1 million Spotify plays


PACK BIG BOSS| Get +1 million real Spotify plays (worldwide) from proficient Spotify promotion service. 

Earn on the most popular streaming platform, get royalty payments. Moreover, your music will receive a powerful push and will be opened to new listeners.

At ArtistPush we've said enough! to those shady, mistyped Spotify "promotion" services out there. So we've built the best autopilot music promotion packages for our DJs, artists, labels, or other music professional friends to enjoy.

Delivery: 350-450 days.

NOTE* We don't provide promo services to customers who work with other promotional companies at the same time to avoid misunderstandings.

*Please, note! Since providing this service bears considerable costs for us, if your song is 6:00 minutes or longer you'll have to order it twice or you get half of the streams.