Reaching 10 Million Views on YouTube Shorts
Reaching 10 Million Views on YouTube Shorts

Reaching 10 Million Views on YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts a short-format videos that can’t be longer than 60 seconds and are mostly vertical. The main idea behind creating such a format is to make an answer to TikTok, which also focuses on short vertical videos. YouTube Shorts made a breakthrough on the whole platform since their release. It was a new and unique type of content. Both beginners and experienced creators were able to realize their ideas through this format by generating niche-related content. Short and impressive, such videos quickly became popular and drew people’s attention from the first seconds. 

Still, more and more people start their content creation activity as they get inspired by other individuals. Everyone is approaching two goals - achieve maximum engagement and get as many views as possible. In our article, we will focus on the goal of reaching 10 million views on YouTube. Achieving this milestone will not only give you a solid status but also give access to the YouTube Partner Program. So, let’s dig in and discover the essentials of content creation.

Do the Trend Research

Trendable content is a key to virality on YouTube. You need to find the topic that delivers the most views and makes people engage with the content. Watching dozens of shorts won’t be enough, as you need to go further and make an in-detail research. Check Reddit posts, check the content the same creators generate on TikTok or Instagram. Don’t hesitate to use Google Trends because this tool also helps to identify trending topics.

When you finish your research, write down 20 viral topics you can create your content around. It’s essential because the next step to reach 10 million views on YouTube shorts is to generate ideas for your content. Rewatch the last 10-15 videos and pull inspiration from them. Remix the ideas used by authors and add something unusual that will be your trademark. 

Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

It’s essential to have high-quality audio and video as these are two main elements of your content on YouTube. Once you record videos, get yourself a good camera with a sensitive microphone. Prepare for the recording: ensure the lightning level is good, and you look outstanding in the frame of your camera.

YouTube shorts guide for beginners

YouTube shorts guide for beginners 

Despite its short duration, shorts need a proper structure. Start with hooking viewers' attention. Tell an unbelievable fact about the main topic of the video so that people will stay and watch. Keep the narrative engaging and ensure you stick to the plot. Deliver your message precisely so the viewers will understand the main idea of your video. Make your content matter and ensure it positively impacts the audience. If your videos quickly gain views and likes, it means your plan works.

Create a Proper YouTube Video Title and Description

Once you create high-value content, you need a proper presentation for it. Put a trigger into your title so it will force people to click on your video and watch it. The description is also important as it allows you to add more information about the video, reveal some details, give another hook, etc. Also, the description is a space for hashtags because they’re also an important search tool.

Also, think about adding captions and emojis to the video. It can be a part of the preview and appear in the text during its length. A funny emoji or a triggering caption catches attention almost immediately and allows you to get more views from interested people. 

adding captions and emojis to the video

Now, more about hashtags. Don’t rush and add every single tag that somehow relates to the topic. Choose wisely and select tags that are:

  • The most trending
  • The most engaging

Get more information about hashtags by watching the video below. You will not only learn how to use hashtags to your advantage but also discover the most common mistakes that lead to engagement drops.

Come Up With an Optimal YT Video Length

YouTube Shorts are meant to be short. It’s obvious, but sometimes people forget about it, and their content becomes unattractive to viewers. You can avoid such a mistake and optimize your content to make it engaging and entertaining. Shorts typically are in range from 15 to 60 seconds. The goal is to deliver your message and keep the audience interested, so consider including only the most valuable information in your content. Analyze what other creators do and how they optimize the content. 
Come Up With an Optimal YT Video Length

In the example we present here, an author selects a popular “People vs Cartoons” topic, showing how different real-life situations are shown in cartoons. This video has more than 17 million views and nearly 7 million likes.

Surprise Viewers With an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

First impression means a lot because it’s the first things people see when interacting with the content. The thumbnail should be relevant to your content and draw attention from the first look. The more impressive it is, the more people will click on the video to watch it. Remember: you don’t need to use fragments from your videos as thumbnails. Find some eye-catching images and customize them to impress people even more. Highlight key elements and add a message or a call-to-action so people won’t ignore it in their feed.

Below is a short guide about how to add thumbnails to Youtube Shorts. The author describes two methods and gives editing tips for beginners.


Post YouTube Shorts Consistently

Once you achieve an appropriate quality, it’s time for the high quantity. Being consistent is essential for social media activity, especially if you set a goal to reach 10 million views on YouTube. When subscribers see new posts regularly, they know when to expect the next episode. By being consistent, you also build credibility and show why the users should stay with you.

Post YouTube Shorts Consistently

Let’s analyze the approach of Daniel LaBelle, whose videos keep getting millions of views. He posts content on YouTube shorts consistently, getting millions of views on each post. Of course, the follower count makes the difference, as he has 28,6 million of followers. Also, he uses short and accurate descriptions. He doesn’t need hashtags because his content is already viral and keeps getting views even after a long time. Still, if you are only beginning your path as a content creator, you can give yourself a starting push by using YouTube shorts promotion. You get organic views from real people, which immediately gives your content a higher rank.

Create a schedule and upload new videos according to it. It doesn’t mean you should do it daily: analyze your follower’s activity and decide what will be the best time to upload new shorts. Your channel analytics will give you more details, so consider making an analysis monthly.

Use Promotion

Never underestimate the power of social media promotion. Sharing links to your videos is a must. Each platform has a different audience, and it’s a great chance to present your content. Cross-platform promotion allows you to reach higher engagement and make more people watch your content. Moreover, by sharing videos that way you also promote your channel, which leads to a bigger follower count.

Create engaging posts for effective cross-platform sharing. You will point out the value of your content and describe why it’s worth watching. Write a fictional story to hook attention and make a transition to your video. If you think it’s not enough, try the YouTube promotion package and boost views. 

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to disagree that short-form content is taking over on all platforms, including YouTube. Most content creators refresh their strategies and create shorts to get higher engagement. However, this type of content needs a special approach at all stages, including creation, posting, and promotion. Beginners should follow the basic recommendations carefully to achieve an appropriate quality and blow up the whole platform.


Is it possible to reach 10 million views on YouTube shorts fast?

It will take some time to achieve this milestone because it won’t be fast. Consider creating a plan and sticking to it so you will generate high-quality content and post it consistently.

How often should I post YouTube shorts?

Posting such videos 2-3 times a day will be enough to keep the audience interested and increase the views count.

How to increase the views count for YouTube shorts?

Use trending music, edit your video, create impressive transitions, and ensure the sound quality is on a high level. Also, add topic-related hashtags to the description so it will be easier to find your video.

How much money can I earn from 10 million views?

The income depends on two factors: cost per mile (CPM) and revenue per mile (RPM). CPM also shows how much you get per 1000 views. The amount you’ll earn with YouTube shorts depends on these two factors and the overall number of views!

Is it difficult to reach 10 million views on YouTube shorts?

Achieving this milestone won’t be easy, but it’s definitely possible. You need an idea of what your content will be about and an understanding of how to present it. Take time to record and edit the video, add proper descriptions, and add new content consistently.

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