Event Marketing: How To Increase Attendance And Make Money

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Event Marketing: How To Increase Attendance And Make Money

Are you ready to take the next step in your music career and perform events for a large audience but you’re not sure how to initiate the promotion pitch to the new event?

We are ready to share knowledge about music event promotion and to make an overview of some useful marketing tips that can be applied by creators of events of any kind and size. But you have to be aware that different kinds of shows require different kinds of promotion. As the events get bigger, so the promotion job does go the same. It's better to start from smaller gigs and increase the scope gradually.

We are making emphasize on digital promotion tips because everything you can do off-line is deal with place curators for an advertisement, put some posters and make a rumor around your gig among auditory that you already know.

1. Gather materials for your gig

Band bios and photos, video materials, maybe some teasers, printed and digital posters and press release for the show. Build a promo package and send to local papers and radio stations that advertise local events. Include where/when information and ticket price.

2. Use Facebook event promotion

Since Facebook is used by over 1.7 billion people it is an ideal place to promote an event.

  • Optimize Facebook events page. Choose an eye-catching cover photo, pick a short and memorable event name, add data to help Facebook share your event, optimize your event notifications.
  • Use a company page to promote the event.
  • Cross-promote the event with Facebook partners to generate buzz and increase registrations.
  • Use a paid Facebook advertisement.
  • Use specialized Facebook Promotion for musicians.  

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3. Learn new tips for email marketing

According to the Event Marketing 2018 report, email marketing is significantly effective and efficient marketing channel for promoting events. Make sure you are using it correctly.

First of all, use email marketing software with a simple and crisp email design. Make sure your core message is clear, short, personalized and catch the subject line with promoting the gig.

4. Use the powerful tool for event promotion: Resident Advisor

Submit your event to the Resident Advisor - one of the most advanced online electronic music community.

It is a great opportunity to affirm your event and pitch it to thousands of global followers. Along with selling tickets, you can make content visible to labels, producers and other music world influencers.

You can get the first pitch with brand new service: Resident Advisor Promotion.

5. Local websites ready to assist with catching an immediate audience

Submit the event on local guide websites. This is an easy but essential one and a step that often gets ignored. 

Add the gig information on your website and on JamBase, Bandsintown, ArtistData, your Sonicbids EPK calendar, etc. Put the accurate show time and a link to tickets, if available in advance. Don't forget about Billetto - the popular service for buying tickets in European countries.

The promotion work goes effectively when you are enjoying it. Have fun!


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