Most Important Spotify Podcast Trends in 2024
Most Important Spotify Podcast Trends in 2024

Most Important Spotify Podcast Trends in 2024

Spotify is known as a popular platform for musicians who share their songs, expand their reach, and connect with other artists for possible collaborations. Still, over the last few years, this service grew and became a place not only for music but for podcasts as well. If you are searching for a platform to listen to the latest podcast episode of your favorite show, Spotify is a place for you to do so.

Business & Technology is one of the most trending podcast topics right now. Alongside with society & culture, arts, sports, true crime and health & fitness, it stays on top of the most popular podcast themes worldwide.

With more than 5 million available podcasts, this platform stands as a top place to find new shows, try new formats, and expand your knowledge. Spotify podcast listeners can try new formats (for example, a video podcast).

Still, what do we know about podcasts on Spotify? How many users prefer this platform to listen to their favorite shows? What are the latest trends among podcasters? Keep reading to find out more.

Spotify Trends Over the Years - How Everything Changed

If we go back to 2021, we will see that Spotify was already claimed as the most used platform for podcasts. Over 28 million users in the US were expected to listen to podcasts on Spotify, What's more impressive, a bigger part of all Spotify listeners are in the age of 35 or less. This means that younger generations have a solid presence on Spotify and make a significant impact on the whole podcast industry. 

The global podcast listening trend grew after the COVID-19 pandemic because people were looking for something to kill their time. Podcasts were a good alternative to music listening because they allowed you to switch focus to a specific topic. Podcasts may be a good background for work or daily activities, so people just turn on the episode and move on.

Major events also significantly impact podcast statistics. When something big happens, individuals search for topic-related podcasts to gain more insights and understand what's going on. The listening platform breaks podcasts into topics, making it easy for users to find the needed program or episode. 

Major Topics for Spotify Podcasts

Joe Rogan, with the "Joe Rogan Experience", hit the top of the most trending podcasts in 2023. His deal with the platform, which was agreed in 2020, is worth more than 200 million dollars over three and a half years. Still, despite his leadership at the top of Spotify podcasts, there are other authors who reach solid engagement and remain popular among podcast enthusiasts. Projects like "Call Her Daddy", "JRE", or "Serial Killers" bring new experiences and expand the Spotify user library with fresh episodes. 

Based on top podcasts in the US and worldwide, we outline the most popular topics:

  • Society and culture
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Business and technology
  • Health and fitness
  • Business and technology

How Trends Change in 2024?

Spotify Podcast Trends

Trends change according to major world events. Political events, disasters, global discussions, and other things directly impact trends and podcasts. For example, this summer, the global trend will be focused on sports: EURO-2024, Copa America 2024, and the Olympic Games in Paris. The popularity of podcasts on such topics will rise significantly. 

The second global topic is politics. There are elections around the world, with the main focus on the United States. Everything comes down to the duel between Biden and Trump. There's a lot to be decided, but the closer we come to the deciding point, the more discussions will appear on Spotify and other platforms.

Spotify Podcast Stats in 2024

What about stats? How podcast metrics change in 2024? Let's have a look at key points. 

Analytics expect that in 2024, the number of unique listeners in the US will reach 43,1 million. Active listeners spend around 16 minutes per day listening to podcasts on Spotify, which is considered 19,4% of all time spent on digital audio (February 2024). Finally, at the end of 2023, 31,8% of all podcast listeners were located in the US. Referring to the first point we mentioned, it's likely that this number will grow. 

Apple Podcasts Stats

To better understand other podcast platforms, we will present stats from Apple Podcasts. This platform was released in 2005 as an extension of iTunes and launched in 2012. Later, it became a separate app on iOS. In March 2023, more than 132 million users had it on their smartphones. Still, what about stats and engagement?

The number of Apple Podcasts users is constantly growing and will probably reach 30,8 million in 2027. Until this time, the platform will claim 21,2% of podcast listeners in the United States.

Why Choose Spotify to Share Podcasts?

Creators who are not sure about the platform they want to choose for their podcasts in the future: some select SoundCloud, others prefer Apple Podcasts or YouTube, but a part of the audience still stands with Spotify for Podcasters. This platform is a nice choice for several reasons.

  • Simplicity and usability. When you work with Spotify, you don't struggle. A simple interface brings access to all creative tools. You can customize your profile, select a proper image for your show, create a catchy description, and do everything to make your podcast more visible.

  • Connection with the audience. Use various tools, from Q&A to polls, to find out what your fans like the most, what is controversial, and what should be changed completely. Understand what your listeners think about the format you choose. Maybe they want you to invite special guests or make you change the approach you use to record and share podcasts.

  • Implement video format. Video podcasting makes the show more alive, especially of you invite special guests. With video, podcast creators have better communication with their audience because people know who they are listening to.

  • Track the progress. Get detailed info about each episode and the whole show. For example, you can see how the posting time affects the number of listens and what the time of the highest activity on the platform is. See how many listeners engage with podcast episodes in different time segments to find out what posting time is best.
  • Monetization. Spotify offers creators a chance to monetize their content and have a solid income. With build-in monetization tools, people can control their revenue, manage advertising, and see how their income grows. Moreover, the more Spotify Premium subscribers you have, the more income they bring.

You can use it to your advantage and apply additional features for those who have Spotify Premium. For example, they can have early access to new podcast episodes, or have access to side shows. It's up to you how to manage this option, but you can implement a podcast subscription feature to give your audience an advantage.

How to Promote Your Spotify Podcast?

The best way to get more listeners on your Spotify podcast is to launch a powerful promotion campaign. The podcast market grows rapidly and introduces new authors who could possibly be your competitors. That's why you have to do your best to draw the attention of your audience and set a course for constant growth. Regardless of your topic, there are hundreds of Spotify users who will enjoy your show. Still, they won't go to Spotify search to find it, so you have to show it to them.

Every promotion campaign must include social media promotion. Platforms with different options and sharing capabilities are your main sharing instruments. On Instagram, you can share a promo of your podcast with core theses. When people hear what exactly will be discussed in a podcast, they will make a decision whether they are interested in your podcast content or not. Also, you can share a link to your podcast on related web pages. If you create podcasts for education, select specialized platforms and introduce yourself to the world.

Remember about paid promotion. It's hard to imagine a good promotion campaign without paid advertising, so you have to add this point to your promotion campaign. It may cost more than expected, but it allows podcasters to share their shows with more potential listeners. Podcast episodes gain more views and shares, getting higher in rank, so you should expect even better engagement in the near future. The only problem in this case is to find a trustworthy promotion service and get organic engagement. 

Artist Push offers organic Spotify promotion, attracting many listeners from all parts of the world. Experienced specialists will share your content via all available methods to make your Spotify podcast even more popular.

With several available packages, you can select the best option based on your budget and listeners count. In the future, when your audience grows, you can extend your promotion capabilities and share your podcast across all the available platforms.

Improve Your Podcast Experience With Spotify

Spotify reminds us that the golden age of podcasts is not over. Creators who are not satisfied with other available platforms and come to Spotify know that this service has unlimited potential and allows everyone to showcase themselves. Platforms such as Apple podcasts or SoundCloud are good options, too. Still, they won't give you so much freedom in sharing, promoting, and improving your podcasts. 


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  • Resa Dadash

    True crime podcasts are my guilty pleasure, and it’s good to know they’re still trending. Spotify’s library is vast, and it’s easy to find new shows to binge on.

    True crime podcasts are my guilty pleasure, and it’s good to know they’re still trending. Spotify’s library is vast, and it’s easy to find new shows to binge on.

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