Electronic Dance Music And Drugs - What's The Connection?

Electronic Dance Music And Drugs - What's The Connection?

If you go to clubs or have a keen interest in dance parties then you are sure to know what electronic dance music is. If you would rather stay indoors, you might be completely unaware of the rich history and understanding of ED, short for Electronic Dance Music.

What Exactly Is Electronic Dance Music? 

If explained in layman language, EDM is a genre of upbeat music that is generally listened to when at parties and other crowded gatherings. This music is generally used by DJs to lighten up the crowd and make them move their bodies to upbeat music. Over the years, Electronic Dance Music has not only evolved but has also been divided into different genres. These subgenres are gaining popularity like the wildfire engulfs forests.

For instance, you can find heavy traces of Disco in the early to late 70s. Moving on towards the 80s, you are more likely to find a swift transition to Electro music. Coming to the 90's you will find a brief glimpse of the Electronic Dance Music that you can find today. The same music genre has progressed into the 2000s and so on.

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While the EDM genre was evolving, the drug industry followed suit. There is a lot of history between the two that most people either do not know or simply ignore.

Why Take Drugs At All? 

You must be wondering, what is the link between drugs, the answer is quite expansive. Let us get right on it.

No secret that a lot of people from the showbiz industry is users of different drugs. The reason why these people consume drugs is not as simple as we might believe. Here are some reasons that might help you understand the excessive drug abuse in the showbiz industry.

Escape Plan 

Lives of musicians and other artists are too glamorized for the public to actually see what happens when the curtains are pulled. Having your life as a public display can take quite a toll on your mental health. There is a lot of anxiety involved that pushes these artists over the edge. Instead of seeking medical assistance, many of these artists turn to drugs so that they can have a temporary escape from their lives. They claim that drugs help them take their mind off of things and they get the will to keep on going with their careers.

Peer Pressure 

It is a ruthless world that forces you to conform to the norms. These norms are not always positive or for the great good of society. The norms of the show world can be very damaging as they might involve substance abuse. Newbie artists who have just joined the show world often try everything at their disposal for their fellow artists to accept them as one of their own and this often leads to exposure to drugs. To look at the part, these artists start consuming drugs that they didn't before.

Spark Creativity 

This is probably the most interesting reason artists, especially musicians have given for their substance abuse. According to them, using drugs helps them give rise to their creativity. They argue that the drugs help them isolate all other thoughts, increase their attention levels and improve brain function leading to more creative music. Taking this notion forward, let's try to understand the connection between Electronic Dance Music.

Why Electronic Music Is Often Linked With Drugs

Many artists have ousted themselves by mentioning drugs in their songs. According to them mentioning drugs causally in your songs is no big deal. Most music genres have been influenced by drugs and there is no covering up of the fact that they all refer to drugs in their music, one way or the other. Electronic Dance Music is one of such genres that has wholeheartedly accepted drugs as a part of its culture. 

The parties where Electronic Dance Music is played are found to be the hub of drugs. Users argue that the influence of drugs helps them enjoy the music on a different level entirely. This is why EDM has managed to get a reputation as the drug music. There are some researchers that do prove the fact that drugs help increase the euphoria that comes from listening to high beat music.

Cannabis that contained cannabidols is found to be the most effective in illuminating adverse drug effects when listening to electronic music. It is no secret that music evokes a plethora of feelings in the person listening to it. Since music is already affecting emotion, using drugs only heightens those emotions and gives you a mind-numbing experience that relates to relaxation.

EDM: influence of drugs is anything but relaxing

EDM listeners or party gofers do not take relaxing drugs but something like Amphetamine that helps them match the place of the music. After taking this drug, partygoers can dance much like they want to.

The drug and repetitive high beat music are synchronized, giving the user a euphoric experience. Many users have also been able to relate the aesthetic of the clubs to the feelings they had when they were attending a party while being under the influence. In addition to getting high, there are many other benefits that drug users reap from going to EDM parties and then consuming drugs. These benefits include social inclusion. We have all seen how peer pressure leads to drug use, in the same way to establish and sustain social bonds, EDM enthusiasts share a passion for drugs and bond over the two.

When a group of like-minded people start bonding over shared interests it does not take time for a practice to turn into culture. Since rave parties are a casual and a regular occurrence, drugs have become a part of the culture. There are several music festivals taking place each year that are promoting the use of drugs by chanting songs that refer to these drugs and also consume said drugs in a mass audience.

EDM Parties 

The music genre is being propagated as all the negative associations are catching the wind. People or exclusively drug dealers and leaders have taken this as an opportunity to target the masses and bring them the drugs they think they need and is part of the culture. The depth of this situation is grave as more and more audience is being lured into this ring. 

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 Drug addiction is a growing problem and since music has not only a gravitational pull but also a spiritual pull, it is going to be very difficult for future generations to deal with the adverse effects that will come with the EDM culture today.

Music and drugs have forever been friends, but it is time when their friendship was challenged and future generations saved from plummeting down a scary and endless path. There needs to be a nationwide conversation that addresses the influence of EDM and rave parties on the generations to come. If the production of such music cannot be controlled, the authorities must keep a check and balance on the influx of drugs. This way we might be able to ensure a better tomorrow.


  • caraa

    i ve been an avid listener of edm/techno/trance for almost 2 decades now…mixing certain drugs with particular electronica playlists i ve created can be incredibly therapeutic and cognitively stimulating..being a deep thinker/feeler and having gone through several significant traumatic experiences earlier in life i will use the drug/electronica combo to fearlessly tackle any existing mh/emotions/experiences i have yet to address…in one night i can stay up, pull up a special playlist, do that drug and the beat and bass combined with the euphoria allows all the issues i m dealing with to freely flow out of my mind…it s as if every individual thought/emotion becomes synchronized to a track..and as long as i keep my fear of feeling at bay (drugs), i allow each individual thought to be identified, analyzed, and dismissed in 8:30 minutes..each track generates a new thought/emotion to process…and this goes on for hours…the therapeutic value of the edm/drug combo cannot be overstated..

  • Vincenttt_

    Well, this is a hard topic, because we can not deny that the drugs are included in this industry and popularized but, as for me, there is no need for them. This type of music is so catchy and moving, that I can spend the whole night dancing and listen to EDM that I do not need any alcohol or drugs or any other thing. It’s just music and me. We do not need it. This is more about health. I would love to see the parties without drugs, we already have amazing drug-like EDM music, we do not need more, for sure!

  • RobeltZeg

    It’s hard to explain, but when I listen to EDM, I really feel like my body starts moving without my permission, lol. My heartbeat goes faster and I always want to dance. I love going to parties! The article explains it better than me.

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