Electronic Music Star


Promotion & marketing MONTHLY package for these genres: Techno, Tech House, Deep Techno, Minimal Techno, House, and Deep House.

The most necessary services for electronic music push! 

Large techno music Social + SoundCloud + Spotify monthly organic growth:

  1. Top 10 position in Premium Spotify Techno playlist with 10k likes (your track will get around 3k-5k streams)
  2. Spotify Pro Mix: 30k plays + 3k saves + 3k followers
  3. Discount 10% OFF for Beatport promotion (Top releases or Top tracks for easy genres)
  4. Organic SoundCloud Push 1 DAY 
  • 300-500 real plays
  • 10-60 real reposts
  • 10-80 likes
  • 1-10 relevant comments

New real followers: 1-2% the number of reposts

*Monthly gradual promotion or instant push (of your choice).

Forget about promotion for a whole month. Provide this work to professionals. Please, remember to send us links to your profiles.