Phenomenon of Ukrainian electronic music: TOP-5 artists

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Phenomenon of Ukrainian electronic music: TOP-5 artists

More and more often you may notice Ukrainian artists in the Top music charts of pop and indie music, as well as on the electronic scene. It is worth noting that the Ukrainian language itself is notable for its special beauty and soft pronunciations. The language is very pleasant, especially when it sounds in the form of a song. 

Ukrainian sound producers often used national instruments, for example, sopilka or dulcimer. These authentic sounds endow music with special charm and uniqueness. We traced an interesting tendency to popularize Ukrainian authenticity in electronic music and made for you a selection of the brightest artists in this format.


This is one of the most experimental Ukrainian bands. Their music can hardly be called a certain genre - it is a chaos of sounds and energy. This band has already earned a worldwide vocation. Their music was used in the Fargo series.

The "DahaBraha" band was created specifically for the theatrical project "Ukraine Mystic", which Vlad Troitsky started at "Dakh" in 2004, on the eve of the Orange Revolution. DahaBraha's collective was assigned a leading role in the transmission of the Ukrainian tone of universal events described by the English playwright.


Sider is a DJ, sound producer from Kyiv, one of the founders of the Deepflat Kyiv promo group. The formation is known for its unusual conceptual events such as Hidden - improvised raves in thrown and dilapidated locations and the Karpaty Mantra electronic music festival, which passed high in the mountains near the border with Romania.
Sider belongs to the underground electronic scene. He has found a sonorous sound - the so-called Ukrainian electronica. Through its creativity, electronic music sends messages to the community, to the young people that is almost lost, but a powerful Ukrainian ethnic culture will pass through the year in an updated, modern form. 


Alina is a rising star, very stylish and talented girl, whose popularity is growing every day. She is trying to attach hip-hop and folk genres, decorating her music with the Ukrainian street lingo.

“Bitanga” clip received the music award for the best Hip-Hop hit. Singer Alina Pash raised the country to her ears Transcarpathian rapper. Now the whole country is trying to understand the Transcarpathian dialect and its meaning.“Bitanga” is a strong hymn to free creativity and crossover fashion. 


Vakula is from a small town Konotop, in the north of Ukraine. You could hardly have heard of him, but Vakula's music carries the echoes of its native land in the form of sounds of wildlife and exotic folk instruments. His sets are a mix of pure techno, dub techno, deep house, jazz, funk, disco, psychedelic rock or whatever comes into his rich vision. 


Ptakh_Jung is a duet of electronic producer Anton Degtyarev (Ptah) and experimental guitarist Vladimir Babushkin (Jung). They themselves call their music “soundtracks for films that are not shot”. This is a project with an atypical for Ukraine sound, about which everyone will be talking soon. This is a unique duo and an incredible symbiosis that depicts imaginary cities and landscapes in the mindset of the listener.

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