1 Million Spotify Plays


Get +1 million real Spotify Plays (worldwide). You will get around 10k-20k NEW listeners. Anywhere from your next-door neighbor to someone on the other side of the planet. These listens and plays will be spread evenly and organically with no spikes or rapid influx in projections from bots or fake accounts. This is the real deal when you buy 1 million Spotify plays. We at Artist Push have released The Kraken on this one. Get the ultimate promo service with this big beastie and purchase this product straight away.


At Artist Push, we've had enough with fake and untrustworthy promotional services, and this is the reason we are who we are, doing what we do! We’ve been in your position as artists, marketers and music lovers and we have come out the other side armed to the teeth with knowledge. Artist Push has built the best autopilot music promotion packages for our DJs, musicians, artists, labels, or other music professional friends to enjoy.

Delivery: from 60 days.

Please be sure to note: 

  • To ensure clarity and avoid misunderstandings, we don't offer promo services to customers working with other promotional companies simultaneously.
  • Your promotional campaign for one million Spotify plays through ArtistPush presents certain risks. Spotify's algorithms are adept at identifying sudden surges in stream counts, potentially resulting in complications. In the event that Spotify raises concerns regarding the legitimacy of your play counts, it is crucial to clarify that you, as the client, are entirely responsible for any consequences, not ArtistPush. Should the need arise, we are prepared to furnish you with a comprehensive report demonstrating the organic and gradual nature of your campaign. This report can be invaluable should you need to engage with Spotify to resolve any issues.