Top 10 Bold and Daring Spotify Hip-Hop Playlists
Top 10 Bold and Daring Spotify Hip-Hop Playlists

Top 10 Bold and Daring Spotify Hip-Hop Playlists

A young artist's career can be skyrocketed by putting one of his loudest tracks on the platform's popular Spotify playlists. One of the largest streaming services has created an ecosystem of playlists that helps many artists to get into Spotify promotion and build their future careers. In terms of music selections, Spotify is well ahead of its big streaming competitors like Apple Music. And, of course, hip-hop will take over this field like no other musical genre.

Hip-hop has become one of the key genres in the music industry over the past few years. However, its culture continues to spread in its pure original form and to be introduced into other genres of music.

Climbing Spotify charts and Discover Weekly

Also, many young artists are now starting out in hip-hop. Thanks to a large audience of fans of the genre, this is one of the most profitable destinations, including for streaming, one of which is Spotify. That's why Spotify has collected a lot of playlists with hip-hop tracks for every taste: from classic old-school hip-hop to selections of specific artists of this genre. 

So we made a list of the Top-10 best and most popular hip-hop playlists on Spotify to discover easily the most popular rap tracks for streaming. This list includes playlists with tracks from the most popular representatives of hip-hop, as well as more niche and younger rappers.

 1. Rap Caviar 

Number of tracks: 50

RapCaviar is Spotify's top hip-hop playlist and the second most popular playlist of all music genres. Rap Caviar shows an up-to-date picture of the modern hip-hop industry.

It launched in 2015 and has gained the status of the most expert hip-hop music playlist over the past seven years. As of this time, Rap Caviar has over 14.6 million active listeners. Interesting fact: many previously unknown rap artists, such as the trio Migos or Lil Uzi Vert, began their music career with a placement in RapCaviar. Therefore, RapCaviar has established itself as an excellent platform for promoting quality hip-hop music, especially for young rappers promoted through the streaming platform. 

Rap Caviar is a selection of only hip-hop music, sometimes with a little trap. It doesn’t blur the boundaries of the genre and allows fans to find exactly what they are looking for in hip-hop music: robust and fast flows and quality beats. In addition, this playlist introduces you to new music.

The biggest artists, the hottest and rocking beats, and the most subscribers of any hip-hop playlist on Spotify - it's all about Rap Caviar. Only selected music is collected here. 

2. I Love My '90s Hip-Hop

Number of tracks: 100

I Love My '90s Hip-Hop is a quality compilation of 100 old-school tracks from the golden era of hip-hop music. Indeed, despite the fact that other elements of culture in the 1980s and 1990s faded into the background, rap in these years developed like never before and reached its peak. The achievement lies not in the number of sales or appearances of hip hop in popular culture but in the many great MCs, thousands of brilliant tracks, and a dozen styles that emerged during this period in rap music.

I Love My '90s Hip-Hop is made for those who miss the old quality street vibes and beats from the 1990s. There’s no place for artists like A$AP Rocky or Lil Uzi Vert. Only mastodons and well-known founders of this genre, including 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Dr. Dre, Nas, Coolio, Cypress Hill, Eminem and many more.

3. Get Turnt 

Number of tracks: 100

Tracks from Get Turnt fully match its title. They’re designed for parties, training and the most cheerful mood. This Spotify playlist has over 6 million Spotify monthly listeners among its fans, which makes it the third most popular hip-hop playlist on the platform.

The entire playlist is focused on modern hip-hop music. Here’re collected true fans of «party» rap: DJ Khaled, DaBaby, Tyga or Jack Harlow, as well as the brightest and most danceable tracks of female representatives of hip-hop: Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion.

4. This Is Drake

Number of tracks: 107

In more than 10 years of his career, Drake has become not only a successful rap artist, but also one of the main pillars of hip-hop. He is one of those who has revolutionized traditional hip-hop music with his softer and more like R&B sound. Drake and his releases have been at the top of the best music charts for several years now. So it's no surprise that his playlist is one of the best on Spotify. 

This is Drake has 107 songs and over 3.5 million active users. You can listen to classic hits such as Jumpman or Passionfruit, as well as new music from artists and different features. This playlist is constantly updated.

We can undeniably say that this selection was created for true Drake fans who are delighted with his old, and new music and collaborations with other artists. Here you can find literally everything you want.

5. Gold School

Number of tracks: 50 

Gold School is a vintage Spotify playlist of 50 hip-hop classics. Here is collected old-school music of The Notorious B.I.G. and Snoop Dogg, as well as more recent hip-hop icons Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and 50 Cent.

This playlist is for those who want to listen to some old hip hop from the 1990s and 2000s and get into the «I miss the old Kanye» mood a bit (I think you know what we mean).

 6. This Is Eminem

Number of tracks: 64

 64 tracks from the «fastest rapper» in the industry -— Eminem. The total continuance of the playlist is almost five hours.

Here collected the main tracks in the career of a rapper, for example, his breakthrough track Rap God, and recent releases like the 2020 album Music to Be Murdered By. The playlist also contains many Marshall (Eminem's real name) features, from legendary collaborations with Dr. Dre and Rihanna to work with young artists like Young M.A and Polo G.

Over 2.8 million existing fans from Spotify monthly listeners are already listening to their favorite Eminem music.

 7. Most Necessary

Number of tracks: 100

Spotify team calls Most Necessary «the voice of a new generation» in the music industry. And indeed, it is. It fully reflects the future of hip-hop, highlighting rising rap-stars. 

Here’re all the best representatives of new school hip-hop music: from DaBaby and Lil Tecca to the lesser-known Fredo Bang and Big Scarr. Among 100 bangers, you can find the perfect track for a home party, an evening drive, or just to get acquainted with the work of young rappers.

Most Necessary perfectly paints a picture of what new school hip-hop sounds like right now. In addition, it can serve as a good starting platform for aspiring rappers.

If you see a name on this list, there’s a big chance they will soon come out of the underground and dominate the hip-hop scene.

8. This Is Post Malone 

Number of tracks: 42

 From the start of his music career Post Malone established himself as an atypical rapper. Maybe that's one of the reasons he has such a huge fan base.

So Spotify's playlist curators dedicated a selection of 42 tracks from someone's favorite artist. Here’re individual works from Post Malone's discography, in which he acts as the main one, and many features with younger hip-hop musicians and artists from other genres. In general, there’s everything here that will allow you to enjoy the music of Post Malone. Or it will help to form your own opinion about him if you haven't been interested in his work before. 

With over 2.3 million real users, this playlist is number 8 on Spotify charts of hip-hop music.

 9. Feelin' Myself 

Number of tracks: 50

Feelin’ Myself it’s the 50 songs to get listeners in the right mood. The playlist mainly consists of female hip hop representative tracks such as Princess Nokia, Nicki Minaj, or Meghan Thee Stallion. This is an excellent opportunity to listen to tracks, created for your mood and learn about female rappers in the industry.

50 tracks with a total length of just over two hours will allow listeners to fine-tune themself to the right vibe. 

 10. Hot Rhythmic

Number of tracks: 90 

Hip-hop is not only underground, old school, and doesn’t always consist only of fast flows and a characteristic beat. Instead, Hip-hop can be rhythmic and this playlist epitomizes that perfectly.

The Spotify team has compiled 90 tracks here that show how hip-hop can merge with other music genres without globally changing its style. Ardent fans of fast rapping and familiar bits — don’t be discouraged. Here «more musical» rap is combined with tracks representing the classical genre. 

In Hot Rhythmic dance songs by Drake and more melancholic Russ stand alongside Armani White's tik-tok banger BILLIE EILISH and the already classic Kid Cudi, Pusha T, Quavo or Takeoff tracks. And here is a place for Afro-hip-hop with its traditional sound.

Hot Rhythmic can be called a paradise for music lovers who don’t want to get hung up on one type of sound and prefer to keep one playlist tracks with different styles. This selection already has more than 2 million Spotify followers.

What is Spotify music promotion, and why do artists need a Spotify playlists placement

Music promotion is becoming a powerful way to develop music. Spotify provides musicians with the potential to enhance their careers by attracting millions of listeners. It's no secret that being featured on Spotify playlists is a great opportunity for an independent artist to promote their works in the music industry and make them heard by as many people as possible. With the help of such a tool of promotion, they can look for new audiences and form their own fan base. Playlists placement is a great way to boost your Spotify promo. This is one of the best Spotify promotion services for any artist, and it also increases your chances of success for future releases

Reach millions of new fans by joining Spotify playlists

Promoting music through Spotify playlists can be a separate tool for your music marketing strategy and complement it. So, maybe such a type of organic promotion is going to be the most advantageous way of promotion for you?  

If you’re a hip-hop or Rap artist, this small guide can help to understand the subtle art of playlist placement and how artists can get it to promote music to new audiences.

How to get Spotify playlist promotion

 Artists can promote their music on Spotify using their artist profile on Spotify for Artists. To create an artist account on Spotify and delve into Spotify music promotion you need to do several steps:

  1. To get started, submit your music for distribution on Spotify.

  2. Next, request the creation and verification of your Spotify for Artists profile.

  3. Once your music is already on Spotify and your account is launched, you will be able to use various features to promote your music, including placing tracks on shared playlists.

After creating an account, the musicians have a new task — playlist pitching with curators, who can get your music featured on Spotify playlist placement. A curator is the one who includes your music in the right playlist and hence people start to stream it along with their favorite music.

An important point: if you want to propose your music to one of the independent music curators, a track must be uploaded to streaming in advance so that the playlist editors can listen to it. You also need to supplement it with a detailed description — the more information Spotify playlist curators get, the more chances that the track will get into the playlist. Notably, playlist curators may select a different song from the releases you upload to Spotify.

In addition, musicians can only offer authored tracks for playlists — releases in which you are a guest artist cannot be submitted on behalf of your profile.

If the track gets into the playlist, you will be notified by email. The Spotify team doesn’t guarantee that the track you suggest will definitely end up in the Playlists tab.

Who can help me with the Spotify promotion service

Promoting music on Spotify can be pretty complicated for independent artists who are not affiliated with any record label. Despite this, it's an excellent way for new artists to advance their careers; this is why artists who want to promote their music through Spotify should refer to trusted specialists who have experience in real Spotify promotion.

Getting help with music promotion services from Spotify promotion companies can help you on your way. 

Our Artist Push service helps to get Spotify playlist promotion in a much easier way. We not only offer ready-made packages of services but also guide you on the estimated delivery time, as well as report on the potential increase of audience and monetization of your music. Remember that specialists in music promotion can carefully plan each Spotify campaign to deliver possible results. 

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