Get Free YouTube Video Views in 2024
Get Free YouTube Video Views in 2024

Get Free YouTube Video Views in 2024

Successful YouTube growth is not a matter of one moment or one targeted promotion campaign. It’s a long game that requires focus and dedication from the creator. You have to:

  • Understand your target audience.
  • Work on local and global YouTube SEO.
  • Select proper hashtags
  • Create playlists and YouTube shorts for higher engagement.
  • Use free and paid promotion

One of YouTube’s case studies shows how important it is to use a complex approach to succeed and increase the view count. Increasing the view count on YouTube is not rocket science because today, users discover various methods of rising engagement levels. Still, not everyone understands how to combine these methods to achieve the desired result. 

If you run a YouTube channel, you may be looking to get free YouTube views to boost your channel and push your videos through the recommendation system. Of course, there's always an option of setting clickbait previews, but if they don't match the content in the video, your subscribers won't trust you and go away. So, since you want to get more views on YouTube, increase your engagement, and become the best in your niche.

How do we count views on YouTube?

Some people think that YouTube views count immediately after clicking on the button. Well, it works a bit differently because the video should last for at least 30 seconds to make the view count. Some people start a video on YouTube and then update the page multiple times to get more views (like they thought it would). Unfortunately, they didn't get anything, and such a method didn't increase the view count. So, what should be done to make every YouTube video get lots of views?

Understand Your Target Audience

Audiences actually bring you views, so you have to satisfy your viewers to boost engagement. Analyze your audience to find out what they want, what they need, and what type of content they want to see. Pay attention to the feedback. Read comments to understand what possible disadvantages your content has. If you are only starting as a YouTuber, ask viewers to leave feedback. With proper reviews, you will understand what should be improved in your content to make more people watch it.

Also, use the YouTube studio dashboard to access your channel's analytics. You can see view stats, understand when your audience is the most active, and see the dynamic of views on your videos. Also, you can use third-party services like Sprout Social to analyze your YouTube profile.

Optimize YouTube SEO

You won't increase YouTube views if your content is difficult to find. A correct title for your YouTube video, as well as a properly composed description, is a key to better visibility. Users may not know the exact name of the video they are looking for, but they may know topic-related words and phrases. So, it's essential to make your video easy to find by including the most important keywords. Use tools like Moz Keyword Explorer or AdWords Keyword Planner for better analysis.

Analyze your competitors and understand how they build their titles for better visibility. Use the main word and build your title around it. Also, consider using emotional triggers. If you post a video that will BLOW YOUR MIND or give A PERFECT SOLUTION, the audience will immediately react to it.

Optimize YouTube SEO

Sometimes, it’s better to make it simple. Soccer-related channel AllAttack creates videos with simple titles. At the same time, key phrases are in the thumbnails. Viewers don’t have to focus on reading the description because they already know what the video is going to be about.

Now, about the description. It should be a brief introduction to the topic of the video where you outline key takeaways of the video. Remember to use hashtags, as it's the most underestimated searching mechanism on the platform. Creators who focus on working with YouTube shorts rely mostly on hashtags by using the most viral topic-related tags. It’s a common practice for channels that share movie clips. The original clip comes 

Group Videos Into Playlists

Group Videos Into Playlists

When creators record several episodes of a show, people may want to find it and watch the latest videos ASAP. When these episodes are mixed with other shows, it's complicated to find the needed video. Still, if various shows are gathered into playlists, it's much easier to get to the needed episode. 

Official WWE channel creates playlists dedicated to PPVs, regular weekly shows, and special videos (for example, TOPs, interviews, reactions, etc.). The problem is that it takes a long time to find the needed video due to a high number of episodes.

If a new user finds your channel and starts watching videos from the playlist, you get more views because every next part is played automatically. People don't need to go back to the channel, use the search bar, or scroll through the page manually. 

next part is played automatically

Popular music channel "Trap Nation" shows various playlists representing techno music, trap songs, remixes, chill tracks, songs for workout, and other compilations. 

Keep Your Audience Interested

The main problem of getting free views is a low level of interest. People who don't find the content interesting can just skip the video and look for something more exciting. The main problem here is not getting 30 seconds to consider a view but sending a negative signal to the algorithm. The platform recognizes low levels of interest and removes your content from recommendations. How to fix it? Here's what you can do:

  • Add time codes. This move not only helps people find the most exciting parts but also shows what content will be presented in the video.

  • Create catchy thumbnails. People mostly react to previews and catchy thumbnails as they see what the video will be about. If you give them a reason to watch the episode (for example, revealing something you have been hiding for a long time), they will proceed and watch until the end.

  • Use trending music in the background. When it's combined with visuals and has nicely done transitions, your viewers will definitely be interested in such content.
Use trending music in the background

A good example of attention-grabbing video previews comes from Relaxing End. The author films the unboxing of devices and showcases them in all aspects. The description represents the video content, while the preview shows what the device looks like. 

Create Short Videos to Present the Same Content to Get More Views

Create Short Videos

Since YouTube shorts were presented, some individuals gave this type of content a higher priority than default videos. Still, it's not a reason to drop the engagement level. You can use this trend to your advantage and create YouTube shorts with core moments from the video.

Shorts section from the channel All Action where you can find scenes from popular action movies (for example, Fast and Furious Saga, Blood Drive, Pacific Rim, etc.) Despite the fact that the traffic mostly comes from regular videos, shorts can get up to 1 million views.

If people don't want to watch a full-length video but still want to know key takeaways, use proper hashtags and create catchy previews. You have 60 seconds, which is more than enough. You will show people key moments from original videos and boost your YouTube short views at the same time. Moreover, YouTube shorts can be monetized, so you can increase your overall income from YouTube.

Notify Users About Liking and Subscribing Your Channel

If people who are not subscribed to your channel come to watch a single episode, it won't have a solid impact. You have to encourage them to stay, but not by just saying "Like and subscribe" words. Tell them what they can find on your channels, what topics you cover, and why people should enjoy your content, not someone else's. Also, ask users to turn on the notifications. When the new video will appear on the channel, they will be the first to watch it.

Combine Various Promotion Methods

Online and offline promotion makes a solid impact on your content's visibility. You won't increase the number of views unless you don't promote your videos. In this video, the author reveals simple and effective methods of free promotion that allow you to get better engagement. For example, direct Twitter promotion with a link to your video will bring you more views.

The most effective promotion method is to use social media for content sharing. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are considered the best platforms for free video sharing. You can share the fragments of your episodes on Instagram Reels or in TikTok. Select an appropriate posting time to share promoting content and achieve maximum engagement. Remember that each platform has a different posting schedule due to people’s activity during the week. Analyze the activity of your audience and choose posting time wisely. 

Remember about paid promotion, as this is also a great way to push your videos to the top. When you share your video and use paid promotion to boost it, you not only get more views but also increase your YouTube subscribers. If you are looking for high-quality YouTube promotion, consider getting a combined package. It includes likes, views, and followers. It's important that you receive organic engagement because your videos are presented to real people. The delivery of the services depends on the type of service. Anyway, you will have a serious advantage when purchasing this kind of service.

There are numerous methods of getting YouTube views for free. You just need to understand how to combine them all, and your channel's stats will grow significantly.


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  • Anna Ramirez

    This article is super helpful! I’ve been struggling to get more views on my YouTube channel, and I didn’t realize how much goes into optimizing SEO and understanding my audience. The tips on creating playlists and using YouTube shorts are gold!

    This article is super helpful! I’ve been struggling to get more views on my YouTube channel, and I didn’t realize how much goes into optimizing SEO and understanding my audience. The tips on creating playlists and using YouTube shorts are gold!

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