Make money: TOP 5 of music services

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Make money: TOP 5 of music services

Digital music distribution is the link between finished record and potential listeners, it helps artists to grow visibility and get paid for their music.

We collected the most useful platforms for distribution and selling the music

1. Spotify 

The most popular commercial music streaming service. Every artist must have an account on Spotify. This is not only a way to make money from your music, but also this is a part of your status. The more listeners you have – the more money, everything is compensated by mass. Spotify pays an average of 0.00437 per stream, and it represents 69.57% of streaming market revenue share. Also, the best way to monetize your music is to get into the editorial playlists, it's not so easy, but real.

2. Bandcamp

American online music company, created in 2008. A service for artists and labels on which they can earn on music and listeners can easily find it. By May of 2018, artists had earned $296 million on Bandcamp. The New York Times called Bandcamp 'one of the greatest underground-culture bazaars of our time'. Artists receive 90% of the total amount paid by the buyer. This is the most honest platform for distributing music. The artist may not even sell the music, but leave it in the public domain - that is, absolutely free for listeners. 

3. ReverbNation 

American online platform, founded in 2006. The main mission is to help artists promote their musical career. ReverbNation provides artists, labels, venues, and events. Users can promote any project or event on their page. The more information it provides, the more the service pushes their content. It’s an effective tool to have your targeted audience right at your fingertips.

4. SoundClick

A very old music community, created in 1997. Artists can sell or license their music through SoundClick. The service takes copyright very seriously. This music-based social community gives you the opportunity to download tracks in mp3 format in unlimited quantities, sell (artists receive 85% of the total amount) or distribute your music for free. On your page, you can post important information about upcoming events, tours.

5. Fanburst 

An alternative to Soundcloud. Music service works on the principle: “Unlimited uploads for artists, unlimited streaming for fans.” Unlike the Soundcloud, Fanburst allows you to see analytics absolutely free. Artists can see how many people and in which part of the planet listen to their music.

Our music company Artist Push helps to create a personal promo campaign for artists considering all the wishes of the client and the final goals.

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