Reset Your TikTok Algorithm for a Better Experience

Reset Your TikTok Algorithm for a Better Experience

Some social media have an option to reset the feed and tailor your recommendations. This allows you to get rid of the content that already become uninteresting but still appears in your feed. TikTok is a giant platform where users publish millions of videos every day. These are short stories, tips and guides, dancing videos, challenges, etc. Depending on their preferences, people choose exactly what they want to see on the For You page. After a short time, the TikTok algorithm adapts to their preferences and offers recommendations.

However, when the preferences change, refreshing the algorithm to see something new in your feed is complicated. To ensure you get rid of your old recommendations, you need to reset the TikTok algorithm, and you can do it by combining several simple methods. So, let’s keep going and find out how each method works and how it can help you refresh the content you see in your feed. We will provide a proper explanation of the TikTok algorithm and discover how to change it to get new recommendations and increase engagement.

What Should We Know About TikTok Algorithm?

The first thing we should do before moving on to the main part is explain the TikTok algorithm. There is no way for users to actually reset it. However, you can tweak it to make the platform show you the content you want to see. TikTok is a complex system that analyzes patterns of your behavior and recommends the video you may want to watch.

The platform tracks your activity and analyzes the content you interact with when you sign in. TikTok uses multiple factors to prepare a proper analysis and find recommendations. This includes:

  • The video engagement (like, share, and comment).
  • Watching the video until the end
  • Marking the content as your favorite
  • Following content creators
  • Marking videos as “not interested”
  • Your location
  • The content you post on your profile

In addition to these factors, the platform considers the music in the video and even the popularity of the creator (followers and views count). If you watch specific content multiple times, it will also be taken into account. In the video below, an author provides a detailed explanation of how the TikTok algorithm works and how to manipulate it to your advantage.

Resetting the TikTok Algorithm With the Most Effective Methods

There are several methods you can use to let fresh content fill in your feed. Below, we will provide a detailed explanation for each method and explain why they are so effective. To reset the algorithm, do the following:

  • Clear cache in the program.
  • Remove likes from the content.
  • Unfollow accounts you are not interested in.
  • Refresh the For You page

Clear Cache

When you use the application to watch videos, engage with them, or publish content, the system stores the information about your actions in the cache. However, if you clear the cache, TikTok won’t show you videos based on your old preferences. 

To clear the cache on TikTok, open the app and enter your profile.

clear the cache on TikTok

After that, click on the menu icon and select the Settings and Privacy option. When you are there, scroll until you find the section Cache&Celluar. After that, click on the “Free up space” option. Clear the cache and confirm the action. Still, doing only this won’t be enough because people want to make their TikTok videos viral, and they will keep promoting them. So, you have to go further and perform another action.

Dislike the Videos

The platform considers your reactions to videos as a TikTok user engagement when setting recommendations for you. So now, when you change preferences and want new content on the For You page, you can take your likes back. Let’s find out how to do it.

Open the TikTok app under the For You section, click on the video, and hold. After a few moments, you will see a list of options. Select the Not Interested option. This is a solid step to refresh the TikTok feed.

dislike tiktok videos

Another way to remove likes is to do it manually. In your TikTok profile, find the “Liked” section with all the videos you’ve engaged with. Simply remove likes from each video manually or use pre-recorded commands.

This action will inform the platform that you are not interested in watching the video or receiving content from a specific author. If the content still appears in your feed, repeat this move several times so the system will see how you change your TikTok content preferences. TikTok may not change the pattern immediately, so it will take some time for the system to adapt and change recommendations. When the system is refreshed, you can try new TikTok engagement tactics and see how they work. Still, if it’s not enough and you are unsatisfied with your suggestions, try the following method. Read our article as well: "How to Get 1K Followers on TikTok in 5 Minutes".

Cancel Following for Accounts You Don’t Like

The accounts you follow also impact the TikTok algorithm when creating recommendations for users. However, when the interests change, you can still follow the same accounts, which prevents pattern change, so the platform gives you the same recommendations. So, to refresh everything completely, you have to unfollow the accounts that don’t matter to you anymore.

Enter your TikTok profile and go to the “Following” section. Enter the list of accounts you follow and simply unfollow them. After some time, the algorithm will change your recommendations, considering changes in your following. 

Create a Unique For You Page

It takes some time to see the changes on the For You Page (FYP), as you will randomly see videos you are not interested in. So, you should make some additional moves to transform the page even more and personalize the TikTok experience. 

Start liking the content you want to watch. In the search bar, type the niche you like, watch the content that belongs to the topic, and like those you enjoyed the most. Don’t stop at one niche; do it several times so the algorithm will recognize the categories you select for yourself. This will be an additional signal for the TikTok algorithm to change the pattern.

What about creators? How can they impact the algorithm to make their content more visible, improve their presence, and surpass competitors? Engagement is the key; all the effort should be directed at getting likes, comments, and follows. The starting points may be tough, but you can boost your profile with a paid TikTok promotion. Select the package that meets your goals and gets a solid engagement boost. By implementing such methods, you will stop losing TikTok followers and will grow as a creator.

Understand the TikTok Algorithm and Use It to Your Advantage

Outplaying TikTok algorithms with the described methods won’t give you an instant result. You need to combine methods and repeat actions periodically to refresh TikTok viewing habits and see new content in your feed. Focus on mixing techniques and switching between them. Spotting the first changes takes a few days, so don’t rush. Analyze your activity and engage with the content you enjoy. It is the best way to reset the TikTok algorithm and get a better feed.


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  • Dryson Music

    The explanation of the TikTok algorithm was eye-opening. I didn’t realize how many factors go into what shows up on my For You page. The manual approach to disliking videos seems tedious, but I’m willing to give it a shot to get a better feed. Thanks.

    The explanation of the TikTok algorithm was eye-opening. I didn’t realize how many factors go into what shows up on my For You page. The manual approach to disliking videos seems tedious, but I’m willing to give it a shot to get a better feed. Thanks.

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