TOP-20 the Best Night Clubs In The World

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TOP-20 the Best Night Clubs In The World

We've put together a guide to the best underground music night clubs in the world. We offer to your attention the most unique places to party in Europe, Asia and the US.

 1. Bassiani, Tbilisi

The biggest techno club in Tbilisi Bassiani. It's located in the basement of Dinamo Arena, Georgia’s national football stadium. 

Address: Tsereteli Street 2, Tbilisi, Georgia

2. Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin

Berghain is one of the world’s best clubs (and hardest to get into!). It has three dance floors: Berghain, a dark main room where most DJs play techno; Panorama Bar, an upstairs space dedicated to house music; and the all new ambient floor, Säule, on the ground floor, which opened this spring.

Address: 70 Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin

3Closer, Kiev

Closer is located in an old factory in the historical part of Kiev's centre. Closer is also an art centre, where they hold art and music lectures,exhibitions, jazz concerts and the Stichka festival. Strichka is the annual 36-hour festival, launched in 2013, and collects thousands of guests from all over Europe. And this summer team of Closer organized very important event in electronic music world - Brave Factory Festival. A huge industrial property became a place for electronic music acts, urban culture objects and art installations!

Address: Nyzhneyurkovskaya Str. 31, Kiev

 4. DC10, Ibiza

DC10 is popular with dance fans and the local residents of the island. 'ALL DAY AFTER-PARTIES' - their schtick. It works since 1999. Two Italians, Antonio & Andrea Pelino, decided to open the club in a former airport hangar. This club looks like a great hall and situated right on the runway of Ibiza's airport. One could hear the noise of descending aircraft regularly top out, but it's not a problem for clubbers. Even conversely - this is true underground!

Address: PM-802, Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza

 5. Contact, Tokyo

Contact was opened last year, but it is already very popular club! Contact has two rooms — a main area and a smaller bar space. There is a policy for no cameras, video recordings. Everybody can have a rest and feel at home in this place. You can learn local underground club culture in here.

Address: Shintaiso Building B2F, 2-10-12 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

6. Concrete, Paris

Concrete is one of Paris’s premier venues for techno music lovers. The club is located on a three-level boat docked on the Seine. Concrete became famous thanks to a 28-hour party, Samedimanche, runs from Saturday 10 PM through the early hours of Monday morning. 

Address: 69 Port De La Rapée, Paris

7. De School, Amsterdam

De School used to be a technical school. Now it is more than an usual nightclub: it also has a restaurant, a concert venue, a gym and an exhibition space. It is open seven days a week. The nightclub is located down in the school’s former bicycle storage area.

Address: Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1, Amsterdam

8. Goa, Rome

Goa is the temple of electronic music in Rome. The interior of the club is made in Indian style: with candles, shiny furniture, satin tapestries and ornate trinkets. The choice of music is focused on electronic music, minimal and techno, and the club hosts the Italian and world's best DJs (from Sven Vath to Claudio Coccoluto). Goa Club famous for his startling soundsystem. 

Address: Via Giuseppe Libetta 13, Rome

9. Faust, Seoul

Faust is a nightclub, music venue & event space. Club is located on the third floor, on the rooftop, above an unmarked transgender bar on the second. The music is most often house and the club hosts DJs from all over the world. There is a cool Kirsch Audio sound system. 

Address: 3F, 126-31, Itaewon-dong, Seoul

10. Kaiku, Helsinki

Kaiku is located in an old factory of the city's cultural district. Club was opening since 2013. Kaiku offers a selection of best international and local guests every weekends. Illustrations and posters for Kaiku by Linda Linko won the European Design Award also in 2014.

Address: Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki

11. Lux Fragil, Lisbon

Underground club Lux Fragil - one of the biggest in Lisbon, opened since 1998. Has two dancefloors: the upstairs bar is the place to go for laid-back lounging while the downstairs dancefloor is for more hardcore partying.

Address: Av. Infante Dom Henrique 73B, Lisbon

12. Macarena, Barcelona

Macarena has very homely atmosphere. Club is very compactly - it accommodates just 80 people. DJs play right in the middle of the dance floor. Here you will hear underground music, mainly tech house and deep house. 

Address: Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc, 5, 08002 Barcelona

13. Nowadays, New York

Nowadays is a unique outdoor space, situated on the Brooklyn-Queens border. Club’s back yard is the home of the long standing Mister Sunday dance parties during the summer. The popular Mister Sunday events here run from 3pm to 9pm. Now the club has a closed room for parties in the cold season.

Address: 56-06 Cooper Ave Flushing, NY 

14. Opium, Vilnius

The club is located above the slightly of Asian restaurant "Briusly". Opium is run by internationally successful DJs. The Funktion One sound system in the club is the best in the city. Opium is famous for its intelligent face control, so suspicious people just will not come inside. 

Address: Islandijos gatvė 4, Vilnius 

15. Phonox, London

Phonox works since September 2015. The club with great soundsystem Funktion One and best electronic music. On Fridays, one guest plays all night, while Saturdays are in the hands of the club's resident DJ. There is bar split over two floors and an outside area.

Address: 418 Brixton Road Brixton London SW9 7AY, UK 

16. Robert Johnson, Frankfurt

The club with minimalist flair and stylish interior. In the beginning, club nights were not always over crowded, as the word of Robert Johnson did not spread immediately. But now this is the best club in Frankfurt. 

Address: Nordring 131, 63067 Offenbach am Main / Frankfurt

17. Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is a treasure trove of clubs and bars. Salon Des Amateurs is the most popular place. It's located an exhibition hall for contemporary art with a sculpture by the celebrated German artist Max Ernst near the front door. Salon was founded in 2004 by the artists Stefano Brivio, Aron Mehzion and Detlef Weinrich, so this place also is underground space for artistic performances.

Address: Grabbeplatz 4, 40213 Düsseldorf

18. Smartbar, Chicago

Chicago’s Smartbar is one of the most important night clubs in United States. It works since 1982 and located in the basement. Here you can listen all kinds of music from techno to underground hip-hop. 

Address: 3730 N. Clark St, Chicago, IL

19. Sub Club, Glasgow

Glasgow’s Sub Club is the most famous electronic music stage in Scotland. First opened in April 1987. The club installed one of the UK’s largest bodysonic dance floors, so the dancers feel the vibrations of the music. By the way, Franz Ferdinand played here in 2003, the best techno music is here.

Address: 22 Jamaica St, Glasgow, G1 4QD

20. Warung Beach Club, Brazil

The club with nature design and cool house music. The architecture is inspired by Indonesian open air temples. The main open air dance floor is built into the forest, while a second dance floor has a terrace with views of the coast. 

Address: Av. José Medeiros Vieira, Itajaí


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