STANDARD RELEASE PACK: Plays + Likes + Playlists


Steal the spotlight on Soundcloud & streaming platforms. 

  1. Spotify Pro Mix: 30k plays + 3k saves + 3k followers
  2. Push one track on THREE streaming playlists: Spotify, Amazon or Tidal. Or we can push your track on  THREE Spotify playlists.
  3. Organic SoundCloud Push 3 DAYS
  • 1k real plays
  • 50-90 real reposts
  • 100-200 likes
  • 10-30 relevant comments
  • New real followers: 1-2% the number of reposts

*Monthly gradual promotion or instant push (of your choice).

Here's the music promotion package most commonly ordered by our customers all over the world.

This promo pack gives you natural and organic growth in streaming statistics: Soundcloud and popular service streaming services. For a month, all you have to do is focus on your music while we promote it on streaming services worldwide.

With this medium music online promotion service, get tons of Soundcloud plays, favs and comments + access to streaming platforms.

Here's how it works and why you need this. Your new release (or an older track you really want to see the rise and shine) needs listeners, exposure to new fans, and digital buzz in the places where music addicts lurk the most. That's Soundcloud, for starters, and music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon and Tidal.

You get all of this and more! Soundcloud plays, likes and comments for guaranteed exposure and buzz, and featuring in popular streaming playlists. 

  • Soundcloud – plays, favorites, and comments from REAL, verified and active profiles. We got quite a network of music addicts, all over the globe!
  • Streaming playlists – only the hottest and most popular playlists out there, handpicked for their dynamism and genre accuracy (no, your dubstep/trap track won't end up on a white metal playlist!). We select the best ones easy peasy because we work with TONS of people all over the music industry.

There you go! Order today and prepare your mixer and headphones: for the next month, all you'll have to think of is making more awesome music – the rest's on us, 24/7.