When to Post Your Music on Spotify?
When to Post Your Music on Spotify?

When to Post Your Music on Spotify?

The posting time counts, especially in the music industry. Platforms like Spotify, where millions of users are waiting for new releases of their favorite artists, have various periods of activity. You can't post music on Spotify at the same time as on SoundCloud or Deezer. Individuals use various tactics and select the best day to release music depending on the activity of the audience, day of the week, time, trends, and other factors. People keep asking about the best release day for music on Spotify. We decided that it's now time to break the silence and explain when should you drop your tracks to achieve maximum engagement.

What factors affect posting on Spotify?

A perfect day to drop your song on any platform is when you can excite your audience, make them satisfied about the upcoming track, and then make the release to maximize engagement.  Experienced artists perform several actions before they actually release a song. First, they build a solid pre-promotion plan. It involves informing followers on all available platforms, creating posts, sharing ads, and doing everything to make people wait for the music release.

Sometimes, when the time comes for holidays or special dates, musicians create exciting promotions with media, special effects, and other cool things. They want to make the upcoming release the main event of the day, regardless of what time of the week it is. Also, creators orientate their audience and monitor people's activity. For example, if the analysis shows that listeners remain active at the particular day of the week, it can be considered as the popular day and, as a result, become the day for releasing music.

What is the best day to release music on Spotify?

Friday was considered as the best day to release a song. This day was selected for a reason. When your music is released on Friday, you directly affect the Spotify algorithm. The program updates all the playlists, including Release Radar and Discover Weekly). Moreover, on Friday people ususally have more time to listen to music, so there is a higher chance that your tracks will be spotted.

Still, Friday is not the only choice to release your music. You are free to make experiments and see how listeners react on different release days. 

Spotify for Artists

By using Spotify for Artists, you receive access to additional features to analyze your audience, analyze the performance of your tracks in specific days, and understand what factors affect your engagement. For example, it's not a good idea to for music streaming or releases in early mornings because people probably won't have time to listen to it.

What is the best month to release music on Spotify?

Besides selecting the best release day, musicians also try to identify the best month to release their music. This is a debatable question as every month differs in music activity and shows different patterns. Let's clarify this information and discuss what months are the most active among musicians.

Summer months remind us of music festivals, concerts, and other live events. People enjoy music in all forms, and this is a perfect time for the release. You can create impressive promotion campaigns, purchase organic Spotify promotion, and share your releases across social media.  There are multiple ways to use TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms for music promotion due to multiple formats of content.

Fall months September and October are good for music releases because its the time when children come back to school and adults go back to work. After long days, they may want to chill and listen to music in their favorite genres. Once you catch the moment and release your during their peak activity, you will get solid engagement.

When we talk about winter in the context of music releases, we mention two months: January and February. January is a month of new beginnings, new resolutions, and, what's more importantly - new songs. People need a breath of fresh air to get away from old playlists and listen to something new. This is your chance to present yourself and release your latest tracks.  February is a slow month when big artists release massive projects to trigger millions of listeners and blow the market.  If you don't have massive audience and you are buying followers to increase your engagement, you should stick to regular posting schedule and build trustworthy.

Avoid the second half of December for music posting because people prefer to listen to Christmas songs and get away from the routine. Moreover, your listeners will probably spend time with their families and friends, so the release won't bring you the desired engagement.

How Posting Time Correlates With Music Promotion Strategy?

If you decide to launch powerful promotion strategy to increase the visibility on platforms like Spotify or SoundCloud, you need to remember about one thing: consistency. Musicians who chase engagement and want to see their songs in top charts need to consistently add new content and achieve maximum engagement. If you select one day of the week to post new music, select the time with the highest activity. If you have listeners from different regions and time zones, you won't satisfy everyone. Still, you can focus on working with the bigger part of your audience and get as much engagement as possible. Your formula should be: best time and day + consistency.

If you decide to collaborate with other musicians and release new tracks together, you should change the approach. Discuss the posting schedule and develop a strategy that fits both of you. For example, you can create a massive promotion campaign that presents your collaboration and informs listeners about the upcoming tracks. Choose the best day of the week with the highest activity and set it as the release date. Followers will be ready for the drop, you will get the highest possible engagement for sure. 

Try Various Promotion Strategies

Something that worked for somebody may not work the same way for you. Even if you didn't copy someone's posting strategy and developed your personal posting plan. Rely on data delivered from analytical tools and put music on the platform. Once you release a single, a mixtape, or a whole album, wait a bit and then check the stats. If you are satisfied with the numbers, you can implement this posting routine and keep working. However, if you are not satisfied, keep trying different options to find what works best.

Don't forget about the paid promotions. People often underestimate this option because they think it will be ineffective and lead to account suspension or even a ban. You can get banned, but only if your promotion is based on bots and fake Spotify profiles. When you purchase organic likes, streams, or followers to boost your music, it won't be a problem. Decide what package will be suitable for you at the current moment, and keep working to see the result.


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  • Adam Dewine

    I’ve always wondered why my Friday releases seemed to get more traction. Now it makes sense with the Spotify algorithm updates! Great tips on maximizing engagement.

    I’ve always wondered why my Friday releases seemed to get more traction. Now it makes sense with the Spotify algorithm updates! Great tips on maximizing engagement.

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