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Get on music blogs in our NETWORK! Submit your music to popular hip-hop related blogs. Push your new single, release or music project. A direct blog ad is one of the most effective ways for boosting your brand. Cooperating closely with all major music blog communities, your music will be viral in a short period. 

Make the Word About your Music Spread - Submit your Songs to Blogs


If you are reading this, we've known the struggle. Lack of money for a new artist is the biggest reason for not finding their place under the advertising sky. That's why you are here and here's why blogs publish friends of new artists. Especially in the music industry. With so many options online, blogs are still among the best promotional sources. But to better understand the power of the blog, we've needed to drive you through some rules and philosophies of blogging. We know most of you will ask google after a few sentences how-to-create blog. Nah, advertising with a blog doesn't go that easy. 


The first philosophy of a music blog is networking. Biggest labels, producers, music management companies, or indie-artists relate themselves to music blogs. And that's not all. Due to influencing potential, the noise they raise around the music and artists, a potential drive of readers to Social Networks and Streaming Platforms, and the fact they write about big stars and small giants of the local music scene-equally. Blogs are just for everyone. 


Exclusive content is something blogs are proud of. Quite often we'll meet new releases from artists on blog, rather than on Tv or streaming platforms. Let's take Pitchfork for example. American music blog on which for the first time saw the light beats of artists like rave icon Nicolas Jaar or Shawn Mendes, teenage sensation. But, there's one trick. Pitchfork as one of the brightest stars in the blogging world, solely concentrate on the big names in the game. Making this Music magazine exclusive only for names like Billie Eilish or Miley Cyrus. Chances' new artist will have an album or single release on Pitchfork are minimal. All this due to strong competition between Pitchfork and other blogs in the niche. Reasons for this are monetization, traffic, exclusivity, and having an upper hand on rivals. But if you don't pose the name of Rihana or Cardi B, you can still publish your music to blogs. And go viral too. 


Reddit made sure it wasn't all so black for new, upcoming stars. The biggest discussion website community and by far most popular on the web poses all one unknown artist would crave for. With 330 million active users per month, and dozens of music communities on the site your chance to engage with fans, producers, influencers, or critics are countless. If used properly. 


Here are some tips to improve your visibility using Reddit, as paratrooper jump to a topic will get you anywhere. We have been there, so for the start, we'll know on the first look to Reddit you'll be anxious. Pages and communities will look messy and confusing. Go small in the beginning. Take part in smaller communities. Create your first bonds with other users. Engage them in your work and bring them close to your everyday life as an artist. Read and copy successful users and their subreddits. Craft your creation to be unique and original. Doesn't matter is it your song, meme you create or quote you make. Reddit doesn't savor spams. It's all about substance and contribution. Although you can post and share on Reddit just anything, stick with your craft. Or even better, pull through your craft all those thoughts you keep inside. 


Global warming, Panda's extermination, Trumps' policy of migration? Those topics are hot and popular? Use them as an advantage, make a short poem about it. As the internet creates life without privacy, and we know about stars we love almost everything, you'll need to share your story. Fans love it when it is personal and value intimacy even more than music you give them. Share your goals, fears, thoughts, everyday life stories, but keep the form. No one likes a boring long post where you are cooking pasta. Gradually as your post likes and followers list rises to engage in larger communities but following the same path. Reddit can connect you to bloggers and music influencers who work for the biggest fishes in the industry. Therefore it is evident why using Reddit is important. 


Medium is next in line to free blogging. Right behind Reddit and only because of the lower user pool. But in all other aspects, we can certainly say that Medium overcame Reddit. Organic flow, real users, blog alike site, with numerous influencers from just any known niche. Music is one of the most visited and dedicated on the site. We've spoken about philosophies for blogging, but what about the rules? Like everything in life, blogging has its own rules. Especially when it comes to music blogs. Considering there are hundreds and thousands of artists like you, chasing the ticket to stars through blogs, the daily amount of data bloggers receive is countless. Unless you optimize your submission to blog, they'll not bother to find out details about you as an artist. Things like your previous artwork, BIO, links to your Social's, photoshoots, or videos, all need to be well packed and sent to bloggers. 


Now when everything is prepared, and you're good to go, three tracks will open for your submission to blogs. Through the form on the blog itself. Easiest and the fastest way. Or with a good email campaign. Email correspondence will give you the look of serious music professional. 


And at the end via music promotion services, like Artist Push ★ While the first two depend solely on your ability to negotiate and present yourself, here at Artist Push we'll take care of all the steps needed for good blogging and publishing of your music. 


Music Blogs Who Make The Difference 


Before we start with the list, let's first make sections. It is important to stress out divisions of blogs. One on the side are blogs like Pitchfork, HypeBot, Billboard, the sharks, and giants in the blogging game. You, as an independent and unknown musician, can submit your music to these monsters but only the luckiest see the result. In that manner, we condemn research and discover the best blogs for the independent musician, who likely have insufficient funds to invest in their online presence. We've single out some of them. 


"Eargasm" is first on a bucket list, as it is suitable for all music genres. If you are an Electro-Pop or Hip-Hop artist blogs like "ThisSongIsSick" might be what you need. "LouderThanWar" is for fans of strong riffs. Honor to be mentioned due to popularity among readers goes to "Music Crowns", "Reddit Independent Music", "Tiny Mixtape'' and "The Word is Bond". If you search to post your music for free, these music blogs would do the work. But if your primary goal is to become a music star one day, these blogs shall be used as a good start-up. All the fun and enjoyment is situated elsewhere. Like at the beginning of the text. So let's see those sharks in your net. 


Top music blogs every artist should follow in 2020 would be: 

  • Billboard;
  • Hypeboat;
  • Resident Advisor;
  • Pitchfork;
  • Stereogum;
  • Hip-Hop Wired;
  • Your EDM;
  • Pigeons and Planes;
  • Brooklyn Vegan.

And we can continue and name hundreds of blogs, but those are where all happens. All the best and new music releases are the first time posted to these giants. 


Promote and Feature your Music with Blog Post Placement 


Rock, Pop, Techno, Alternative, Underground, or even Classical music artists. What is it that connects you? The way you can promote yourself and your music. And while many of you can do independently, the purchase of blog placements is a legal way to speed up and ease the process which can cause a lot of headaches. Also, buying direct blog advertisements will expose your music to more A&R, managers, labels, and at the end fans. Being connected to important players in the industry will give a verification badge next to all your social and streaming media profiles.  Thus will increase your credibility. With this kind of promotion, your brand will be on the spot so whenever you release a new single or album, it will not pass unnoticed. Rather will cause a hype around your name


Top Hip-Hop Blogs on Your Way to Become Legendary Artist


We'll go straight to the point. We bet all of you youngsters and no so young but no so known artist being in a shade of big names in the game. As time passes by, to us in Artist Push looks like market inequality never had a bigger gap than today. And all the internet space is solely reserved for names like Drake, Kanye, or Nicky Minaj


Big labels are not anywhere near underground musicians and major magazines or blogs will not bother with your grandpa-garage gangsta beats. Getting featured on a music blog is hard as compared to flying to the moon and back. And is the music so dominant on the global scale, Hip-Hop or R&B blog submission was never hard like nowadays. Not only you'll need creation equal to Picasso of music, but a small fortune as well to be seen and heard. 


Promoting a blog post and right placement of it on first look seems like mission impossible. Lucky for you, there's a Tom Cruise of Hip-Hop log submission, the agent who stands at your service - Artist Push blog collection. And again straight to point two. Our solutions to point one. Here are our top blog promotion services, which makes them so ideal, and how to take all advantages from the offer. If you are a rising star or garage rapper who's finding his way into a buzzing hip-hop nest, using blog placements of your music and hip hop promo services will accelerate your career. 


Get featured on music blogs and promote blog posts with our hip-hop blog placement and hip-hop blog submission. We have a blog, do you have an idea? That idea can be almost anything. Or anything you might think will boost your online presence and represent you to fans in the way they'll continue to follow your work. 


Onto our Hip-Hop blogs, we'll embed your music, videos, photos, but also viral videos where you can present to the audience your next plans. Like new release or tour info. Also, you like to expose your Spotify? SoundCloud playlist? Youtube videos or TikTok challenges? We include everything and more. As long as it fits in the form of a blog, of course. 


Make a BIO. On the blog. BIO's on social networks are cool, catchy, and give information, some information. But on the blog, you could add all the small details your audience will fall for. And once they fall, your popularity will be as the falling tower of cards, cos we all love to share with our friends what amused us, right. Opening doors to your music of brand new listeners or markets ( like on different continents or regions ). Also, you will be free to change your BIO simultaneously as your life changes, at the same time keeping your data and post visible even to generations to come. 


Last but not least, in fact, the most important part-SEO. Y'all heard about these three magical letters, but very few know what they do. Lucky for you, our promo packs are SEO friendly, we know them to the bone. Which will guarantee your blog as well your brand will rank high on Google. In today's digital world this is the must. 


What do you get featured in the blog post we have in the offer? The gains are various. The blog aims to present NEW and FRESH to our audience, while strictly sticking with quality in content. For that reason our network of blogs is curated, to meet forms and fans' needs. Videos, news, music, all content will be curated to its section. Thus, you'll earn a look at the artist who knows what is doing and having all under the neatline. 


We cover all genres and subgenres of R&B and Hip-Hop, as most of the rappers do not stay strict in one sub-genre. Chances are your music will be liked, and more importantly, shared multiple times. Sometimes even for a triple. We believe that millions of stars in the space waiting to be discovered, drives us daily to deliver the best possible blog products to new, upcoming musicians or producers. In the blogs, we'll incorporate up-coming events, premieres, or new resales. Followed by interviews, insight, and background information intriguing readers' curiosity. 


Our music promoters will carefully collect all data and craft the best possible promo blog post, which later will be embedded in the most influential online spaces. Now as you've to learn about blog promotional services, use of blog placement, and submission of music to blogs, we've like to list some of the best blog platforms online for genres like Rap, Hip-Hop, or R&B. Before the listing, it is important to say they can be divided into generalized and specialized sites or platforms. But at its core, they do the same thing. 


Specialized Rap Blogs you should follow in 2020 if you are an unknown artist list: 

  • Hot New Hip Hop - blog focused exclusively on newbies. The blog covers the topics from music and production to fashion and sports in Hip-Hop culture;
  • Hot 97 - one of the most iconic rap station in the world went over and above in popularisation of Rap music around the world with the creation of Hot-97 Hip-Hop Blog;
  • All Hip-Hop - describing themselves as a CNN of Rap news world, the website blog tends to bring always fresh meat at our dining tables;
  • XXL Magazine - this magazine blog features AnualTop 10 Freshman list, so thanks to one of the oldest Hip-Hop magazines in the world we've discovered Kendrick Lamar or Big Sean. Thank you Biggie (XXL);
  • Hip-Hop Dx - probably the best and the most complete website/magazine/blog ever in the history of Hip-Hop music.  A mixture of underground and mainstream is a boiling pot every Hip-Hop lover fed on for a decade in a row.

But, if you as an artist want to go global and discover content creators from all over the world, be inspired by other cultures. Or new sounds, a different way of thinking and understanding the music, then blogs like Hypebot, Pitchfork, Spin, Billboard, or Stereogum are your holy grail. No matter what you'll choose to look for, mistakes can't be taken. But when it comes to music promotion, placing your faith in the hands of service like Artist Push can determine the destiny of a star ★