Music streaming

Effective streaming promotion services for your music. Order the placement in Premium Spotify and Apple Music playlists and get free streams for your tracks 24/7. We help artists to get an access to popular streaming platforms playlists and expand their audience.

We consider specific genres and divide service into relevant playlists for gaining more traction for artists and labels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a streaming service cost?

Starting with Spotify, there are a few option of packages for Spotify Premium to choose from. The 'individual' package is 9.99 USD per month. The 'duo' package costs 12.99 USD per month. The 'family' package is 15.99 USD a month, while the 'student' package is only 4.99 USD a month.

Next big platform - Deezer offers different packages as well. The standard Premium plan offers 320Kbps audio and is priced at 9.99 USD a month, or 99.90 USD per year. The same package can be accessed for students for a mere 4.99 USD a month! The HiFi plan streams 16bit/kHz FLAC files and Sony 360 Reality Audio and costs 14.99 USD per month.

Amazon Prime Music is accessible for non-Amazon Prime customers for 9.99 USD a month, while Amazon Prime members can access the same features for 8.99 USD a month or 79 USD a year!

Tidal provides two package options - 9.99 USD a month for the standard services and 19.99 USD for the premium services that allow users to listen to the high-fidelity sound.

Last but not least, Audiomack keeps its options straightforward with one service - the Audiomack Premium for 4.99 USD per month

How does music streaming work?

Music streaming is an incredibly innovative method of playing music and monetizing it! The process starts with the multiple platforms available through which artists can allow their music to be streamed on and where users, in turn, can stream this music.

Some examples of such platforms are the world-famous Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Deezer, Tidal, and Audiomack (all of which we provide streaming services and promotions for, so check those out!).

The concept of streaming is to allow for these songs to be played without needing to download the song file on your hard drive. This allows space-saving on devices and provides for the ability to play songs instantaneously without needing to download them prior. Streaming works as long as a user is connected to the internet to allow for continuous file transfer (not download) to your device.

Once an artist gives rights for their songs to be streamed on said platform, they can generate an income that depends on several things, one of which is the number of times a song is streamed/played. The specific amount of money allocated per stream varies from platform to platform. It has been estimated that artists on Spotify can make a rough estimate of around 0.0044 USD per stream. That means that to generate approximately 50 USD, an artist will need upwards of 11,500 streams.