Get Started With Music Promotion on TikTok in 2024

Get Started With Music Promotion on TikTok in 2024

Today, TikTok is no longer a platform for funny videos and memes. This platform allows people to become famous, promote themselves, create trends, and earn money by monetizing their content. For musicians, TikTok is a great platform for promoting their music and getting more listeners. On TikTok, you create short videos up to 15 seconds long and use your songs as background. The video can be composed of several fragments and edited the way you need to impress viewers and get better engagement. The better video you have, the more engagement it brings, pushing your content to a broader audience.

However, these are only the basics.  Now we will focus on a specific question: how to promote music on TikTok? We will explain the platform’s algorithm and highlight the most effective music promotion methods. In 2023, The platform faced changes, revealing the new recommendation system. It’s mostly based on group preferences when several people like the same videos, the system offers them new content related to their interests.

How Does the Tiktok’s Algorithm Work?

The algorithm of TikTok significantly differs from other platforms because the follower count does not matter here. Engagement level is the main criterion for ranking videos. Furthermore, users can add the same song to their videos, which can be very helpful for musicians. One video with your music that inspires the audience is likely to inspire others, so people will keep creating clips based on that theme. When one track appears in multiple videos, it quickly becomes viral.

TikTok feeds show users the videos they've watched and liked before based on the recommendation engine. By understanding TikTok's promotion features, you can promote music more effectively and increase engagement on the platform. Also, the TikTok algorithm is based on the time you watch the video. The longer, the better. Let's dive into TikTok's most effective promotion techniques. 

Being Authentic Is a Key

Becoming successful in social media is only possible with authenticity. Everyone who now gets millions of views and receives large promotion contracts from brands creates a unique style. You need to be clear about what you stand for and what you plan to do at TikTok. If you are only starting to promote your content on TikTok, don’t focus on achieving maximum engagement first.

Unleash your creativity and think about the best ways you can present your tracks. You need to create your own style and build strong relationships with your audience so people will recognize your content and rate your unique style.

Focus On Making Tiktok-Friendly Songs

Do you want to make your music viral on TikTok? To do this, you have to create TikTok-friendly music. What does it mean? A video on TikTok is 15 seconds long, and the song fragment in such a video should last 15 seconds as well. Music must catch users’ attention and be relatable enough so they will be able to make their own videos with your track. Select the most jaw-dropping fragment and insert it in the video. Select some catchy lyrics that describe the situation in the video.  

It’s fine if you use older tracks if they are more suitable for TikTok. If the older track perfectly matches the latest TikTok trend, it’s a jackpot because you will get high engagement for sure.

Use Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are extremely important to make content viral on TikTok. Focus on using the most searched tags to maximize the chances that your videos will appear in the “Discover” and “For You” tabs. Use several hashtags specified in the video, the song theme, the topic your content relates to, and general tags that are trending right now. Check what tags are trending now and select some that will be the most valuable for your content.

Check the #TrendAlert Page

This TikTok section may benefit you because you can always find new trending tags and add them to the content description for better engagement. Regularly check this section by typing in #TrendAlert in the search bar. You will see the newest trends and be able to select the most interesting tags for your music-promoting videos.

Use Additional Programs to Boost Promotion

How to promote my song on TikTok? Using only the platform's capabilities may not be enough, and you have to use more resources to achieve the needed results. Right now, we will stop at two major resources that will help you promote your songs better.

Spotlight program

The TikTok Spotlight program was created to help musicians upload their songs to a specific music channel. Due to Spotlight features, you can see a feed of user-generated content, so when artists upload songs on the platform, they immediately become available for users. Spotlight program is based on TikTok's algorithm, aiming to help independent musicians gain first subscribers and become recognizable. You'll see rapid growth if you use additional instruments like TikTok promotion in addition to the basic methods.

TikTok Pro Analytics

An analytic dashboard was created specially for TikTok. As a musician, you can track and analyze music activity and view demographics and followers’ dynamics. You can also check profile views and see how they correlate with active audience growth. With TikTok Pro Analytics, you have three main perspectives:

  • Content Insights provides detailed information about all videos, like the number of shares, comments, and likes for each post.
  • Follower Insights shows audience activity, territorial location, and gender. 

Profile Overview shows the overall number of users who visited your profile and watched your video. It also describes follower evolution.

TikTok analytics

By accessing TikTok analytics, you can track follower growth, view statistics, and other stats essential for your account growth. This will help you to improve your performance.

To discover more about TikTok analytics, watch the video below. You’ll discover about the TikTok pro account and understand how each point impacts your content. For example, you will see what videos most convert your views into followers.

Create Challenges in Your TikTok Videos

Encourage your audience for content engagement by creating challenges and quick tests. For example, if you made a dancing video with a trending hashtag, ask viewers to record the video in the same manner, adding this hashtag in the description. You can even make it a competition where a winner gets a reward (for example, early access to your new songs for a month).

creating challenges

Keep Following Others

How to promote your music on TikTok without following? It’s barely possible and that’s why you need to start following other users from the start. Follow your favorite musicians and influencers, and follow those who started following you. 

This is an essential step in building your TikTok audience and understanding the platform better. By analyzing other people’s activity, you’ll see some new tips, realistically, what works the best and how users react to such content. You’ll find inspiration to create engaging music content for TikTok that increases engagement and boost your promotion.

Musicians Who Become Famous on TikTok

Since music videos quickly become viral on TikTok, people quickly realize how powerful this platform can be for their promotion. Influencers like Zach King or Tyler Butterworth realize the potential of the platform and increase their engagement. Still, what about musicians? How do they use TikTok for promotion and cross-platform engagement? Let’s have a look at several examples.



When his song “Upside Down” became viral on TikTok, more than 14 million new videos were generated. This happened several months after the song was released, and the musician’s audience increased from zero to nearly 3 million. It was not the prime moment yet because later, in October 2022, JVKE was named the MTV Push Artist of the Month. He had multiple performances across Europe and increased the fanbase. 

Tai Verdes

The song “Stuck in the Middle” was created by Tai Verdes in his car. After being published on TikTok, it quickly became viral and gained millions of views. Later, the same track gained millions of streams on Spotify. “Stuck in the Middle” was played on several major radio stations, increasing the virality even more. Now, after more than 3 years after its release on YouTube, the song has more than 12 million views. 

Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes is a rockstar on TikTok, creating viral videos with his songs. His most popular song “Fancy Like” was released in 2021 and broke the mainstream. Today, this track has 141 million listens only on YouTube and was used for thousands of videos on TikTok. The song “Fancy Like” was funny, while the follow-up single “AA” was way more serious. Both songs hit the top 50 music charts, making Wakler one of the most popular musicians on TikTok.

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What Music Is Suitable for TikTok Promotion?

Keep in mind that not every song is suitable to be promoted on TikTok. The music should be memorable and give them a spark so they will listen to this song on Spotify or other platforms and, of course, follow your profile to see more music videos in the near future.

Powerful promotion that effectively boosts your TikTok profile, keeps your engagement high and puts your profile higher in the algorithm requires time and effort. Busy artists don’t have enough time to build powerful promotion campaigns, and that’s why they often search for music promotion companies to do that for them.

ArtistPush is a promotion company that helps artists expand their outreach and boost their social media. In addition to the services from the selected package, you will receive detailed consultation and recommendations about further TikTok promotion. You will keep your engagement high even when the package will expire.

Summing Up

It’s difficult to measure the impact TikTok made on the music industry. Thousands of unknown artists become famous and take top spots in music charts. Its versatility allows users to experiment with various formats and use non-standard techniques to promote content. If you select TikTok as a platform for promotion, you need to combine all the methods to maximize the impact and get more followers.


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