Why You Keep Losing Views on YouTube Shorts?

Why You Keep Losing Views on YouTube Shorts?

Since shorts were introduced as a new format for content, it quickly became popular among both viewers and content creators. It’s basically a response to short-format videos on other platforms (TikTok videos and Instagram reels). People use all of their creativity and passion to create engaging content and make their posts viral. 

Still, YouTube shorts have pitfalls and issues every content creator should be ready to face. Creating and implementing a content strategy for such a format differs from the methods you use when working with classic videos. So, why do you keep losing views on YouTube shorts? What factors cause a negative effect, and what can you do to stop this? Keep reading to find out.

Your Content Doesn’t Take Advantage of the YouTube Algorithm

The Shorts that are not recognized by the algorithm can’t get enough views, usually because of the lack of metadata and low engagement rate. For example, your title doesn’t match the topic of the video, and the description is missing the keywords and hashtags. Huge brands could avoid hashtags, but instead, they optimize the description of the post so that it will appear after an appropriate search. If you only begin your YouTube activity, take your time and create a fancy title and an accurate description. Also, add relevant tags so the algorithm will recognize your content and recommend it to the right audience.

Your YouTube Shorts Didn’t Have Enough Time

Everyone wants to see the result immediately. They considered everything when working on the content, but the views barely came. What’s wrong? Probably nothing; you just need to wait a bit more. The thing is that the platform runs a test, offering your content to different audiences. It may take a few days or even a few weeks. Users say they can’t wait because they spend their effort and resources to deliver such content on their pages, but you can’t step over YouTube’s algorithm. 

Wait. After some time, the platform will understand what audience will enjoy your content. Remember: the more users watch your videos, the more profit the platform gets. So, it’s beneficial for YouTube to bring more viewers to your channel.

You Don’t Use Appropriate Hashtags

A hashtag is an effective navigation instrument for your content because it gets much easier for users to find the videos they want. Still, it works only if the author uses relevant hashtags and avoids spam. Use only the most searchable tags and those that describe your content thoroughly. If you select personalized hashtags in the video description, the chances people will find your video via the search are very low.

Search for similar videos in your niche and analyze other creators' hashtags. Don't rush, and use the most valuable tags. Moreover, if you put too many tags in the description, it will only damage your content.

Your YouTube Videos Are Not Attractive Anymore

The views may fall because people are not interested in your content anymore. They want a brief, catchy story that draws their attention and delivers positive emotions when they watch shorts. However, the engagement will drop if you stop using such concepts for content creation and provide boring videos. Focus on making the first seconds of your video catchy and even shocking so the audience won’t be interested in skipping the video. Now, let’s talk about how to fix the described issues and make your engagement level high again.

Focus On Delivering High-Quality Content. Use YouTube Shorts Editing Tools

Quality is the key because people come to YouTube to get great content. Video editing, music choice, transitions, and overall length must be in your focus when working on videos. At the beginning of your career, select quality over quantity to build credibility with your audience and show how great your content is.

Use YouTube Shorts Editing Tools

Effective YouTube Shorts editing tools

At the same time, think about creating a personal posting schedule and adding videos according to it. Consistency is the next step to gaining views on shorts, but you must do it more often than with classic videos. Your audience will get used to the time you post content so that they will await the following short, knowing it will come soon. If you use YouTube shorts for music promotion, consistency is a must. People get more excited whenever you give updates about upcoming releases or tease the next song in the album. 

Catch Attention

What if people don’t want to watch your videos? You can make them do it! An eye-catching thumbnail is what they need to pay attention to and click on the post. Take a fragment from your video and edit it, adding a catchy phrase or a hint. A screenshot below demonstrates what an eye-catching thumbnail could look like.

Catch Attention

Once the preview, title, and description are catchy, you have high chances of increasing your view count as people will react to the hooks and watch the video. 

Your YouTube shorts don’t get enough views due to multiple reasons, and you should know how to deal with issues and get back on track. Once you understand what’s wrong, take action and resolve the problem using the methods we described. If using one method is not enough, consider combining several methods to achieve the desired result or use YouTube promotion to get a solid boost for your content.


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