How to use Clubhouse to elevate your career in the music industry?

How to use Clubhouse to elevate your career in the music industry?

Before pandemics, we could quickly come across artists and celebrities at music venues, concerts, bars, and other events. But now, after lockdowns and closure of live concerts and events, it isn't easy to find such hangout spots where we could spot celebrities and artists. Clubhouse has been introduced especially during the pandemic to get over this; it provides a private and safe people to hang out and continue their conversations like ever. Clubhouse is being used in the music industry by many artists to share their experience and attract listeners worldwide. 

Many artists and musicians using Clubhouse to discuss trending topics and industry network reviews. For example, on the 8th of February, Beatclub hosted a room that featured Mike Dean, Scott Storch, Jozzy, and the producer. The group discussed the future of production, tips for producers and shared their music industry experience. 

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There are many other rooms like these hosted every week for getting advice related to the music and how to join the music industry. 

How is the platform helping in achieving acclaimed music?

During this pandemic period, the Clubhouse chat rooms have become an essential part of networking. People join the app to broaden their network and to be a part of Clubhouse's live culture. The app provides an intimate culture that makes it easier to meet new people and has informative discussions. Such confidential discussions lead to solid connections, and when these discussions are over, people do follow up too. The Clubhouse rooms offer special features for connecting and networking. In fact, some people join these rooms for hiring new employees and interns too. 

For the Clubhouses, the chatrooms and discussion groups are not the only things; there are other features such as virtual jam sessions, radio-station-like rooms, album premiere parties, and songwriting workshops. The artists can also play their tracks and attract the audience to build their brand identity. 

Clubhouse is continuing to bring elite musicians to its platform, and there isn't any doubt that it will gain an essential place in the music industry. The app is said to have around 2 million active users weekly as of February 2021, making it one of the most prominent social media startups.

The platform received a massive investment from Andreen Horowitz, a venture capitalist, and since then, the company has seen tremendous growth. Currently, the company is planning to invest in creators and focus on monetization features such as subscriptions, tipping, and ticketing. If you're in for the success story of an artist, read more!



How Clubhouse helps the artist and how will it help you?

Axel Mansoor is a 28-year-old singer and songwriter who became a breakout music star on Clubhouse. He was just another Clubhouse member when he got the news that the app was going to make him the face icon. He said that at that time, he was in a Lullaby Club when he got the news. Just like Mansoor, any artist can continue to navigate digital terrain during this pandemic. 

Though Clubhouse is very young, it came into being during the pandemic; it is quickly growing and helping artists come forward and make a name in the music industry. It began as a small app, but currently, it has around 10 million active users, including Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Drake, and Tiffany Haddish. At this platform, the musicians and artists figure out how to use the Clubhouse app to grow their audience and complement their digital offerings. 

Musicians promote themselves using Clubhouse

Take Alex Mansoor, whose base is in Southern California, is a non-traditional artist willing to try anything. Before the pandemic, he managed to grab Daytime Emmy Nomination for a song he wrote for 'General Hospital.' During the pandemic, he continued his advertising syncs with various companies like Kit Kat and McDonald's. Mansoor also experimented with live streaming and calming instrumental music on some platforms like Facebook. During this time, he realized that he has a good connection with the audience when it comes to live streaming. However, conveying himself to digital platforms is totally a different thing. 

Clubhouse helped Mansoor promote himself on a digital platform; his following grew drastically from 2000 to 80,200. He continued sharing his music and story and invested in many rooms, which helped him bolster his footprint. His Spotify listenership has also improved to 109%, and the Instagram reach has boosted by 8425%. According to Mansoor, Clubhouse has helped him grow as an artist, but he thinks that the invite-only feature acts as a barrier to this platform. Also, the app is available to iOS users only. 

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Mansoor says that they have lots of fans, and the majority of them don't have access to Clubhouse either because they have Android phones or because they haven't been invited. However, Mansoor thinks that when Clubhouse becomes public, its number of followers will grow dramatically. He believes that the possibilities will be limitless then, and it will become a key tool for the artists to promote music.

Clubhouse talks about Daft Punk breakup

There have been many hot and exciting chats on the Clubhouse app regarding various topics, such as the Daft Punk music and their breakup. Daft Punk has been a celebrated duo for around three decades, and they recently announced a split, which stirred a debate on Clubhouse. 

Their announcement of the breakup was made uniquely; they presented an 8-min sequence that was dubbed as 'Epilogue' and was taken from Electroma, one of their films. The two robots used to represent the group members were shown venturing into a desert, and one of them gets blown up. Then comes a picture of two robot hands forming a triangle, and a time-stamp flash on the screen shows 1993-2021. Daft Punk music was one of the most acclaimed pieces of music when it comes to the pop genre. 


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    Guys, Clubhouse is the real thing! I just started to use it but it feels like it is an amazing platform to promote myself.

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    Musicians just started to promote themselves using Clubhouse. We will see how this platform will develop further, it is good for now.

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    I think, that bringing elite musicians to the Clubhouse platform will really help our music there to become acclaimed music.

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    Clubhouse helped artists to promote themselves on a digital platform, hope that will work for me as well. As I understood, I have to continue sharing my music and investing in many rooms. I hope that will help me to grow as an artist.

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