Expand The Audience And Increase Sales Using Music Marketing

Expand The Audience And Increase Sales Using Music Marketing

Music marketing is becoming a powerful way to promote music. It also helps to build a large and active community around music projects. Social networks and streaming platforms give beginners and experienced musicians a lot of tools to influence their potential target audience.

What is a music marketing and why it’s important for musicians

Music marketing is the use of various promotional tools to further connect musicians with their listeners and tell new people about their projects. It’s an indispensable part of music promotion. It focuses on achieving the desired results with the help of relevant marketing things on social networks or on music streaming services.


Music marketing, like any other, has some indispensable tasks — to expand the audience and increase sales. An important aim of music marketing is to spread the word about the product and the artist. Another task of music marketing is to create a product that satisfies the needs of the listeners. So, each performer must have not only a high-quality product but also be able to position it brightly and uniquely. Music marketing must maintain constant communication between the listener and the performer, take into account changes in the industry, and the perception of the musical product by the audience, and also form an active and permanent audience. After all, who needs disposable listeners or subscribers who don’t have much interest in your music?

Music industry marketing often is handled by the record label. But they're many independent musicians who have to figure out the marketing tools themselves or seek the services of individual specialists. The last way can help to save time, avoid wasting money, and plan a marketing campaign efficiently and effectively.

Some important tips on how to plan your music marketing strategy the right way

To get noticed in social media, musicians need to create a  music marketing strategy. It needs to be based on a deep analysis of audience, the strengths and advantages to focusing on, as well as the tools that will cover needs and want.

Here are a few necessary steps to properly plan a music marketing campaign:

  • Define audience. Musicians' audience is a group of people, who might like their music. Depending on the genre and characteristics of the music, artists need to form a specific portrait of the listener that they will focus on.
  • Analysis of the current music market. It’s worth familiarizing yourself with your «competitors», outlining advantages and strengths, and analyzing the possible channels through which other colleagues in the genre promote their music. Market research is a very essential step in planning music marketing promotion. It will also help to keep track of current promotional tools in the music industry.
  • Set short-term and long-term tasks. It’s important here to draw up at least a rough release plan for music, videos, and other works to be able to prepare a separate promotion plan for each specific project. It's better to focus on the promotion of individual tracks or videos, instead of mindlessly building a marketing plan around all the projects that already exist.
  • Choose marketing tools that will help to close certain points in the promotion. At this point, aspiring artists are advised to seek the help of music marketing specialists (such as our Artist Push). To draw up a clear and workable plan it's necessary analysis, knowledge of each of the tools used, and further report on the launched music promo.
  • Set a budget to promote your music. Music marketing at first glance may seem like an extremely expensive way, as almost every single promotional tool needs money. But with a properly built concept artists can recoup the cost of such a promo. In addition, when ordering services from for example Artist Push independent musicians have the opportunity to choose a package with an ideal ratio of conditions and price.

Why is social media a key tool in music marketing?

With millions of people using social media daily and constantly, it goes without saying that marketing music on social media is one of the most popular ways of organic and effective promotion. It can help to find new fans for different genres of music, build an active fan base and find extra sources of income from such type of work.


To begin with, it’s necessary to create your music profile. It can be a personal account or a separate page intended only for publishing creative content and promotion. Main point: when choosing social networks for further promotion it’s indispensable to analyze what services and sites the key core of your audience uses. It will help to capture the maximum possible number of admirers of a musician's work. And then it's just a matter of original content and proper music marketing.

In our music promotion section can find a detailed list of services provided by our specialists with full conditions and results that we promise from our side. Choose from dozens of offers across multiple platforms and price ranges and experience effective music marketing in action.

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