The Ultimate Guide for Tips and Sources for Vlog Music

The Ultimate Guide for Tips and Sources for Vlog Music

Are you looking to make it big on YouTube this year? Well, if you are, then you need to understand that the requirements of making good YouTube content go beyond having a proper camera and a star personality.

There is a myriad of things you need to keep in mind and consider when creating YouTube content, specifically vlogs! There may be things you may not have thought would be so important before, like music!

Music can be an essential part of your vlog and may even drive your views up, but it can also be a tricky choice and entail a difficult path to find music that you can legally use.

Keep reading to get all the scoop on using music in vlogs, recommended sites with honest and thorough reviews, and also all the details you need to know about becoming a vlogger on YouTube!

After being immersed in the field for so long, and after offering services that have helped thousands succeed on the platform, we have just the right advice for you!

Breathe new life into your YouTube channel

The Sheer and Profound Impact of Vlog Music

It has become apparent that adding background songs to vlogs actually makes a world of difference in many different aspects. For starters, good songs can create an emotional connection between your audience and your videos.

Secondly, a well-made playlist has been proven to keep the viewer interested and attentive to what you have to say.

Specific tracks can also be used to dictate the mood and vibe the video takes. For instance, conveying joyful emotions can be done through the usage of more positive songs!

Background music additionally helps set the pace at different points in the vlogs.

Once the right source of high-quality and unlimited music that is affordable (preferably free), and easy-to-use, has been found, adding vlog music to your next project actually becomes hassle-free.

And getting your hands on royalty-free music makes the process of avoiding copyright and licensing issues even easier, although sometimes not cheaper.

Overall, experience has taught us that vlog music can make a profound difference in your projects and YouTube vlogs, whether you are a music artist or any other type of vlogger. The impact is so significant that even if the process is a hassle, we would still strongly recommend and even encourage the incorporation of songs into your next project!

The Absolute Best Sources for Free Unlimited Music for Vlogs

After diving deep into and exploring every aspect of the field for years on end, we have compiled a list of sites that provide free and unlimited music for vlogs:


Platform Pros Cons

When using this site, the level of organization it provided was pleasantly surprising.

The tracks are organized according to length, genre, and even tempo!

Users are even able to optimize these features to find the ideal match of vlog music that they are searching for.

As with many websites that offer free services, you may be met with additional payments for this site concerning certain tracks that need extra licensing to use.

And while the majority of the music is totally free to download, there are additional paid services that, when not willing to pay, simply aren’t utilized.


On this site, the incredible library of unlimited music that is totally free is astonishing.

The list is extremely thorough and very versatile.

However, as is expected, unlimited music has its limits on the site.

To unlock the full potential of the site, like obtaining a license to use the songs of certain artists, some payments are necessary.


This site is one of the easiest to navigate if you are particular about the type of vlog music that you are looking for.

The site allowed the browsing of the audio files of unlimited music based on genre, artists, and even instruments!

This is ideal for anyone who has a particular taste and knows exactly what they want.

While using the site is easy, there could be some bugs that aren't easy to overcome.

For instance, some audio files are particularly difficult to download. With these songs, only streaming them is possible.


This site has a wonderful feature that no other site has. Browsing their inventory of unlimited music is possible based on keywords!

This is convenient for those with travel or a food vlog, for instance, and who want to know what songs fit their next projects.

Another appreciable aspect of the website is the lack of hidden payments! All songs are free to use and download!

Although the songs are varied and diverse on the site, they are all made by the same, hardworking artist – Jason Shaw.

If you are picky about where your music comes from and feel like one artist isn’t enough to cover all your needs, then perhaps this site won’t be enough.

Free Music Archive

It became apparent why this site is extremely popular amongst vloggers – it is super easy to use!

Music can be downloaded within minutes of accessing the site!

No registration is required and the download process is so simple.

Also, so many genres and subgenres are available to browse through that you might find yourself discovering new depths of your own favorite genres.

The Free Music Archive is no longer growing or adding new music to its archive.

This has been the case since 2018.

And while the current library is vast enough to cater to most people, it may become outdated at some point.

Alternatively, artists and vloggers may opt to choose sites that constantly update their archives with new and fresh music. 


Why is it SO Important to Use Popular Vlog Background Music?

Popular vlog background music is greatly beneficial for content creators!

There is a long list of trending tracks at any given moment. Each track on that list is not necessarily loved and adored by tens of thousands of fans, it just means that they are familiar enough with a segment of the track that they can vibe to it and sing it by heart.

This phenomenon can be seen with any track that goes viral on TikTok. Using tracks or songs in your YouTube videos that are popular helps connect your audience to your channel, helps connect the audience to you specifically, and most importantly, makes your audience enjoy your videos much more!

Royalty-Free Music is the Best Hassle-Free License Out There!

An alternative to simply downloading free music online for your vlogs is using royalty-free music!

Essentially, this is copyrighted music that you can buy the rights to only once, and you will then have permission to use it for life.

Copyrighted music like royalty-free music can be purchased directly from an artist or a musician, bypassing middlemen and avoiding any future copyright issues.

And while the idea of purchasing rights may sound daunting and expensive, it actually isn't.


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