you get to design your playlist promotion as easily as putting LEGO bricks together.

Playlist Placement the Artist Push way

Most playlist placement services offer bs and promises, and charge you a hefty price to get your songs on only a couple of old playlists, where they’ll stay at the mercy of listeners, maybe almost never to be streamed.

That’s no exaggeration, we’ve seen it happen, and we’ve heard it from musicians, DJs, and even playlist curators themselves (when they accept paid submissions, they rarely go beyond featuring the track: it’s the music marketer’s job to make a playlist placement actually fruitful, which is fair enough, really).

Well, unlike those “hands-off” promo folks, we offer a complete playlist marketing service, which includes both Apple Music and Spotify playlists, completely integrated and with full playlist streams, followers, and other promo services, all-in-one.

We constantly follow the best playlists, weed out bad ones, and collaborate with curators and our organic promotion partners to guarantee streams, listeners and royalties 24/7. So you can be the hands-off one, while we do all the work to promote your music across streaming platforms.

Thw way it works, we let you actually choose what, how, and where to promote your music, at your terms. When you browse our catalog up top, you’ll see a cornucopia of playlist push services, with a diversity of categories: 

  • Music genre playlists
  • Playlist placement duration (usually a 1-3 months promotion)
  • Guaranteed daily streams, as well as specific numbers of plays you can get separately
  • The number of playlists, divided between Spotify and Apple Music and ranging from 1 to 10
  • In most cases, the actual number of playlist followers (which we update regularly)

With this legit streaming music promotion, you define the tactics, and we help you reach your fine-grained promo goals, because any playlist-related marketing service there is, we do.

TL;DR what you get

Eternal glory? Fame? A truckload of followers?

All of those, oh eff see (ofc).

But let’s talk about what you get by working with our music promotion service. That’s why you’re here, after all.

With our Spotify & Apple Music playlist submission service you get:

  • A done-for-you, hit-it-and-quit-it, key-in-hand service (or whatever you wanna call it).
  • Your ideal number of songs/tracks, playlists, followers and even daily/monthly streams (don’t know? We can help you choose, no probs)
  • Both Spotify and Apple Music, integrated and customized to your needs and preferences
  • Guaranteed streams and royalties with your playlist push
  • Killer playlists and curators that reverberate throughout your genre day by day
  • Pretty dope value-for-shekels: we’ve been at this for a while now (some of our early teamsters are a tad too old to be at festivals), so we’ve gotten efficiency down to an art form

By the way, as soon as you decide playlist music marekting is your thing (the earlier, the better), we can also integrate your results to the fullest with our specialized Spotify music promo services and Apple Music promotion, so you’re totally actually literally covered with music marketing A-Z. While we actively guaranteed streams and placement with this service, your mileage could go to Mars and back if you add specialized promo services like real Spotify followers, Apple Music premium plays or Spotify top charts promotion.

So far so good, no? Keeping the value thing in mind, scroll up to products, or keep reading a final word on how we handle playlist genres, which is the thorn in the back of many playlist promotion services.


Playlist genre + Hip Hop promotion 


Did we say humans choosing music for humans is so retro?

What’s less retro are genre tags on streaming platforms, and the herkulean task of categorizing the world’s music into neat genres. Genres are getting weirder and more mixed up, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to count them when tackling music promotion via playlists.


Most of the best playlists are mood-based (“chill,” “roadtrip,” “lazy weekends”) or purpose-based, e.g. 

“morning commute-yoga-meditation-intermittent-fasting vibes,” so finding the right genre isn’t always so straightforward.

You don’t always need to select genre playlists, but usually when you’re engaging in legit music promotion, you want to stand out in your genre and top Spotify and Apple Music search algorithms and charts as efficiently and possible. So, giving genre a thought is an inevitable reality of music promo done right.


Good news is, we tackle all the most popular genres, as well as underground ones. We mostly deal with underground, indie, pop, dance, rock, R&B and a whole host of electronic playlists on Spotify & Apple Music for your music submission.

In the playlist promotion services up there, you’ll find indication of genres in the description of each promo service. Some of these services are highly genre-specific playlist submissions, which lets you zone in on the biggest superstars amongst your fans.


And the most prominent such example is our house special: hip-hop playlist promotion

Hip hop is kind of our thang around here, homie. Actually, we even have highly specialized blog marketing services for promotion on hip-hop, rap and r&b blogs, here we connect MCs with the best wordsmiths in the genre.

We love hip hop because we love listening to it, and because because hip-hop & rap promotion is a jungle where too many crazy talents get lost in the (autotune-heavy) background noise. Our 2 cents + millions of streams on the issue are delivering the best hip hop promotion that you can find anywhere. 

So, if hip-hop playlist submission is your thang, too, then mos def check out our house special and give your rhymes lightspeed acceleration.  Scroll up and check those juicy promo services.

Ok cool. What now?

Well… now you grab that fame by the family jewels and never let go!

Get back to the top of this page (which if you’ve read so far, you’re a total legend) and go check out our playlist placement services, where you’ll indulge in picking and combining the LEGO bricks of your music career. 

Shop around our massive catalog, find detailed descriptions and terms for each service, picture your music flying out there, and just go for it. Orders are fast and secure, and you can contact us absolutely anytime for whatevs you may need.

Let me see that smile, superstar. You’re fabulously famous!