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Comprehensive Music Promo Packages To Benefit Your Digital Presence 


So you are a freshman in the music industry. You've learned the basics of how to promote your music in the best possible way, one independent artist can. Or a band. Also, you've learned some foundation on Branding and Promoting. You have been posting your gigs on your social networks. And connecting your streaming service profiles with your accounts on Facebook or Instagram. But the beginner's enthusiasm is slowly waning as your popularity doesn't accelerate the way you've expected.


What more could you do, you're wondering? 


Do not fall into despair, music promotion companies are what your brand is screaming for right now! Artist Push ★ is a music promotion service that specializes in promoting DJs' MC's, brands, and solo artists. Our goal drives us over the past years solely on how to make our clients successful. In that matter, we've created a network of music aficionados, who know the music field and digital music marketing to the bone. In close cooperation, we've created promo packages to boost popularity even of musicians with one single. 

Now, you ask yourself what are those promo packs who can rock your music potential, and bring you closer to the stars? 


As our name says, push stands for a low kick into your digital presence. In today's music industry art is not "the thing" for success. It's all about promoting. With our perfected scent for marketing, and the fact we deliver only real followers to your profiles, and streams, the momentum of viral spread and boost to your digital marketing campaigns is tremendous.


Massive increase in followers on social media


The reputation you'll achieve after signing for our services will give to your Facebook, Instagram, or Spotify instant boom 🍭 Once you'll reach thousands of followers on Twitter, for instance, you can count on at least 70% (precise research conducted by respectful marketers) who likely will search your music, and follow your SoundCloud profile. Or Instagram to Deezer. The pattern and results are the same only the nets are of a different name, you may notice. If you are by reading this ready to put on some work into your success, join us. Artist Push without you is just an empty space on the web. But together we have a purpose and goal to score. 


Social Media Marketing Trends And Services Artist Should And Shall Not Go For 


Apple, Coca-Cola, or Mercedes Benz use Social Media Marketing, although they could sell without any commercial, indeed. Here's a catch on why. Engagement. A major role in nowadays branding, presentation, marketing, or sales. Customers are more demanding than ever. Thanks to the internet. 


Global web gives its users the ability to connect with people, organizations, or favorite clubs on a level we only imagined just one or two decades ago. Brands and companies preyed on social networks not only to promote their products. But also, to speak and hear their customers. And while emotional bonding between a car and user isn't some natural process ( we do not claim that it is impossible though ), when it comes to artist-fans relationship situations turn 180 degrees. 


Big names in the game like Ed Sheeran or Lil' Pump acknowledge this before they become what they are today. Social media promoting give to these two amazing artists somewhat could be called-critical mass. Both musicians saw the potential of promoting and linking their music with social networks and streaming platforms. And if you wonder what shall be critical mass-well all followers they gain on the path in the beginning. Those followers aloud to artists to concentrate solely on ideas in future music promotion as they already had fans who will share the creation online. 


But if you are an artist who just set up his Spotify profile, and with less than a thousand followers on Instagram, you might find it tricky or impossible. The solution would be social media promotion services. Platforms like Artist Push, where one underground musician can buy followers, the real ones. 


Who will in later stages bring more followers, who will bring more followers, and so on. You can see the continuity? With a smart buy and smart ideas, Ed Sheeran hype is awaiting around the corner. The Artist Push goes as far as connecting comprehensive packages for all-important apps and platforms: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Youtube 🚀 Where we'll deliver some of the best ideas and social promotion strategies like Social Media Content Planning. Or creation and consistency of Music Brand. Optimizing profiles on social and streaming platforms. Finding and connecting real followers to your social networks. Keeping them in the loop with your music streaming profiles, news related to your brand. 


Wondering where to find followers? 

Purchase of real followers via Artist Push shown as successful as having a summer hit. Once you'll have hundreds, and thousands of followers, our music marketing specials will show the vitality of interaction with fans through your social networks. And now if you'll think - I can do the same with Patreon, we've couldn't agree more. But, we agree as well, Patreon scores compared to Artist Push as if we compared turtles with a stallion. Both of those will come to the final destination, but at what time, if we can see Patreon as a turtle? We've not gonna write here, it is a bad option. We've like to divide services like Patreon from services like Artist Push. In the fast pacing industry like music, creators should look elsewhere in digital promoting and marketing. 


Lack of producing patrons from social networks followers is a major fault Patreon has it. Also, researchers have shown that promotion ads are rather scrolled down and ignored on networks like Facebook and Instagram. Artists with thousands of followers on Spotify or SoundCloud count patrons listeners only in a single or two-digit number. If you're an unknown musician, who's making his way out, your goal would be to present yourself to the world. To each and every person scrolling down the network. Ads made by Patreon will limit you. Lack of flow means a lack of monetization. And the primary goal of any musician is to sell his music or brand. 


Boost Your Popularity With Investing in Real Followers 


Artist promotion will be nothing if the audience targeted with a promotion plan doesn't exist. If you are a content creator, who's struggling to pass that content onto the audience, the legal action will be an investment in followers. But is this a legal move one artist can make? In the beginning, not only is it legal we would say it is a must. In the eyes of the law buying followers, it is legal. But in the eyes of marketing? It is legal only when those followers are real ones. 


In 2012 YouTube lost around a billion views thanks to fake followers. And some information telling, almost half of Bieber followers on Twitter are fake. You, as a brand new musician with the minor fanbase, should avoid this path, as you are not Bieber or YouTube. It can ruin your career even before the start. But, buying real followers is a legal act as much as the organic gain of fans is. 


The music industry doesn't differ much from any other industry. Your success would be judged only on quality products you deliver, and more importantly customers who'll consume that product. In this case-followers. Buying real followers will position you on the digital sky, visible to sponsors, and brands. A higher volume of followers not only attracts more fans or potential businesses to your doorstep but also it gives you credibility. And credibility will bring other artists, potential collaborations, engagement with musicians and fans from the same genre, etc. The template is clear and understandable. Also proven. 


We'll list 5 big stars labels, who are killing it with social networks and who legally, gradually make a success with gaining organic followers combined with purchased one. Some of the names will surprise you, like Rihana or The Weekend. Or Anderson Paak, ASAP Rocky and Griz. Labels from different genres. Different audiences, and different philosophies. Why do we emphasize this? Simply, to show it DOES WORK for everyone. 


How To Buy Real Instagram Followers And More Important How To Keep Them 


The first thing an Instagram newbie should have on the mind when buying Instagram followers is a reliable source. Stars like Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande, who have millions of followers have the luxury to keep half of the fake profiles. But, if you are creating a brand around your name, potential sponsors will not be thrilled with bot followers. Moreover, they'll turn back on you as a potentially bad investment. 


We know how hard it would be to run security checks or legitimacy of one service that provides the purchase of followers. Luckily, Instagram has an auditors service who specializes in this particular sector. Which makes your investment secure, where one artist who knows nothing about Instagram can run a validity check of followers bought from any service. 


Buying followers with Artist Push represent a perfect start for your Instagram campaign, but without following and implementing strategies in the next step, starting velocity will stay just around the start. And again you'll not be recognized by brands as a potentially good investment. But if you learn some Instagram strategies, proven to work, results will sky-rocket your music career


The first step and the most significant is engagement. In digital marketing the same as in the digital world, it's all about engagement. Speaking about engagement, not only you'll need to connect all your profiles online with Instagram but to include your followers to it. What do we mean under this? It is crucial that your fans in real-time take part in all of your work on the platform. 


Comments, shares, hash-tagging with your branded name. In particular, everything saying to Instagram algorithms is spread across the network about your brand. Post engaging and eye-catching content, and post often. Define your audience and brand story. This should be followed by an excellent bio and profile. Messy arrangement and lack of consistency on first look, decrease profile ability to keep the attention of visitors. Chances they'll hit follow button drop for 50%. Follow and connect with other relevant users, like music artists, producers, critics, etc. Jump to relevant communities for your profile. 


Make your name visible once you get there by posting interesting comments or just as leading other users to your profile. Aim to be tagged, aim to include other artists in your photos, videos, or stories. Aim to collaborate. Include your fans with live stories, live gigs, embrace them in your post or comments. Highlight stories, especially those including followers in it, or other musicians. Run contests or giveaways. 


Connect and make your Instagram live on other social networks. Use Instagram advertising to pick-up your Instagram presence. Artist Push already sought clients ameliorating and rocketing their Instagram profiles and campaigns. Where investing in Insta followers is rather compiling fun work than insecure potential funds loss. 


TikTok Followers or How to Upturn Your Profile From Unknown to Wellknown 


So, you've created the TikTok profile, and instead to be fun more likely is depressing. Notifications sound seems like it doesn't exist for TikTok on your device, and the app button faded from non-use. Despair is easy to avoid if you learn some steps so simple, though so powerful, every TikTok user should know. Guide for those who except the creation of the profile, know nothing about TikTok mashing pot. Same as Instagram or any other social network, TikTok operates by some unwritten but well-known rules. 


To maximize your popularity and take advantage of it (in other words to monetize your TikTok) you, as a brand new creator on the platform should: 


✔️ Learn from successful TikTok influencers and creators. By all means, absorb as much as possible and implement all knowledge gained into your creation. But know the difference between learning and plagiarism. 

✔️ Again and again-Engagement. In the digital world, this is the most common word across. And the most important. But to not stay only on a word, you as a creator should engage your other social networks. Engage other artists into your content. Engage yourself to other profiles and they will come to you. Engage popular music or dances into your videos. Engage yourself in duets. 

✔️ TikTok is a network of Gen Z. So what is this fact telling you about the app? Age of user? Yes, but to us, it says a lot more. Targeted audience. You get the punchline right? Knowing the users of TikTok and their preferences give an artist the upper hand with competitors on the network. Identify your creation to a certain group of users. 

Taking into consideration TikTok is still a baby girl of networks online, the opportunity to gain popularity is higher due to the lower number of competitors. 


Facebook Page Likes - Complete Guide How To Be Popular On Social Platform In 2020 


We all have that feeling about Facebook, as a network slowly fading away. But the facts about this app are the opposite. In 2020 Facebook accumulates magical 2,2 billion users. And while in the beginning was a network of bragging or bewildered teens, Facebook of today is a powerful business machine. 


Marketing possibilities where anyone could advertise themselves, their product, or creation keep Facebook on the top desired network for online advertising in 2020. As Facebook is in everyday life all over the world for more than a decade, a special introduction isn't necessary. So we'll fully concentrate on your posts. 


Here are some easy-going tactics anyone should go for on Facebook to improve likes to their posts. Business, selling pages, organizations, or individuals. Tactics proved to work if followed to the beat. First of all, you'll need to have an easy-to-find page. 


Likes are hardly to grow if no one can find you, right? You got your branded name, let your Facebook page have that name as well. A visually appealing page is the next goal to grow your popularity on Facebook. As on the other networks, messy and thrown-like content is rather tiring than engaging. About pages is also part you shall not avoid. Fully covered About sections represent you as a professional-oriented to his goal. Appealing profile and cover photo are a vital part of an appealing page. 


How many times we entered profile only because we liked the profile photo, millions right. Use Facebook algorithms and engage yourself with communities and with brands relevant to your page. While algorithms will increase organic flow to your profile and posts, brands and communities will do the same plus giving you the opportunity to monetize your Facebook presence in the future. 


Post on a daily basis. Include various topics in your posts. Make your post at the right time and in the right form. Avoid promotional posts. Be social, friendly, and easy-going. In other words-speak to your fans in the first person, through posts and comments. Include visuality to your post. Or if you start with preparation for a new gig in which you'll play on a new instrument you just learned to play-tickle your fans with a 15 seconds teaser video. 


Promote your Facebook page on other social networks. Also on the blog, your brand holds an official site you might have. Share some of the most liked, or posts that triggered the biggest interest on the app. Follow buttons to your Facebook page on your site/blog is another good idea. Use hashtags, locations, tag other users, go live, or write striking headlines. And for the last, but not least, include Facebook ads. Brands like Honda, The North Face, or Starbucks run a campaign on a regular basis, you as a tiny fish in the ocean shall follow the flock.