Spotify Playlist Plays - Impactful Feature to Boost Your Music
Spotify Playlist Plays - Impactful Feature to Boost Your Music

Spotify Playlist Plays - Impactful Feature to Boost Your Music

Spotify evolves and always offers artists new options to promote their tracks. One of the most common option is to promote music via playlists. When tracks appear in hand-crafted mixes, they become more visible for listeners, especially for genre fans. It’s complicated to find a good rap song when you see chaotic mixes representing various genres. Listeners need treasures in this ocean of music, and playlists are their small treasure chests. At the same time, when musicians find their tracks in various playlists, they know their engagement will rise, and the overall income from music streaming will be higher. 

Spotify Playlist Plays - Impactful Feature to Boost Your Music

Placement in each playlist on Artist Push becomes advantageous for musicians due to the specifications of each playlist.

It’s essential to mention that all the plays we provide are organic and are generated without bots or fake profiles. You can get them as a single service or make it a part of a bigger Spotify advertising campaign. Spotify's algorithm doesn’t recognize fake plays, which may lead you to a temporary or permanent ban. This is the reason why you should rely on services that provide organic plays only. In this article, we will navigate through all major playlists for music placement and explain why it’s advantageous to put your music there. You will see how to get paid more on Spotify and which option is the most impactful for you.

Plays From Free & Premium Spotify Accounts

There is a slight difference between plays from free and premium Spotify profiles. They both trigger the algorithm but plays from premium accounts are more valuable. When your music gets streamed by users with Spotify Premium, you get more royalties. This feature is not new, and it’s not exclusive to Spotify - all music platforms with premium subscriptions work like this. Popular artists who publish their music on Spotify claim that their numbers rise when more Spotify Premium subscribers listen to their songs.

Spotify for Artists

With a Discovery Mode available on Spotify for Artists, you can use it to see how your songs progress in personalized playlists. You can see what playlists and mixes give you the most streams.

When Spotify calculates royalties for streams, it distributes the revenue among rightsholders. The final rate is calculated by considering taxes, credit card processing fees, billing, and sale commissions. Moreover, the per-stream payment depends on agreements with labels and distributors. Anyway, plays from Premium account users always have a higher priority.

It’s also important when you receive geo-targeted Spotify plays. Such plays help artists expand their local reach. Moreover, it gives your songs a better rank in local Spotify charts. For example, when you purchase targeted Spotify plays, you can choose a country of your choice (for example, USA or UK) and receive plays from real listeners located in this area. Moreover, the more streams you get, the more chances you have to increase the follower count.

Spotify Algorithmic Ads Plays

Such plays are set to maximize your presence on the platform and expand your global reach. Your ad plays will be SEO-optimized and help you increase your visibility and discoverability. Moreover, your algorithmic ad plays could be targeted to a specific country so you can reach those who are most interested in your songs.

Discover Weekly Spotify Playlist

Discover Weekly and Release Radar are the most popular Spotify algorithmic playlists. One your music gets posted there, it’s a huge success.

As an alternative to algorithmic ad plays, you can get Spotify algorithmic ads plays. When you select this option, you get your music ads broadcast on radio stations. Moreover, these plays are connected with Spotify Radio playlist as a primary source of traffic. Spotify's algorithmic ads plays become efficient for all music genres presented on the platform. You will increase your discoverability and attract new listeners with high-quality Spotify radio plays.

Spotify Editorial Playlist Plays

Appearing in the Spotify Editorial Playlist is a dream for everyone who wants to become recognizable on the platform. Editorial playlists are created by the team of Spotify playlist curators and gather music from different genres, styles, and moods. Moreover, these playlists are updated regularly to highlight new artists or showcase trending songs.

Stats show that the majority of streams come from Editorial playlists on Spotify (around 65%), and only 14% comes from listeners’ libraries and playlists. 

To make your song appear in the Spotify editorial playlist, you have to optimize your artist profile to make it recognizable. Also, you should focus on creating high-quality music not just to be streamed by fans but to draw the attention of playlist curators. Since they decide who will appear in editorial playlists, you have to show the value of your music. It may sound complicated at first, but believe - once you appear in editorial playlists, your engagement will blow up. Also, consider analyzing popular artists in your genre to see what they do to make their tracks more recognizable.

Spotify Curated Playlists Plays

Curated playlists on Spotify differ from editorial mixes because they are made individually for each listener. It means that each mix is based on someone’s personal preferences and other factors (search history, songs similar to your favorites, recommendations, etc.). For example, if you search for the song What’s Wrong by PVRIS, the algorithm will propose a similar song from musicians in the same genre. The Made for You category on Spotify is an example of a curated playlist personalized for each user.

When selecting Spotify curated playlists plays on Artist Push, your song will appear in playlists of people with appropriate music tastes. Such playlists are created by experienced curators who have solid experience listening to music and composing such mixes. However, it’s not the only option because you can find yourself a personal curator and create playlists together.

People always want to appear on the most liked curated playlists because they increase your chances of getting high engagement. Here are the top 10 curated playlists on Spotify in 2024.

There is nothing complicated in creating curated playlists on Spotify. They can be generated on free Spotify accounts. Despite the fact they won’t be targeted to a specific country or genre, it will be a great advantage to your stats. When you choose Spotify Playlist Push from our service, you put your tracks into unique multi-genre playlists that give you up to 2,000 streams during the promotion period. Still, what’s more important is that you do not just get streams but gain trustworthy and show listeners how good your music can be.

If you thought it was the limit of Spotify curated playlists, it wasn’t. We also offer curated Spotify playlists based on premium accounts. It’s an advantageous offer because the mixes are genre-targeted and focused on a narrower audience. So, if you want to focus on finding rap enjoyers or those who prefer rock, this option should be your #1 choice.

Spotify Top Charts

Spotify charts are made to discover new tracks and trends. They’re a real-time feature that shows you the most popular songs and recent tracks from top artists on Spotify. It’s an advantageous feature for both artists and listeners. Listeners can expand their music library and find someone unusual, while musicians get a better understanding of current music trends, especially in their genre.

Spotify Top Charts

Spotify charts represent listeners’ preferences and show the most played songs during the week, see the most popular albums, and check the most streamed artists.

Why is the option of Spotify chart ranking plays advantageous for individuals? When musicians find their songs in Spotify's top charts, they become more visible and, as a result, get higher engagement. Still, it’s not just a “Top Charts” category. There are several Spotify charts:

  • Global and Regional Charts. These charts contain the most streamed tracks worldwide and in specific regions, highlighting local favorites and the most popular tracks.
  • Viral Charts are charts that gain popularity extremely fast. The popularity depends on the number of streams, the dynamic of engagement growth, and other factors.
  • City Charts. A pick of the most viral songs in major cities, representing local trends.
  • Genre Charts. Building charts based on genres. If a listener wants to discover his favorite genre, the best option to do is to look at a genre chart.

For musicians, starting with smaller charts is okay because it increases their visibility and allows them to move to high-priority charts. If you want to make a step forward in your career, you should choose our Spotify chart plays.



Source of Traffic

Approximate Amount of Royalties

What Changes this Number

Price of Services


Ads Plays

Plays generated through Spotify ads campaigns

Spotify Ads

Depends on engagement and listener retention

Quality of ads, targeting effectiveness

$9 for 1,000 plays

Increases exposure, helps trigger algorithmic playlists, and gives a lifetime refill guarantee

Free and Premium Accounts

Plays from both free and premium Spotify accounts

Spotify platform (free and premium users)

Higher with premium accounts due to higher algorithm weight

Number of premium vs. free plays, retention rates

$45 for 10,000 premium plays

Better algorithm influence, higher retention rates, boosts track ranking

Editorial Playlist Plays

Plays from Spotify's editorial playlists, such as Today's Top Hits, RapCaviar

Spotify Editorial Playlists

Varies, higher due to increased exposure

Playlist quality, genre relevance

$8 for 1,000 plays

Increased brand awareness, access to a global audience, improved genre presence

Curated Playlists

Plays from curated Spotify playlists

Curated Spotify Playlists

Varies based on playlist popularity

Playlist engagement and audience size

$15 for 1 playlist push

Targeted exposure, increased playlist followers, boosts song recognition

Top Charts Plays

Plays aimed at boosting tracks on Spotify charts

Spotify Chart Plays

High, due to significant exposure

Number of plays, country targeting

$85 for 10,000 plays

Rapid chart climbing, increased visibility, long-term engagement

Algorithmic Radio Plays

Plays generated from Spotify's algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar

Spotify Algorithmic Playlists

Varies, high due to algorithmic promotion

Algorithm triggering, playlist engagement

$9 for 1,000 plays

Improved SEO ranking on Spotify, global exposure, increased chances of being discovered

Geo-targeted Plays

Plays targeted to specific regions and countries

Spotify users in targeted regions

Depends on region and listener retention

Quality of geo-targeting, audience relevance

Varies by campaign

Fine-tuned promotion, tailored audience engagement, and regional popularity boost

Key takeaways about all Spotify plays on Artist Push

Are Spotify Playlist Plays So Effective?

Once we understand what drives each type of play, we can see how they affect the Spotify algorithm and grow the music. Since you appear in high-rated playlists, your songs become more recognizable for the algorithm, pushing your music to the top compilations like Discover Weekly or Release Radar. The more engagement you get (listens, likes, and saves), the more chances you get to appear in one of these mixes. 
If you find it complicated to understand how Spotify playlist plays work, feel free to connect with Artist Push. We will provide all the needed information about this promotion feature and create a personalized strategy to push you to the stars. For instance, you can get an exclusive “This is” Spotify playlist creation service. You will see how organic promotion works and what it can bring when implemented right. Our specialists rely only on organic traffic, so you will get high-quality streams and organic engagement.


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  • Mike Raw

    Great insights on how playlist plays can boost music visibility and engagement. The section on editorial playlists was particularly useful. I’ve always wondered how to get my tracks featured there. Thanks for the tips!

    Great insights on how playlist plays can boost music visibility and engagement. The section on editorial playlists was particularly useful. I’ve always wondered how to get my tracks featured there. Thanks for the tips!

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