Best Vinyl Turntables? Here's Five!

Best Vinyl Turntables? Here's Five!

What are the best turntables of 2021? We've spent many hours reviewing the newest record players that you can buy right now. Check out our report with modern music devices, coming in various styles to suit all budgets.

Technics SL - 100C New Turntable Enters the Market with A Bang! 

Technics SL - 100C New Turntable Enters the Market with A Bang

With several already existing turntables, Technics SL - 100C makes a smashing entry in the market. It is a sister turntable of its more expensive versions from SL series. It is said to be particularly more similar to the SL- 1500C as they have a similar iron-coreless motor. The tonearm of both the versions are shaped like an S. The only thing lacking is the phono-stage and the cartridge. 

This turntable showcases Technics' standard quality and features such as cabinet that is highly rigid. In addition to that you get an insulator that puts off low end vibration because of its high damping. Its design and shape is the reason why most musicians are gravitated towards it. 

Ever since this turntable was launched, people have been reviewing it and definitely have views for it. Some musicians were very glad to have an option from the SL series that fits their budget. However, there are people who are saying that for the price they can get a much better deal. Many people have appreciated this turntable for its automatic tonearm lift as it ensures a smooth vinyl-tracking process. There is also talk about Technics taking over the turntable market by launching the new Technics SL- 100C. This one going to be perfect to listen your new release if you are professional musician. 

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Pioneer PLX-500 Is All You're Looking For 

the best record player Pioneer PLX-500

Do you want the best quality but are a bit tight handed at the moment? The Pioneer PLX is a great option for you. It is also a less expensive version of it's sibling, the Pioneer PLX-1000. Its sound is of the highest quality and has the same layout as that of its sibling. You can pair it up with a rekordbox software and a mixer plus the RB-VS1-K to get access to all the digital files you create. These digital files can be recorded using any computer and you need is to connect it with a USB out. 

Pioneer is a trusted name in the world of vinyl, which is why more and more enthusiasts wish to get their hands on the Pioneer PLX-500. Reviewers have commented that despite the apparent similarities in design, the PLX- 500 does not have the same platter pickup. It is also believed to be slower as compared to its former version. However, this was not noticed by most users as you need to be of an expert level to notice small laggings. In the price that this is offered for, many people argue that it has a strong built but the RCA cables provided with it are not of the best quality. 

Nothing Beats The Audio Technica AT-LP 1240 XP 

The Audio Technica AT LP 1240XP is exclusively designed for the DJs at the clubs

Not all about streaming platforms, physical mediums are extremely popular in 2021. The Audio Technica AT LP 1240XP is exclusively designed for the DJs at the clubs. This turntable is considered heavy duty with its speed stabilization and a stronger drive motor. Its features include an anti-resonant chassis, anti-skate control and a high fidelity radio. The main focus of the Audio Technica is being pocket friendly and completely value for money. Many people go for its more expensive counterparts but this version is not just cheaper but also programmed to give similar functionality as required by DJs. 

Reviewers who have taken an in-depth look at the turntable have exclusively appreciated its balanced tone arm. They enjoy the fact that it is controlled by a hydraulic damp control. This makes the vinyl to be more steady. Experts have matter of factually stated that it is almost impossible to kind a steady and strong built turntable in the prices that the Audio Technica AT- LP 1240 XP comes in. Its advance nature is perfect for a DJ run system. 

Stanton T.92 M2 USB A Great Competitor 

Stanton T.92 M2 USB is a professional turntable that comes with a USB connectivity

Do you have a professional reason of looking at different turntables? Well, look no further. Stanton T.92 M2 USB is a professional turntable that comes with a USB connectivity. It is because of its advance nature, it is exceptionally easy to bring vinyl recordings to the digital spectrum. It has several attractive features that include a strong base which ensures durability. In addition to that you will also get the option of using 3 playback speeds with a quartz lock which can be a great feature to have. The tonearmis S- shaped for lower distortion and a superior fidelity. 

Reviewers liked this turntable because it comes with all the necessary accessories. It also allows you to convert your vinyl collection to a digital library much easier than you think. When talking about it's sound, experts have said that its midrange and bass are two of its strongest suits. Experts have also gone on to say that it is a better investment for people who want to use this professionally rather than just to pursue their passion. 

Denon DJ VL 12 Prime - Provides What It Promises


The Denon DJ VL 12 Prime is famous among DJs for its 5kg torque as it is known to be the perfect turntable for DJs to use it however they want. The turntable is also adjustable as per the need. You can increase its pitch range to 50% and because of its platter you will get versatility in its record manipulation. This turntable also gives you the aesthetic look you might be looking for in a club with its LED platter ring.

Reviewers do not see it as a very big advancement as there are not many features that already do not exist. According to them if a DJ is tired of their old turntable, it is the best alternative. You can get a fresher look out of it and use its feedback isolation, which is an interestingly new feature. If you want to give this model a run for its money, reviewers give it the thumbs up. 

If you are a music enthusiast or just a professional looking to spice things up, these are top vinyl turntables you can have a look at and consider for your next big purchase. 


  • KRISmart49

    I bought Denon DJ VL 12 Prime recently and it’s the best way I could spend my money! I’m really happy about this one, cause you’ve written in the article that it provides what it promises, but it’s more than that for sure. It has a lot of cool features. I was confused because this turntable is not that popular as Pioneer, for example. But it worths it for sure.

  • Jonny_thefirst

    I can’t thank you enough, guys. I am about to buy one and it is so hard to choose. I am not ready to pay a lot of money, so it should be budget and great simultaneously, which is really hard. So I’ve read everything carefully and I think, I am going to choose Pioneer PLX-500. It is the best choice for its price, I guess.

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