Best SoundCloud Organic Promotion Services for You to Try

Best SoundCloud Organic Promotion Services for You to Try

The topic of SoundCloud promotion services remains crucial for most individuals. Since people want to stand out and stay on top of their niche, they will always search for promotion. Still, selecting the first available platform to get increased visibility is not an option. 

However, it's important to be cautious. If you choose to work with a service with a bad reputation, your profile could be banned due to the use of fake bot promotion.

You have to choose wisely and cooperate with a service that has a good reputation, affordable pricing, quick delivery, and rapid customer support response. Of course, finding such a platform from zero is a challenging task, so we decided to help you by creating a top of legit SoundCloud promotion service. Keep reading to understand how they are defined, what are their pros and cons, and why selecting an appropriate platform will be advantageous for you.

Why Do Soundcloud Promotion Services Matter?

SoundCloud promotion services were crafted to help musicians improve their presence, increase engagement, and showcase their music to a wider audience. Promotion services remain popular among both beginners and experienced creators. Even if a person has a huge listener count and awesome stats are looking for more. They want to stay on the charts and get the highest possible engagement from the platform. Some individuals say that SoundCould is dying and it’s not a match for Spotify or Amazon Music, but it’s not true. Below are a few numbers about SoundCloud:

  • Total Registered Users (2023): 140 million
  • Active Music Creators (2023): 40 million
  • Annual Revenue (2022): €288 million
  • Tracks Available (2023): Over 375 million
  • User Activity Removal: Over 70 million users were removed between 2015 and 2018 due to inactivity.

Despite the low creator count compared to the overall user count, SoundCloud generates solid revenue. Musicians can earn from music streams and ads as well. They can combine multiple options and make money on SoundCloud more effectively. Still, the income can be bigger once you use promotion and present your music to a bigger audience. Easier to say than do because you have to choose trusted services with a good reputation and feedback from real users. You may spend a lot of time searching for the needed platform, so we will help you by presenting the top 5 best organic SoundCloud promotion services.

Artist Push - Variety, Efficiency, and Affordability

Nine years in the industry, more than 20k clients, and hundreds of artists pushed to the top in iTunes, Beatport, and other charts - this is what you need to know about Artist Push. Today, this platform remains a #1 choice for musicians who want to promote their tracks on SoundCloud. You can have various promotion options, beginning with organic SoundCloud plays and ending with professional packages that include listens, likes, and new followers. From every service, you receive organic engagement as your tracks will be listened to by true fans of your genre.

The execution time depends on the volume of the selected package, but you will see the first results immediately.

Main advantages of the Artist Push:

  • Wide range of promotion packages
  • Affordable prices and regular sales
  • Rapid response from customer support
  • Long-term effects from the promotion
Artist Push - Best SoundCloud Organic Promotion Services

PromoSound - Fast Results and High-quality Engagement

PromoSoundGroup is a service that helps creators make their music heard worldwide. The platform offers various ways to promote your music, from separate packages with likes, shares, and followers to mixed options. The bigger your promotion, the more you pay for the package, but the result is totally worth it. The purchase is really quick, as you only need to add your personal info and payment details, provide specialists with URLs and recommendations, select the payment method, and approve the operation. That’s it. Also, the service provides regular sales, so you can get the desired package for a lower price. So, if you decide to invest in other promotion methods, you can purchase various packages without damaging your budget. At the same time, you will trigger the SoundCloud algorithm and make your music viral.

Core advantages of PromoSound promotion service:

  • Organic promotion and engagement from real people
  • 24/7 support from specialists
  • Multiple options for SoundCloud promotion
  • Fast purchase in nearly 30 seconds

Daimoon Media - Ultimate Music Promotion Agency

Daimoon Media helps creators move to a new level by creating huge promotion campaigns and pushing music to the top. The idea of such campaigns is to reach the target audience and offer them to listen to unique tracks. For SoundCloud, it will be a repost campaign focused on getting the songs reposted by popular active channels. These are not huge profiles but very active ones, so your music will always be boosted by the engagement. 

The agency has already proved its efficiency by helping more than 7000 artists and crafting personalized campaigns for every musician. 

Daimoon Media

Successful campaigns from Daimoon Media helped individuals accomplish their goals, expand their reach, and have solid engagement.

As soon as specialists compose the campaign, they start implementing it and achieving the set goals. The dashboard allows you to see how the analytics and stats change during the campaign's execution.

Core advantages of Daimoon Media:

  • Individual approach to every musician.
  • Creating campaigns targeted to a bigger audience.
  • An ability to track your growth via the dashboard.
  • Fast execution and organic growth.

Groove - Making Your Music Viral with Organic Methods

Groove offers five different packages for musicians who want to promote on SoundCloud. Individuals can have various packages that contain likes, followers, plays, and reposts.

  • Budget package for $10 that is delivered within 24 hours.
  • Basic package for $25 delivered within 3-4 days.
  • Standard package for $50 delivered within 6-7 days.
  • Premium package that costs $100 and is delivered within 7-10 days.
  • The Pro package costs $150. Delivery time - 10-14 days.

SoundCloud promotion on Groove is based on organic engagement. 

Also, you can get packages only with followers, receiving from 100 to 1000 followers. Simply select the needed package, add instructions, and select the payment method. Soon, specialists will start working on your order and bringing you the needed engagement.

Core advantages of the Groove:

  • Fast delivery
  • Reasonable pricing schedule
  • Multiple promotion options
  • A clear promotion via music-related groups and fan pages.

Sound on Heat - Organic Promotion to Get Your Music Heard

Sound on Heat is a service with multiple promotion options for musicians on the SoundCloud platform. With this service, you can count not only on simple song pushes but also on large-scale promotion campaigns.

Sound on Heat

The platform offers 4 packages for track promotion for different needs and budgets. 

With these packages, you will receive organic promotion and the ability to expand your audience with real followers. Since it’s a targeted promotion, your tracks will be delivered to people who have the same music tastes. If we talk about large promotion campaigns, you have two options here: 

  • Playlist promotion, where your tracks get organic engagement
  • Repost a campaign where your music is reposted by a large number of followers. 

The promotion accepts all genres, so you will definitely get promoted regardless of the style you work in. The Sound on Heat company has a huge network of music groups and pages with over 40 million followers, letting everyone find their target audience and go viral. You just need to select the needed package and confirm the payment. Specialists will do the rest.

Main advantages of Sound on Heat:

  • Multiple promotion campaigns for different genres.
  • An option to do free SoundCloud promotion.
  • Full-time support by specialists.
  • An ability to review your progress.


Key Features

Promotion Types

Pricing Options

Notable Benefits

Artist Push

Specializes in organic SoundCloud plays

Organic listens, likes, followers

Affordable with regular sales

Rapid customer support, long-term effects


Quick purchase process, regular sales

Likes, shares, followers, mixed options

Fast purchase process

Organic engagement, 24/7 support

Diamoon Media

Personalized campaigns targeting specific audiences

Repost campaigns on active channels

Customized per campaign

Individual approach, ability to track growth


Organic methods, various package sizes

Likes, followers, plays, reposts

Ranges from $10 to $150

Fast delivery, clear promotion via music groups

Sound on Heat

Large network of music groups and pages, over 40 million followers

Playlist promotion, repost campaigns

Various packages tailored to needs and budgets

Free promotion options, full-time support

An overall comparison of the described services with key features, services they offer, and notable benefits.

What Else Can You Do for Effective Music Promotion?

You can promote your music yourself or use promotion services. The most effective tools here are social media platforms. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube allow you to create different types of content and share it with your audience, relying on algorithms and maximizing your engagement.

  • On Instagram, you can record stories and Reels, add links to your SoundCloud profile, and put your music as a cover.
  • On YouTube, you can release music videos, record YouTube shorts with fragments of your tracks for promo, and announce upcoming songs.
  • Use TikTok to record music videos and make them viral using the correct hashtags.
  • On Facebook, make announcements, show your daily life as a musician, and engage with your audience to show that your activity is not only about sharing music.

In this video, the author explains how you can utilize social media for music promotion to get more streams and increase your income.

Combined with real powerful music promotion and perfect timing for posting, you can multiply your engagement and achieve new milestones. It won’t happen fast because people take time to adapt to your new schedule. Still, when you start getting more likes, reposts, listens, and comments on social media, you will become unstoppable. Don't forget about SoundCloud Pro Unlimited because it gives you additional promotional features to get real streams.

Still, you don’t have to rush and purchase the largest promotion package existing to promote your SoundCloud content. Decide what you want to achieve at the moment (raise the follower count, increase the number of reposts, or give your music a starting boost) and select an appropriate package. Due to our affordable pricing schedule, you can save money and get lots of real SoundCloud followers.


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