When To Post On Soundcloud

When To Post On Soundcloud

SoundCloud should be positioned as more than just a platform for creators to publish their music. It’s something that gives their music career an impulse. With Its user-friendly interface, robust management tools, and diverse promotional options, musicians can distribute, share, and promote their music among listeners. The SoundCloud Next Pro subscription offers a wealth of additional features.  You can analyze stats, share content across other platforms, and perform other actions that are not available with a default profile. As a content creator, you get more options to grow on SoundCloud and push your music to the top.

It’s a paid service, but you can purchase a subscription once and then forget about it for 12 months.

Posting time is a crucial factor for success on social media and on music platforms as well. By selecting a good time to publish your music, you expand your reach, make your listeners satisfied, and make your tracks get enough likes, plays, and reposts to increase your income. So, what is the best time to upload music on SoundCloud? Let’s find out.

The Best Posting Time on Soundcloud

Best Posting Time on Soundcloud

Generally, the best time to post your music on the platform is early morning—around 10 a.m., and the best day is Sunday. At this time, people are usually on their way to the gym, having breakfast, or just chilling to prepare for the next week, They would probably listen to music at that time. They open the SoundCloud app and see your release. Bingo! They go check out the track, and you receive the desired engagement.

Still, it’s only an overall timing to post your music. To find out when to post on SoundCloud or any other platform, you have to know your audience better and pick up the frame when they will be online. This is where you may need SoundCloud Next Pro.

SoundCloud Next Pro is not only for content monetization. It allows you to manage your music, analyze users' behavior, identify peaks of activity, and other data from custom listening reports.

Of course, some of the options are available with the SoundCloud Next free version (for example, you can receive donations from fans and collaborate with other musicians), but only the Pro version gives you a full range of capabilities to grow as a musician.

In the video below, the author describes SoundCloud Next Pro, explains how it works, and shows you how to use it to your advantage.

Weekdays vs Weekends: What Is the Best Time to Post?

It’s one of the most common questions among musicians. Although each artist has a specific audience with different listening behaviors, one thing remains the same: people access SoundCloud and listen to music during the whole week, on both weekdays and weekends.


From Monday to Friday, people get busy as they have to deal with their jobs, and families, clean the house, cook something, and do dozens of other small tasks that take most of their time. Still, there are small time frames when they open the music app and find something to listen to. This is when you need to post on SoundCloud. You can choose two options:

  • Upload new music early in the morning (7 or 8 a.m.), when listeners are not busy yet.
  • Share your music during the peak hours (at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.) when individuals have lunch breaks or just want to get away from the routine. A frame between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. is also a good option.


Once you choose to upload your songs on Saturday and Sunday, avoid early mornings. People wake up late and usually don’t use phones during the first hours after waking up. It means you should focus on posting late in the evening when individuals finally get to their gadgets to check the feed and listen to music. 6 p.m. may be a good time to add new tracks to your SoundCloud profile. When people are relaxed and spending their Sunday evenings in comfort, you can make their time even better with your songs.

Don’t try to copy the posting schedule of other artists. Also, don’t try to use the posting schedule from other platforms. The best time to post on Spotify differs from what you’ll have on SoundCloud, so focus on developing a unique posting schedule.

How to Build an Effective Posting Strategy?

  • Analyze your audience

The performance of your tracks mostly depends on how your audience will react to them. Still, to get maximum engagement, you have to catch a perfect timing to post your songs. To ensure you’ll succeed, consider analyzing your listeners’ behavior. Review reports from SoundCloud Next Pro to understand what time of the day is considered the most active. Do this for each day, and create a personalized posting schedule. If your listeners are based in different regions, it may be complicated to match everyone’s time zones. Still, you can focus on reaching the most individuals. 

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment

You may not succeed on the first attempt, but it’s definitely not a reason to give up your music career. Add new tracks at different times of the day to see how the engagement goes. Check how exactly people engage with your music (how many likes and shares), and what type of engagement is dominant. Once you find a proper timing, use it for a while. If the tendency will get worse, consider changing your approach.

  • Be consistent

Regular posting keeps your engagement level high. It also builds trust because followers know when to expect new releases. You can choose the pace yourself, but remember to avoid long pauses and keep posting consistently.

Users on Reddit have different opinions about posting music on SoundCloud. Some say you should do it as soon as possible, the others say you can do it once a week.

Consistency is also important during the promotion campaign. When you purchase organic SoundCloud push to boost your music, you receive solid engagement from real listeners. To make it even more impactful, you should remain active and add new tracks systematically. Also, remember to promote your content via social media and use SoundCloud promotion tools to share it on other music platforms. 

Do You Have the Best Time to Post on Soundcloud?

Finding the best time to post on any platform requires time, effort, and a willingness to experiment. Moreover, you should understand your audience. You need to consider their preferences and find the time when most of the listeners will be active. Once you do that, you will get perfect timing and publish your music right when it’s needed, getting the highest engagement. A musician's career is a long game, and perfect posting time is a part of this game. You should be creative, consistent, and creative to connect with your listeners and make them enjoy your tracks.


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